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  1. Apparently the good one in the machine is not good either! EBay sucks, I admit, and I'm not defending it, but some parts are easier to get from there
  2. Coin counter upgrade

    I have a sc303 but it needs a bit of work
  3. DN276E icing compressors

    Compressor is shot! It'll work a bit more before it goes hot
  4. I would keep them all and get more of the monthly ones, agreed they are very slow, but they are steady and guaranteed, the larger ones are great, but what happens if the places shuts down, in NYC, there are places like that, they shut down the next day, lease is up, gotta go! Now you're stuck with nothing! I love the slow ones, less work, less headaches, and still making that cash. Service only the major ones weekly, the rest leave for monthly, I do about 90 days on the slow ones. Sweet zone!
  5. locators

    update: 3 locations that were ordered a few weeks ago still have not been placed, after 8 weeks, I will do a charge back.
  6. $30 consignment shop find

    left one eagle, right one Komet, but the locks are the same
  7. coinco BA50B

    ba30b is also not a bad unit
  8. try the keypad first, they go bad sometimes, the control boards are not cheap, the display is not connected to the keypad directly, but through the board, check ebay, but make sure they send you a working one, had to order 2 until I got a working one
  9. Vendo 720P Lock

    #1 rule when looking for parts like this.... Take a picture! I can't see what you need, can't help you much, take a picture, try crowrivertrading.com So for Roger
  10. I smell a rat

    ok, so.... Problem: Seaga VS3800, I've been across this before, bought one machine out of long island that was sitting around in the back yard, set it up, worked very nice, workers started complaining of rats coming out from under the hoods and running back to the machine, ok, so I sealed up the machine, didn't think anything of it, they started coming out from the vending chute, damn! after about 2 weeks of trying to figure out what the heck was going on and where they were going to inside the machine was crazy, I even brought in a wire cam so I can see inside and behind the chute, winds up, there was a space between the compressor and where the cold air went into the machine, the compressor was always warm, the water runoff was enough to drink from, and at night when the compressor stopped working, they would run out into the warm engines of the cars, crazy huh? so me and owner agreed to go half on the exterminator, rats only go by the edges and corners, so we setup traps all over the shop, but mostly where we saw them, every morning we had at least 1 down, I tell you this, they were the most cleanest rats you'll ever see! and I mean CLEAN! pink paws, grey coats! a few days later the problem was solved! rats were gone, shop was happy! sorry guys, no pics problem 2: seaga office deli.... apparently every vending machine ever made comes with a flaw, its got a golpher load of holes! youll never seal them all up, its too crazy, mice and rats seem to have super jumping powers, that can get into the snack section above the soda that is completely sealed off. solution: find some STEEL WOOL, and wrap it around the wire or plug the holes with it, they are not getting through that! any other holes that you see you can probably seal up with silicone from the inside, and I would clean up the trays with alcohol or with a dishwasher (yes, remove all the motors from the trays) don't do all at the same time! one at a time. bait... you can buy the bait blocks, what the package doesn't tell you, is that you cannot touch it with your hands, once it gets a human scent on it, they will not eat it. so wear gloves, bait 2: bait blocks and peanut butter, mix it, and set it up around wherever you thing they are passing through, make sure you mix the bait in good, I would set it up above ground, above the lights, every store has those white tiles that go with the lights, take one down, if you see poop, you know where to set up, same goes for on ground, not in the machine! as it will stink up! also you can setup some humane and inhumane traps along the walls enjoy
  11. DN 276 E

    Don't go crazy, bills will not be accepted if there is no change in the machine, it will accept change until it reaches minimum, then it will accept bills, $5 should be enough in all denominations combined
  12. $30 consignment shop find

    Same machine, locks can be the same crossover.com or crowrivertrading.com ask for Roger
  13. locators

    agree on some but not all, yeah locators are a pain, and ive worked with many over the years, ones that want to do side jobs for you and don't tell the boss, then run off to start their own, and crash, and supposedly they are extremely busy, but facebook says otherwise, parties, and so on. ever work with anyone in south America? 2 years was great, then I find out he stiffed the boss, now the boss is mad at me, I didn't know, I paid like I usually paid, didn't think anything of it, so I call the guy to try to explain, he decides to threaten me with my locations. a lesson: a locator can bring you locations, but they they can also shut you down very fast! you you kinda have to hold your nuts for a bit until they get those locations. if you order a lot of locations, they will do you before anyone else looking for 1 or 2 spots, so I ordered 3 locations about 3 weeks ago, and I'm still holding my breath and my nuts for a hopeful email that says you've got locations. whats even worse, is that youll know when youre getting screwed, they keep sending you the same locations over and over again. complete torture! sometimes its just better to find your own locations, not all locations are good, if its a golpher location, just don't service it as much, 1 less machine in the shed, and you still make cash! there are ON seasons and OFF seasons, and I find that the golpher machines do very well in the OFF season. for every 1 good location, you have to have 10 golpher ones, so out of my 400 units, 360 are golpher! only 40 are good, the good ones I can cashout in 2 days, then what? suck it easy? nah, I let the golpher ones do all the work, as long as I'm making $20 net from each machine, I'm good, now do that math! that's $7200 from golpher machines alone! enjoy!
  14. Vendstar 3000 price

    stay away from vendstars, although they are excellent for startups, they will always break, you'll probably find parts on eBay, but it'll eventually become a problem, they are made of plastic, in NY I wouldn't even look at one, I throw them out! at a $130 a piece, id look into beaver, aa, north western, there are plenty used machines in your area, most of them are better than vendstars, and look 10x better, personally if I got vendstars for free which I did before, id sell them for $5 each! not $130!
  15. Coinco BA50B rejecting bills

    Used ones on eBay for about $60, repair about $45