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  1. Snickers

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    Skittles I’m sure are not being discontinued . Likely a manufacturer issue.
  2. We have been running G9 and G10 on Version .23 on Crane Nationals. That chart says we need .29 ?
  3. Snickers

    Vistar Distribution

    Well it's official that Vistar has bought out Master Wholesale. Running a Monopoly. Not good.
  4. Snickers

    Question on Polyvend Errors

    Thanks George. I will call them back and let them know. TGIF
  5. Snickers

    Question on Polyvend Errors

    I got a call from someone with this same problem today. I looked to find an answer for them and could not find any info other than this old post.
  6. Snickers

    Error D

    Had one of the motor harness connectors backwards. Ugh.
  7. Snickers

    Error D

    Got a couple National 157's off location and decided to upgrade them with the hard wired tray board kits. All is well with 1 of them but I am running into Error D on the other. All connections are checked and seated correctly. I can test vend D4,D6,D8 but when I do it turns the D0 spirals just a little. D0 and D2 will not test vend. I know there was not a problem before I put this kit on also another strange thing the Mars bill acceptor is getting #1 flash error-coins only. There was nothing wrong before. I really like these machines but working on them can be aggravating. I will fool with it again tomorrow but don't know what to do at this point besides swap known good tray board and bill acceptor and see what happens.
  8. Snickers

    InOne Woes

    I had several VE displays go faint. They worked but was harder to read than they should be. Went ahead and replaced them at $50 apiece. Like the others have said already it's still cheaper than a new machine. And yeah the Polyvend boards and displays were for whatever reason bulletproof!
  9. Snickers

    Polyvend 6640 coinmech

    Inone has a kit. I'm sure distributors don't bother with stocking them but they can be bought from calling Inone direct. The story goes that the reason they make them is because of a customer wanting a bunch of them-like thousands. So they made them. They told me the customer is in Australia. Must still be a pretty popular machine there. We had several at one time and I'm glad they are all gone. They never needed worked on tho and some got heavy use. We still have a few R32 models out there-I will be glad when they are gone but they will not die.
  10. Snickers

    Polyvend 6640 coinmech

    I believe there are a few different fuses down low in the corner of the bottom of the cabinet where the power supply is-have you checked all of those?
  11. Snickers


    Snack only.....maybe Snack only should be zero commissions in my opinion. Definitely do not do a frozen food machine there.
  12. Snickers

    Polyvend 6640 coinmech

    Inone technologies has a board kit for that model. It will cost several hundred dollars but you can run any MDB payment device and even add a card reader if you wanted to. Not sure if you want to spend that kind of money on it or not but a lot of people don't know Inone offers that Polyvend kit.
  13. Snickers

    Vendo Vue 40 calibration error

    Get rid of that machine it will give you headaches and cost you more than it's worth.
  14. I'm glad to NOT have one of these Dixie glassfronts. They seem like a nightmare.