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  1. Cans vs. bottles

    The 501T is a great machine for cans. The multiprice versions are great for selling Monsters along with cheap 12oz cans.
  2. Universal Control Board

    Studio came in SL and ST. There is no aftermarket board for them(I wish there were) Probably needs the chip updated.
  3. Machine lost power

    My guess is that the previous owner had it welded there for a reason. Getting it secured in place by another method other than welding is an option. That's your call. Removing the cooling deck would be easiest solution for the time being. Those GFCI receptacles do wear out after being tripped so many times so at some point that machine may have to be moved out of the way in order to replace it-for now I would just try pushing the reset on it if you can.
  4. Machine lost power

    Remove the cooling unit to gain access to the receptacle. That's the only thing I can think of. Fun Fun.
  5. Machine lost power

    Probably just needs reset-you will have to walk the machine away from the outlet in order to so.
  6. Machine lost power

    You can check the outlet without a meter by plugging in a radio,hair dryer or pretty much anything you might have nearby. There is a good chance it's not the machine.
  7. sandwich machines

    Be careful as those employees can usually eat for free or a highly reduced cost. They usually get juice,milk,coffee and tea cheap or free as well.
  8. LED vs florescent

    LED is the way to go without a doubt. No ballast are needed and LED pricing has gotten so much cheaper while the cost of fluorescent keeps going up. Lifespan is much longer,etc.,etc. Don't be afraid to shop around because there is a lot of competition out there for your LED business.
  9. STS Dixie Narco

    Excellent! thanks
  10. STS Dixie Narco

    I'm still not sure how to achieve what I'm looking for. Program button #1 to column 1 and 2? Will it alternate the columns when vending to keep the dates working down evenly? I guess if I do that a flavor strip will have to be removed?
  11. Surge Protectors for Machine?

    Yes we experience a lot of thunderstorms and dirty electric in our area. We only use them on snack machines with the aftermarket boards from Inone and VE can be problematic without them (in our area).
  12. STS Dixie Narco

    I have never customized STS on any machine. What I am wanting to do is make 2 columns alternate to keep the dates from expiring. It's a Pepsi Dixie 276E. 1 column is not enough and 2 is going to create date issues.
  13. Dixie Narco 600e, missing control panel

    If there is no board than it's single price. To change the price on a single price machine is through the dip switches on the coin mech.
  14. Problem accepting dollars

    Sounds like you have an old single price can Machine and that you need a credit relay. Looks like an ice cube that plugs in usually clear or black plastic.
  15. Is this a good machine?

    Wow that is a great price on a great machine.