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  1. Snickers

    Replacing Vendo face panel

    It turned out looking great. Easier than doing the Dixie’s too in my opinion.
  2. Snickers

    Replacing Vendo face panel

    Thanks AZ The machine is on location out of town so I want it to go smoothly as possible when I get there. It's a curved panel. The top panel is just a few screws and a bead of silicone?
  3. Got a new sign face for Vendo 840 (V Max). I have done a few Dixie Panels but never a Vendo. Can someone who has done one before give me a crash course? Tricks or tips are appreciated.
  4. Snickers

    5.0 Vendo Univendor 1

    I was shocked to see the parts I need are still available (according to the website) from D&S. They can't do bottles but are a great can machine in my opinion and perfect for some of the accounts we have. I always liked these.
  5. Snickers

    5.0 Vendo Univendor 1

    I found out that the display boards and display harness are different from 5.0 to 5.1 I have the display but am missing the display lens and display harness if anyone is hauling one off for scrap-I may get lucky and DS still stock them.
  6. Snickers

    5.0 Vendo Univendor 1

    I can get the harness I just didn’t know if it would work. Guess we will hold onto it and swap it with an old single price from the route. It’s the only one I have ever seen with that 5.0 board. Thanks
  7. Anyone know if the Univendor 2 boards 5.1 will work in a Univendor 5.0 machine? I have one on the truck to haul off for scrap but if we can make it MDB by putting a 5.1 board in we can use it in place of a single price can machine.
  8. That's definitely a LCM made by AP. Solid machine still widely used. Should be a large white decal from the factory near the board with programming info. Over the years someone may of removed it. That link posted by BTVFC should give you all the info you you need for operating it.
  9. Snickers

    Dixie Norco Coke Machine

    One of your selection buttons may be stuck. Don't worry about some of the rotors being turned upside down you can still load it with product.
  10. I would drill holes on the metal doors and surface mount the cc readers. PayRange is also a great alternative if this is used by regulars and not the public. Your looking at about $250 each on the card readers + $9 month each + 6% on all swipes. PayRange is about $60 each no monthly charge 4% on swipes.
  11. Take them to 1.00 now. Lol It’s 2019 next week.
  12. Is that .85 candy in there?!?
  13. Snickers

    Need HELP with a Coin Mech

    You fried the coin mech.
  14. Snickers

    Coin Mech Question

    I believe any 12 or 15 pin changer regardless of make is referred to as a dumb mech. A couple examples would be 9302LF,6010XV