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  1. Snickers

    501e - Force vend

    Button #4 is the one you want Chris.
  2. Snickers

    Crane Posivend

    Yes to ALL of those questions.
  3. Snickers

    AP Snackshop 123 'Invalid Choice'

    Is this one of the broken wire on the harness issues these machines had?
  4. Snickers

    Recommendations for "new" machines

    Those look acceptable to me. Get card readers on them. That may be what makes them look "new" to some of the decision makers there.
  5. Snickers


    I need to check into our policy. What is CNA? Our broker has us with Cincinnati.
  6. Snickers


    We use a broker for our insurance. It was an additional cost and yes it was a requirement by a third party to have it name them specific. We have never had such hoops or requirements as this place wanted and it seemed absurd to me as well.
  7. Snickers


    Additional insured will add to your premiums. We had an account that required us to add them specific to our existing policy. I think it was only $15-20 extra per month but we didn't do it instead we just pulled out of the account altogether as it was an underperforming stop.
  8. Snickers

    Vendo 721

    Check to see what your set point temp is at on your programming. We got one from Pepsi once and it was set at 32 degrees.
  9. Snickers

    Live display machines

    I never have cared for the look of a Live Display. The products especially bottles look dated over time. Could you imagine a snack machine NOT being a glassfront? I'm sure the sales would not be near as good. Seeing is believing! Lol
  10. Snickers

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    Skittles I’m sure are not being discontinued . Likely a manufacturer issue.
  11. We have been running G9 and G10 on Version .23 on Crane Nationals. That chart says we need .29 ?
  12. Snickers

    Vistar Distribution

    Well it's official that Vistar has bought out Master Wholesale. Running a Monopoly. Not good.
  13. Snickers

    Question on Polyvend Errors

    Thanks George. I will call them back and let them know. TGIF
  14. Snickers

    Question on Polyvend Errors

    I got a call from someone with this same problem today. I looked to find an answer for them and could not find any info other than this old post.