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  1. We’re right there with some days more some less but we never hit 2k that’s outstanding! For us it’s all on scheduled route visits tho with the rolling warehouse. We have the card readers but don’t mess with the data. I’m just so used to doing it this way I’m not sure I could ever adapt to the advantages the telemetry can do.
  2. I think every stop is somewhat different than the next. Some people will buy 2 cans to 1 bottle while others will buy just 1 regardless of cost/size etc. Some prefer bottles some prefer cans. Just as soon as you get it dialed in with flavors/sizes and frequency it will change.
  3. We buy the cans from the bottlers. Pepsi is a little cheaper here than Coke. It’s a bit higher than buying them on sale prices at the store. It’s just so much more convenient to have it brought in. Retail grocery prices here have crept up to $8-$10 a case when not on sale. I see 12 packs for $5-$6 when not on sale. I think we are $9 a case delivered from the bottler. When it comes to pricing it for vend .75 seems not profitable enough and a dollar seems too high but anything in between really doesn’t make sense. Lol Even tho .75 would be doubling the cost the penny profit generated kind of sucks when looking at the costs of everything associated with business besides the product. Fuel,wages,etc.
  4. Margins on cans are just not good. I think selling a can for $1 is too high but that's really where they need to be and where we took ours. 20 oz is $1.75
  5. I installed one of these earlier this year on a Crane 158. It had been working fine up until now. Anyone here have any experience with this POS?
  6. IMO if your going to spend that kind of money go ahead and spend a little more for the Curve door. I have a few and not hard to install on location but it is time consuming( couple hours). AP was quicker to do than Crane. InOne technologies makes a door that I like better tho.
  7. In my opinion first in first out for food. No way would I ever want the wheel. The AP320 was nice when it worked but expensive when things went wrong. The refrigeration deck was super heavy and took 2 people to carry it. I'm completely out of food altogether now and don't have an account mandating it so I get by without it. I would consider buying one if it made sense. It would be nice if you could use existing 721 parts but I doubt any of the parts could be transferred other than maybe a display screen.
  8. Well I be dipped. It says tried swapping the board I’m guessing it’s a “kit board”. Maybe take it back to single price for test purposes?
  9. 501T I thought were all electronic multiprice with S2D board from the factory. All the ones I have ever seen were. That kit may be the problem.
  10. You may need to buy a MDB cable coming from the board to replace old style bill acceptor/changer.
  11. I meant just at the connection. It wouldn’t stop moisture from creeping in to the switch arm tho.
  12. This maybe a stupid question but when replacing motor switches would it be a good idea to use electric grease to prevent corrosion?
  13. The Bill Gates story was actually briefly on the news-forget what network. Google Bill Gates Wyoming raid. I believe the magnet deal is real. I have seen hundreds of videos on Tim Tok of people showing it.
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