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  1. payrange is a touchless card system, so you dont need to change anything in the machine, just make sure you have a 6 pin MDB connection, if you have the 9 pin connection, i think there is a conversion kit, unit goes inside machine between the coin mech and the bill acceptor, works the same, alot cheaper, and easily removed if needed, updates on its own, go check out the site
  2. isnt payrange cheaper, and less hassle to deal with?
  3. let them be, i had a similar issue here in NYC, machine was posted for $10 so i replied, when i did, they decide to change it to $100 bc of so many hits, i told them, im not doing it for more than $10, took them 3 months to sell it, in conversion, $10 and its gone, they sold it for $40, but the amount of time and the space that it took, it wasn't even worth the $40. so just let them roast a little, you gave your offer.
  4. that looks normal considering the age of the machine
  5. you might have to reprogram it, or something is shorting out somewhere
  6. these machines are used in old navy stores, and are provided by corporate, ask her how she got it, at this time i wouldn't give more than $100, would consider $150 before pandemic
  7. does that mean that the machine will not have a bill acceptor as well?
  8. sounds about right, the machine looks very nice, maybe one of the first of the spiral look alike, definitely an eagle coin mech, the screwdriver is not part of the machine
  9. dont buy if you cant place it, machines will do good almost anywhere you put them
  10. You might need to get a spacer
  11. you can get a nice Gaines machine which is small, combo, has wheels, is definitely a non-brand name machine, and will be super easy to fix if something breaks, it'll work great and will look slick they come in red or black, some of the newer ones are grey and are usually 2 piece (the black and grey only, red is usually 1 piece). it wont cost you 4k, they usually run from $200 to $800, if you hate the color, wrap it, you've got 4k right? Gaines 760A or Gaines 760B, i prefer the "B" version. Even though they are Chinese machines and are hated by most vendors, bc they don't hold enough stock and
  12. check drop sensor, machine is set up to vend up to 3x if nothing comes out, then it will refund, so you may be out of drinks, and maybe out of cash also
  13. where did you order from?
  14. major corporations are doing this in NYC, but to my knowledge, no one cares, and i have only seen 2 or 3 shut down machines, i dont see how not allowing someone to use a machine will prevent anything, the expired supply if any will be the worse than covid-19, machines should be allowed to operate and cycle through normal supply use. might as well not touch any doorknobs
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