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  1. I have around 10 USI snackmart 3 which the led goes dark. I just hit the machine a couple of times and it will come right back on .
  2. I buy Herrs and Golden flake chips from Market grocery in Atlanta the cost is a little higher than Lays chips but sales very well.
  3. The Sam’s club I shop in Georgia has chips buy they are always running out of pastries and they never have Little Debbie products
  4. I have a lot of Dixie 501s I believe it can be one of two things the selection isjammed Open the door there is a white button above the changer and below the control board pull the button out and the machine will clear the homing problem. The second solution is the cams may not be set right for instance they may be set up for 20 oz bottles not for 12 oz cans.Please let us know if this helped you out
  5. Be careful talking to Coke if Coke believes they can make a sizable profit on this account they will sent their Salesman to out bid you. I have seen this happen They are a big company with lots of resources. The way Coke will do this is offer nice new signs and advertising to the fairground. I have been in the vending business for 30 years and have seen the big bottlers take accounts from independent vendors the excuse is while we gave the account all the free signs and the soda machines so we might as while service the Machines our self and please always remember Coke and Pepsi will come to like y’all are best friends their not they are the competition.
  6. I might know a guy who had a lot of lektrovends I will give him a call after I run my route tomorrow it will be good to talk to him again Their is a saying in the South Old venders never die their board’s just burn out!
  7. I wish you lived in Atlanta not only is the rate a100 dollars a machine and their is a wait time of 10 to 14 days. The problem is their is not enough vending machine techs and professional people to move equipment in this area you know as well as I do moving machines is hard work fitting them though doors going up steps and they are heavy It is worth the price I pay I live on the South side of Atlanta and you can not believe the warehouses and large companies moving here the phone calls and emails I receive on a weekly basis is unreal
  8. Coke and Pepsi both raised their prices in the Atlanta area. I offset the high price’s by using Cadbury products as must as possible. The typical set up on 20 ounce products is Coke,Diet Coke,Mountain Dew,Dr Pepper ,7up,Tahitian Treat,Orange Sunkist, A&W Root-beer. An off brand hard bottle 20 ounce water and the multi pack of Powerade sold at Sams Club. Coke,Diet Coke,Mountain Dew,Dr Pepper are the most expensive. 7up,Tahitian Treat, Orange Sunkist and AW Rootbeer are 3 dollars a case cheaper and Powerade price is around 12 dollars a case and I can get a off brand water for 9 dollars a case. If you have a lot Hispanics at your location the best Cadbury product is Squirt.
  9. I use a dent puller the one a car body shop uses the lock will pop out fairly quick
  10. The rate in Atlanta Georgia is 100 dollars per machine
  11. I live in Griffin and have been in the vending business for 30 years I use Mark Sinns and his son Nick they have been repairing vending equipment and moving machines as long as me. Mark number is 706 616 7204
  12. We have been informed that all the accounts where we use USA cc readers are not working and that they don’t have a clue what the problem might be.And don’t know when it will be fixed. In the meantime we are losing money and we have had 11 service calls from people who work on night shift .
  13. The snack machine looks good I have 7 of these older USI snack machines and lots of AP 7600 and 6600 on locations they work and parts are not easy to find but they don’t break down very often I have been in business for over 30 years if the machine looks good and works let it make you money and don’t go out and spend 4000 dollars on a new machine. Kweli save your money for the day you get a big account and use the money on equipment with all the bells and whistles.
  14. Wow peanut butter is one of my best seller in grandmas cookies The one that doesn’t move for me is molasses
  15. I have 2 nursing homes both will not let me service my machines I tried to go Thur the back door at one of the nursing homes a very mean lady caught me and chewed me out all the way out the door. I have one truck line and a tire distribution center blocked me from coming in overall sales are slowing down. The good part is gas prices are less 2 dollars a gallon and the weather is turning warm this is when my business really gets going but the biggest thing is I like having a little more time home with my wife but if I have to watch one more crime show I am going to start back drinking and I don’t mean RC colas.
  16. Wow and I thought we did things backwards down South 😉
  17. 🕰️ is up how is the micro market going? is it worth the money. I get calls from vending locations wanted to know if I do micro markets. I value your input and any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
  18. Hey Kandy Kornerz How did your first week go with the micro market?
  19. Please keep us posted. I have turned down business because I did not know if it was profitable to have a micro market.
  20. Lets be honest how many people walk up to a vending machine to buy a healthy snack? Healthy in my area of the country is a snicker bar and a diet coke and most of the time the people complaining never buy from the machine any way. I have been the vending business for over 27 years and I know you are sweating losing this account but there are lots more accounts out there . I am turning down accounts weekly in 6 month you want even miss losing it.
  21. Michael Do not be afraid to sell your product at a high price every hotel I have want a high commission
  22. I had the same thing happen to me . They will call you back in a month to bring you equipment back
  23. I have 7 of the lance - usi machines they work great.I use them for 40 people or less accounts they came with the small vending business I bought. They are not pretty and big bag items will hang up but they have coin co vals and changers.
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