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  1. Lets be honest how many people walk up to a vending machine to buy a healthy snack? Healthy in my area of the country is a snicker bar and a diet coke and most of the time the people complaining never buy from the machine any way. I have been the vending business for over 27 years and I know you are sweating losing this account but there are lots more accounts out there . I am turning down accounts weekly in 6 month you want even miss losing it.
  2. Michael Do not be afraid to sell your product at a high price every hotel I have want a high commission
  3. I had the same thing happen to me . They will call you back in a month to bring you equipment back
  4. I have 7 of the lance - usi machines they work great.I use them for 40 people or less accounts they came with the small vending business I bought. They are not pretty and big bag items will hang up but they have coin co vals and changers.
  5. I have accounts in Atlanta I use Mark Sinns He and his son has been moving vending machines over 10 years. Mark telephone number is 706 616 7204
  6. I had three ice cream highschool accounts about ten years ago. I made the mistake of buying New Jofemar ice plus ice cream machines it became a nightmare. The machines compressors would go out or the belts broke on a monthly basis and when the machines would finally work it took forever to vend the product. I suggest buying a ice cream machine that will vend quickly and are high capacity the lines are long at high schools and the lunch period is about 30 minutes.
  7. I just bought 15 accounts from a lance vendor who is retiring the price is right but I have a mess to deal with. The Good part of this business is two small truck lines a sheriff department a nursing home and three large office buildings. The drink machines are older Dixie Narcos cans machines and one 20 ounce bottle. The prices are good and the machines work well I had to replace two validators no problem. The Bad there are four elementary schools I am giving up all four do not gross 100 dollars a week and they are snack only and the snack machines are Toms polyvend h22s. I have had to upgrade almost all snack machines the best he had were the lance USI 25 select. but since I have taken over the business the sales have went up almost 30 percent on the amount he said the business will do . The Ugly I had to take the old machines he had in his warehouse. I am the proud owner of 24 polyvend h 22 snack machines.
  8. I sell a lot of Grandma cookies! I try to buy as cheap as I can the pastry selections are microwave popcorn grandma cookies duchess honey buns, famous amos cookies, knotts cookie and pop tarts when they are on sale. I never sale clover hill they cost way too much.
  9. Great post I was having a bad day until I read this post Thank You for making my day.
  10. There is plenty more business out there just pick up your machines clean them up and find another and more profitable account to place them. I promise you will forget about this bad account in no time.
  11. I ran my vending route for years 7 days a weeks. I have four children they attended private school went to college and one to trade school it took working these long days to pay for all of it.I could not ever paid for this if it was not for vending.
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