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  1. Don't they all have spinning augers?
  2. looks fairly new, look on the left side of the door, there should be a tag
  3. you can also make it out of wood, aluminum and stainless steel
  4. cool, something to look into, how much is it?
  5. what about the flaps if any, it could take cash, but if the flaps are not pressed in, it shouldn't vend, do you have soda in the machine?
  6. does it have a triteq lock? check the fob battery
  7. be happy it worked this long, time to redo this one
  8. it doesnt look like they got any cash, that door looks like its closed, and i think its a pullout, so the cash and the board might actually be ok, also looks like a USI machine, they are made to last, fix the glass at any plexi shop, machine looks good, and the wiring can be redone, no need to strip and toss, in these times, use and reuse as much as you can with what you have. want to ship it to NY? i have an FDNY EMS house that needs a new machine
  9. lol, definitely not 65, and definitely not a noob, since my machines have the slides then they are v721, so then the 720 is the same as the 440, 540, and the 600 models where, yes, you do need clips. since you're the pro, what you think about the vue 30/40?
  10. any MDB coin mech should work, there is no specific model for any specific machine, they all do the same job
  11. whats nayax? where can i read more about it
  12. on the E series Dixie, there is actually a way to remove the whole row of buttons from the back, this will require a bit more work, but will also have a great result as then you can used the air compressor to thoroughly clean the inside of those buttons, this way you wont have any issues later on, aslo a good way to learn about the machine. The v720, on the other hand should have pullouts of the bottles, if we are talking about the same thing, to convert from bottle to can, the plastic pullout pieces pull out, but are not removable. As for the buttons on the 720, if they are the HVV buttons, those are super easy to change, but if they are not, i would get myself a pick, a very small and flexible thin pick, but then again, you can remove all the buttons in one shot to get it nicely done.
  13. i ordered from them a while back, they are a bit on the slow and steady side, but they get their stuff done.
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