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  1. NYCandyMan

    Anderson vending dolly

    I've been doing it for years, no issues, works like a charm, only problem is letting them sit for 3 days after I set them up, I was using a moving dolly before, and that was horrible, the roughneck with 4 wheels was good and cheap, and since only a few machines, I didn't need anything fancy, if I had more machines, yes I would definitely invest in a powered unit with stair climber, gravity does all the work! not the best, but gets it done, using a trailer great, problem is... I use the uhaul trailers, and they have rippled floors, makes it a painful process to move, and the ramp is a bit steep, so it becomes a 3 man job.
  2. NYCandyMan

    Royal Giii puncturing cans

    crazy question... are the cans coming out smashed up, or just minor punctures? problem.... the cans were probably shaken a bit before you put them in, the metal cans are crap nowadays, so it may not pop now, but they will pop. I had them pop while in storage, I handle my cans carefully, but once in while, they do pop. if the cans are coming out smashed up, then you have to change your settings a bit.
  3. NYCandyMan

    Quarter on a string

    wow, looks a bit beat up, there's actually a hole punch that would make a nice hole in the coin, this way the string never rips. put it up in a picture frame
  4. NYCandyMan

    Anderson vending dolly

    this is the one I'm currently using, its small, and strong, you do need helpers, definitely not a single man move, but its been good to me for years, I've moved many machines on it, here's the kicker.... I move all machines in a minivan. I looked into the stepRyder, saw a few good units, but they are out of stock or out of production, and its too expensive for me, and not many machines to move with it, if I expand with soda, which I probably wont, what I have is good enough
  5. NYCandyMan

    USAT software ehlp

    why didn't the company provide this information to the customer at time of purchase? seems like a quick sale and run
  6. NYCandyMan

    H.U.M.A.N Model VM-801

    its a healthy vending machine, it is made by seaga, they have all the parts for it, tech support is gonna run you a bit, hope the machine is not more than 5 yrs old, and that you're the original buyer.
  7. NYCandyMan

    Locks and Barrel Locks needed for Northwest machines

    crowrivertrading.com or crowriver.com Roger 888-956-4992 or 952-931-0255
  8. NYCandyMan

    Stolen Machine, Machine Hit By Car

    always leave your number with security always leave your number with cashier always leave your number with manager always leave your number with any worker always leave your number with GM always leave your number on the machine always leave your number with anyone you see using the machine always leave your number with anyone in the break room always leave your number with anyone that's always close to the machine always leave your number on the wall of where the machine is always carry business cards, don't be afraid to leave or give them out and around, be smart! on the back of my card it says: "service within 24hrs! call before 4pm for service today!" if you cannot show up to your location within that time, then you shouldn't be in the vending business, you MUST at ALL TIMES take care of those machines! even if it means skipping a stop that's making you good cash, its ok, you'll be back tomorrow, be smart and use it to your advantage. this way people will see you, they will know you, and you wont have to wait 2 months to find out the bad news.
  9. NYCandyMan

    Wittern CB300 compressor issue

    maybe out of freon? off the topic, do you happen to have any extra boards for the cb300?
  10. NYCandyMan

    Anderson vending dolly

    just saw the video, I don't feel safe with all that rubber, and that tilting has to be done by the person when going up, what does the unit cost?
  11. NYCandyMan

    Anderson vending dolly

    I never move alone, so I'm not worried about it tipping over, done many moves, and never an issue, I would love to get the battery operated one, but I don't have so many soda machines to need to get that
  12. NYCandyMan

    uturn gum ball tumbler

    Machines are garbage, try ebay
  13. NYCandyMan

    Anderson vending dolly

    Item# 42669 Roughneck Industrial Appliance Truck — 1,200-Lb. Capacity From northern tool, its cheap and its good, as long as you lift it right, the center strap is useless, I put on a 2nd strap on top, been using it for a few years now, no issues, if you're going for the batter powered one, that'll run you $1200 and up, for $179 you can't go wrong
  14. NYCandyMan

    Lost key

    Get a copy for now, and later get your locks in there
  15. NYCandyMan

    My Vend Track Software is now FREE

    anyone still using this software? what do you think about softessentials.com?