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  1. I believe that’s what they have done years ago in my area as well. I also doubt they would be interested in my operation and if they were it would be pennies on the dollar.
  2. I see Canteen in my area run old machines. Like stock 145 National old. They also do lower than average pricing. I’m sure that’s not everywhere on their routes but that’s what I have seen here.
  3. Thanks, I looked for broken wires and couldn't find anything but will go back and see what I can do to clean up the connections.
  4. Thanks Randy, That worked and am glad that's done. Another issue the machine you may be able to help with- One selection does not work. It makes click sound from the board-I tried a different board and motor with the same result. Any thoughts on where the problem is?
  5. Cashless is a must for so many areas. Most places with 60 people will warrant the cc readers and benefit you. Cold food in my opinion almost always sucks tho.
  6. One row is not enough and 2 rows will be too many but now that it’s warming up they will use more. If I remember right this is a 9 select. Thanks for your help I was about to go crazy.
  7. Wanted to have two rows of Dew sell down evenly and tried to custom Space to Sales on one of these 5.1 boards today on location. I’m not the best on doing these but after a minute or two I usually get it figured out-Not today tho! I’m wondering if the board is faulty or have I done something to cause my issue. It is assigning 4 columns to the top 4 buttons. I can go in and assign it (flashing) to one column and save it (button 4). Go through them after correcting them all to check my work and they are not saved. I had to leave it with the STS all jacked up and power down the board switch to not allow sales and will go back with a spare board just in case. Anyone know what I may be doing wrong on it or a way to reset the board?
  8. These seem unnecessary. We have some machines in rough environments. Outside,charcoal factories,etc. and have no issues.
  9. lol The BFH! Our issues were usually a credit established on the display and being locked out from making a selection. The fix was to power cycle the machine. In my mind that’s not fixing it only making work again. It may go months before doing it again and this is not just one or two machines but several. Some had different software revisions but bringing them all to 3.2.1 did nothing. Did you get through to tech support for the reset procedure? You will want a pen and paper handy because it’s not an easy one to remember.
  10. There is a way to hard reset those as we had it wrote down but I can't find it. If memory serves me correct it never helped our hiccups with those boards anyways. We quit buying the VE and switched to the inOne a couple years ago and I am glad we did.
  11. On GPL you may have to turn on cc reader in the programming.
  12. Yeah. Buying some would be a lot easier. Lol
  13. I was afraid of that. Have only seen a handful of them and they sure are nice to have.
  14. For USA Technologies and NAYAX Yes. I’m sure it’s the same for all the others too.
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