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  1. for 2k, I would've went for a vendo v721, you can use cans and bottles in it and no conversion kits required
  2. honestly, I would try to clean this one up, I'm sure there's a special cleaner for this, and see if maybe it needs some new diodes, which are probably a few dollars
  3. does that silver piece come off with the lock or does it stay on the center rod?
  4. home depot has some good weather proof rubber spacers that you can attach tot he inside, if you find one with a magnet, its even better
  5. I use magic jack, I forward all calls to my cell, unlike the 7 to 7 guys, my line is always open, considering the area I service, they want stuff done, and they want it done fast, and now. But..... no matter how good my service is, they still consider me a small rat running around, so when it comes to filling, they will call, but when it comes to "were closing store and your machine is in the dumpster" call is almost never to happen, who cares for the vending machine, small time guy, well scrap it! or take it home, "the kids will love it after I pop it open". So, I never shut off the phone, I have a standard rule I follow, I don't care where the location is, or when the last time I was there, even if it was yesterday, and its 40 miles out, if I get that call... guess what im doing... slogan is simple "for service today (or within 24hrs) call before 4pm" if calling Friday after 4pm, don't expect me till Monday. Yes, I make runs for those calls, I treat all locations the same, it could be as simple as a quarter getting stuck, or product not coming out on the bulk machine, or a dollar getting stuck, or the water not dropping, I am always there! now the mom and pop shops know what I do, and how I do, but the corporate locations couldn't give 2 shits about how fast or slow I get stuff done, so I try to reinforce it on them. Like... some one called? yes, we did, how long ago? um like a few hours ago oh wow, and here I am, what is the issue you're having? then at the end ill be a jerk and say... when was the last time you called any company or service and they actually showed up the same day? ummmmmm, never welcome to my world! magic jack is super cheap, its got VM, and you can forward to any number, you can even call back from the MJ number, the customer doesn't have to see your number. I even made a new line recently (xxx) VENDING, go ahead give me a call sorry cant tell you the area code don't need any unwanted calls. you're in the business to make money, but you cant make money without customer service, i have super busy locations, i service at least 2 to 3 times a week, im out on my own, single man operation, and if i can do it, then you should be able to as well. those calls that you're so annoyed of getting are your money calls, you want those, if you know a product sells more than others, heck, make 3 or 4 lines with it, what are you losing? you know it will sell, you now have 2 or 3 products less you have to worry about going bad or not selling, and just bring more of what sells, not always about variety. i know Doritos, famous Amos, pretzels, Takis, snickers, mm peanuts sell the most, so ill make 2 or 3 of each selection, and it sells! eventually ill weed out the products that sell the least like cracker jacks and fig newtons, during summer, at least 2 to 3 lines of water in every machine, filled to the top. that's where the cash is made, those calls are not from the irritating customers, but really the machines calling for a change! But joe shmo loves these chips, you cant take them out... yeah joe shmo is a part timer of 4 hours a week, you know what to do.
  6. try the smaller bottle 16.9oz
  7. never hurts to try, but I am having issues with my vm750b, I accidentally reset the board, and now the sold out switch is in the OFF position, which means... dollar goes in, machine assumes product is still there, vends the non existing product, and customer loses cash, it was not like that before, so now I am trying to figure out how to turn the switch back on, this is only happening on the sodas, I refilled machine and set quantities this time, lets see what happens
  8. as much as I would like to, the coin pusher belongs to one of the biggest vendors in the area, and he has more than 4 machines inside the same location, I make my cash regardless, and I always have quarters, just the concern that every 2 weeks I have to fill it, and never any change in the overflow container, really bites sometimes, I used to have a change machine there, that was a way for me to get rid of my quarters, ill put it in again
  9. yeah, mine have been working great, haven't had any issues, have them in almost all of my machines
  10. found this if anyone needs it VM750A VM750B
  11. I accidentally reset my machine, it keeps vending, I have a feeling that the sold out switch is not working, and the bin quantity should automatically be reset once it hits the limit, so there is an option for the sold out switch, that will: 1: stop the vend on the sold out product 2: return money mine has not done either, after the reset, now the button says sold out is OFF, which means it keeps vending. vm750A VM750B the manual here is different, the keypad is different, mine has an up and down arrows a YES / NO and ENTER and CANCEL buttons also when I press the mode button it asks me which model of machine it is a vm750 or vm 4xx ill get the numbers next time, that's not something that should happen
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