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  1. ok, that sounds normal, remove the board carefully and check if all connections are secure, take each one off 1 by one to narrow down the problem, usually if the board is on and you have a light, youre ok, the display, if it was working before, then you know theres nothing wrong with it. just check the wires, sometimes the solder goes bad and disconnects from the board, causing a loose connection.
  2. i would replace and keep as a spare,you'll never have them new, ever, even if you put in a new piece, i give it a few day before someone scratches it or does something stupid to it, its not a battle you're going to win, but you can try, trying will cost you....
  3. they look really nice, this would be something for home use, and you can probably sell them for just above the going price, not retail price, its will be a collectors items eventually.
  4. no need to wait, call and find out, all the mechs are the same
  5. call beaver, they will make anything you need
  6. a very piece of scotch tape on each side, sticky side inside the tape, fold the tape
  7. what type of coin acceptor do you have in there? is it a blue/purple one or is it a coinco? if its the blue/purple one, i would find another one on eBay and see if the other one can get fixed, most of the time the sensors go bad. if its the coinco unit then you might have to clean the sensors on the top inside part of the unit.
  8. I wouldn't replace the deck, it's a quick fix, check your power, and install a 3 in 1, I recently had the same problem, compressor was recently redone, like new, but 3 months in it shorted out took it to get it looked at, didn't see anything wrong, plugged it in, ran for a few min seems to be getting cold, pipes are turning white, but 5 min in, a click and then back to warm, the capacitor blew out, changed it, now it's back to normal. Check the capacitor, make sure it's for power and not burnt.
  9. if the screen is on, you've got power, the go127 is a great machine, I don't care what others say, I have a few of them and I love them, they will outlast any new machine, although the parts are hard to find, I would recommend eBay, and letgo for used machines and parts, when the red light comes on do you hear a beep? if you hear a beep, the board is probably fine, but they did use a golpher solder when assembling, the board with the red light, has to be removed, remove all parts carefully, and there will be a 6 to 8 pin plug on the left side of the board, the solder is usually gone on that, just resolder it, make sure all connections are good, and you should be back in biz, buying a new board and power supply is too expensive, solder is pennies.
  10. Might be temp sensor is shot, call them up
  11. Usually a plug form the rear or side, machine should detect missing selections and will give a message back
  12. how do you like payrange? I have one unit I bought years ago, but no matter where I put it, no one seems to want to use it.
  13. check your coin mech, it may be stuck or not working
  14. J am having the same issue, sometimes it drops a few extra cans here and there, a few freebies never hurt no one. So the place I have my machine hooked up has really bad current, so once in a while the GFI will cut in and cut off the machine, it's happened a few times, I feel this is the cause of the free vends. At one point the whole machine got reset, so I had to reconfigure the whole machine again, other that, I don't see anymore free vends. If the sensor was bad you would get free vends all the time, once in a while, I don't see it as an issue, my lines are also 4 deep, on the 721 the plastic pieces should be pulled forward all the way to make 4 deep. Also if the machine is cranking in alot of cash who cares about a few loose ones, think of it as a few damaged cans, there's always 1 in every 10 cases 😀
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