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  1. Hey there - off loading my machines for pretty dang cheap. They've been in the garage for a few years and I do not plan on getting the business back up and running. Couple are basically new with around or under 100 vends and a few others have a few thousand. Some will need replacement parts from sitting so long I am sure. I do not plan on spending the time to get them all running, which is part of the reason why the low price. So if you want some machines for parts, or have the time to fix them up and running, sweet! Looking to get $1,500 for all 6 of them
  2. Hey LLIU - I am going to be selling off 7 of our machines. They've basically just been sitting in the shop last couple years and would rather them go to someone wanting to build this type of biz then taking them in for scrap. How would you like me to connect with you?
  3. Hey Y'all! Seeing what interest there still is out there for these machines. We have a small handful we are looking to off-load and sell now. A couple that work, a few others that need some work. I'll have a better idea of how many work after I go through them this next week. Anyone looking to add a few more to their line for cheap?
  4. Who knows the best website to order the correct cups at? I've heard of the wrong cups will jam the machine. I've been looking for the #HV08622 cups but haven't found where to order those. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for that help Greatdane, Next Q: Since these machines I'm reviving have been in storage for years, the tubing in the back is disgusting with mold. The health inspector was not...happy.... Do we know where to reorder this tubing so I can replace like for like? I've currently just gone to a hardware store and repiped a couple machines while waiting for the H-I to reapprove. I'm just not sure if what I'm using is allowed for food prep. Thanks! LLWA Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  6. Hey guys! Do you guys have any sort of liability insurance? Like if someone burns themselves if they spill it on themselves. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  7. There is a HUGE amount of knowledge in another discussion on SG 200's. Just search by most replies and it's the top one. Cheers, LLWA
  8. Hey all! I've ran into a dilemma with the city. Nowhere in any literature that I have does it talk about using the 5gal tank as a reservoir for the water. So the city will not allow them until either A) hook it up to the domestic water line as the manual shows, which I want to stay away form, Find paperwork that shows what I am doing is a factory option. I'm seeing if anyone here has what I'm looking for and could fax/email it over! Thanks LLWA
  9. Boiler question, I'm pretty sure the boiler is not turning off. Here is what is happening. One of the lines to fill a cup keeps slowly dripping (Condensation from steam). On the back of the machine, from the blue tubes, hot steam keeps blowing out. I do not have the back plate on for the fan to blow the steam constantly out as I'm working on the machine. My question is, is this a problem with the thermostat? If so, is there a way to fix it? Or just purchase a new one. Thanks, LLWA
  10. Has both parts of the boiler cracked? I ran into the same problem, but luckily for me one side still was salvageable on all 6 of my machines. If that's the case, you can save quite a bit of money than buying a whole boiler system.
  11. Hello there, I've been following this thread for a yr now (and it's AWESOME) and I'm finally getting going. My dad (His name is "Filter" if you scroll far enough back in the posts) attempted to do the whole vending biz, but his plumbing business boomed along with not understanding the programming here, so put them away. Now that I'm in town to help, well, here we go. I've got a base down of how to work these machines, it seems pretty straight forward, but I've ran into a snag. Every product that requires coffee, it says "Beverage X Not Available". I really have not a clue besides unplugging,
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