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  1. You might have to refill the coins again, or there are special day settings can can be as also
  2. no need for a contract, be confident in your machine placement, you coming into someone's home and want to give orders? total disrespect of me and everything I stand for, if you don't want to put machine in, don't, why make someone sign a contract? for what? before you come into my home/business, wipe your feet! you need to let the owners know what you know, and its not what best for them, its what's best for the customer, if the customer is happy then its best for everyone.
  3. Change to led, remove ballast, buy cheap led bulb 😁
  4. single head about $5 to $10/mo double head about $10 to 20/mo triple head about $20 to 30/mo and so on... do the math of how much you want to make, then figure out which machine you want to use, then you can figure out how many machines you will need to make what you want to make, minus supply, gas, and time
  5. 20 machines will not get you 1k! sorry to burst the bubble, a double head should produce about $15 to $20/mo now do the math of how many you need to make 1k, a 3 header about 20 to 30$/mo and so on. do the math before you die trying, make sure this is something you want to get into long term, no more vacations! think of service calls for empty machines! service! service! service! btw, did I mention no vacations and lots of service
  6. you can do 3 and 4 deep I think, but for the 4 deep you need some plastics that are listed on the door, you might even need plastics to go to 3 as well, it should say on the door
  7. Just the like the cb300, it's a great machine, if you can vend bottles, you can definitely vend cans, double stack, more profitable
  8. USI machines work with zero problems, all of mine are still on locations, at least 10 to 15 years old, maybe more, no need for high tech equipment, I do not do cc, I had one issue with setting it up, called up CS within 10min it was running like new!
  9. you will not get rich over night, it takes time and lots of patience and lots of work and learning!
  10. crowriver.com http://www.crowriver.com/coinop/
  11. oh yeah, super filthy rich, beyond your wildest dreams! 🤣 sorry to break the bubble, it aint happening! what you will make and have if you grow to to over 100 or 200 units is a small passive stable and guaranteed income for the rest of your life 😀 Oak is a nice machine, problem is, what happens when it or someone else breaks it? figure out where you will get parts, ebay is not the answer!
  12. Don't buy new, many used ones, its not as easy as you think, you will not break the bank with what you make, find a good mover, I'd stick to Gumballs, less headaches, and more profit, and you can still take a vacation 😁, soda machines need to be taken care of, if a gumball machine does good at a location, soda will do good as well
  13. That is the key # look for it on eBay
  14. https://www.amazon.com/Vending-Machine-Capsules-200-Pack-Containers/dp/B07K3QY8QV/ref=sr_1_16?keywords=1+inch+capsules&qid=1552010344&s=gateway&sr=8-16
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