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  1. 40 machines x $17.5 = $700 x 12 months = $8400 is what it will make in 1 year, it will take you 16.5 months to make the 11k back, if you are ok with that then its a good buy, and if you can set up the remaining 15 machines you could be at $787 monthly and that will take you 14.5 months to get back now one more thing, I see that these are all single head machines, that $17.5/mo income may be $8.25/mo/machine which means youll be at 32 months to get you cash back, that's almost 3 years, and that would not be worth it. call or text if you need more help 9one7 73one 389one
  2. you can order it from beaver or find it on ebay, its called a shallow candy wheel, the smallest setting on your current wheel will b be the largest setting on the shallow wheel. they are about the same price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-x-SHALLOW-HOUSING-FOR-RB16-BEAVER-VENDING-MACHINE-CONVERSION-WHEEL-PARTS/143166895824?hash=item21556976d0:g:Z6wAAOSwi7RZI4dp the piece on here is only the top piece, you would need to get a bottom piece as well.
  3. and that's a true fact that needs to be put out there, he may or may not want to deal with a headache, or he might want it, its a piece of knowledge that he didn't know until now, now he knows
  4. ive been looking into the trackers, problem is.... they have active and non active, and gps and non gps, Bluetooth and wifi. active: always on very good, but battery life sucks a max of 2 to 3 days if lucky non active: only activates with a tracker, battery life is a bit better, but tracker has to be within a distance to recognize it gps: is the best one long battery life and best reception, but too expensive, requires a sim car PER UNIT with monthly service Bluetooth: only works with devices close to the tracker, and the app has to be installed on a nearby device for the tracker to kick in wifi: only works within the walls, if you don't have the password for the network it might or might not pick up the signal. so I found a decent unit made by Milwaukee, battery life is great, the unit is cheap, but reception sucks, if no one has the app, it will not kick in, with the app it kicks in, takes a bit of time, but does kick in, ive been testing them for a month now, and not the best, but ok. if anyone finds something good and cheap we should all get in on it, it will eliminate the theft of our machines and put stupid people where they belong! any good ideas feel free to send me a text 9one7 73one 389one
  5. makes plenty sense, if you're buying a car, don't you want to know your options, who cares when and where, the point is you have options and now you know what they are, there is absolutely no harm in having a bit of knowledge regardless of which car you buy from which dealer, eventually you will take all options into account and make an informed decision. the information may or may not have been completely useful or useless in the decision, but knowing that you have a choice is knowing that you can make the best decision for you. (btw I charge by the hour for sessions like this :P)🤣 what you want is not always what you need vs what you can handle 😁
  6. the sensors are on top and bottom, you can release the bottom of bill acceptor and clean better from there, other option is to take it apart and air clean it, or you can buy a whole new set of sensors
  7. for someone looking to get into the line of business should have pros and cons of every aspect before they commit, its a good knowledge base to have.
  8. I prefer the coin counter, most of my coins are mixed, and people usually need quarters, sometimes ill have them already rolled, or ill roll them on the spot, sure it takes a bit more time, I get to go home with cash instead of quarters, when did you lose money by coming to do a collection late? only better! I use a Brandt counter, mine is about 30 years old, had it serviced 1x, and changed the belt 1x, pennies compared to the time it saves me.
  9. 10 full line will do it, I estimate for every 1 full line, you need 10 double heads, so 1 to 10, 10 machines do about $200/mo, about the same as 1 full line, the difference is... its a lot harder to place full line than double heads, and a lot more headache with service, weekly vs monthly, repair, weather conditions, and so on.
  10. that all depends if you have places to put them, send me some pics 917-731-3891
  11. I got beavers on the loose, people are just stealing them, don't like any other brands, trying to get rid of AA and NW, anyone think about investing into a GPS TRACKER?
  12. Isn't vmc for credit cards? How are these 24 locks being controlled? Is there a board? Is this machine something you made or something you bought?
  13. Seasons change, never pull bc of 1 or 2 bad months, never a bad month! Just service less until it picks up
  14. You might have to refill the coins again, or there are special day settings can can be as also
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