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  1. you should already have 2 or 3 or more flashing arrows on every bill acceptor, its been used for decades. if it seems that you're not making enough money in a location, maybe the location is not as good as you thought or someone is opening your machines
  2. where are you operating from? if anyone else in in area, they can avoid this problem
  3. let me get this straight, you guys are saying that a t handle lock from an no-name brand vs a medeco brand is not as easily pick-able? to my knowledge, all tubular locks are pick-able, I've lost keys before, I've picked them all, its not the lock, its more of the pick that's being used, sometimes it took me a few minutes, and sometimes it took me a lot longer, i know my locks are nothing crazy, i got them from eBay, 20 locks, with a random key, that i know im the only one that has it. most of these companies that sell you locks and keys would say that "no one within 100 mile radius of you has the same key" that's a bunch of BS, i have another vendor near me, and just for giggles i decided to put my key in it, guess what happened???? so i don't believe that BS, do you really think that they will sit there and map out every vendor and his location? they do the same thing were doing. somehow i feel a bit safer ordering from eBay, as i know they are coming from far away, i know they only have the amount i ordered keyed alike, they are definitely not keeping copies, then again they can, but even if they did, they would have to hit every machine within lets say 10 miles radius to even get close to it, which will be completely useless, and a waste of time to them. On the other hand, a network of thieves selling locks to other vendors, is not a bad idea also, the guy from eBay sends me my 20 locks and a spare key to a friend in the area, all he has to do is begin the elimination process by trying every key hes got for the area, which probably wont be too hard if there's not to many orders, but think about it. if you're ordering your keys, and they do decide to ask you what area you're running with your machines, just tell them a BS state and location, this way you're safe.
  4. that'll work also, you're a vendor, think smart, cheap, and most effective way to keep them away, and dont forget, while youre busy scratching your head on these 2, protect the rest of your investments as well!
  5. lol, if he can pick a tubular, he can pick any lock, id throw a hidden cam inside show it to the police and make a report, as he can be a pro locksmith guy, who has to have a licence to use those tools, cages will not help you, unless they are inside the machine, think smart not secure, put a detterent on, the camera will do it, but must have one visible (dummy cam) and one inside, hidden, and also dont forget that it could be someone you know, or a local vendor pissed off at you for some reason, anything can be! good luck.
  6. FSI / USI / WITTERN machines do not need to be set up, just load double on the cans and single on the bottles, but make sure the spacers are correct.
  7. what exactly is going on with the machine? and why did you assume that this particular part is the issue? if coins are falling through without credit, just change out the coin mech, if the bills are being inserted and are giving credit then you have confirmed that it is the coin mech and not the relay. send me pics or videos 9one7 73one 389one
  8. does the machine have change in it? you are aware that the unit will power on and do everything its supposed to do except accept cash if it doesn't have change, if there is change in machine and its still not accepting, then you have a problem, machine needs at leads $5 or more in quarters dimes and nickels for it to accept a bill. :P
  9. NYCandyMan


    stick with mom and pop shops, slow producing machines should be cleaned 1x for every 2x a good machine is cleaned
  10. I was going to say, it's a usi machine, you can give them a call anytime, they will walk you through everything on that machine
  11. @gumball guy thats basically the whole business in sugar coating, and those who want to try it should, but they have to have drive for it, the reality comes to life when the cash made with 10 to 20 machines is unrealistic to that one person who wanted to try. on the other hand, it goes back to what i said earlier, and ill prove it to the fullest, i am not arguing or trying to stir anything up, but its just simple proven facts. a few days ago, i received a text from let-go, someone saw one of my machines for sale, and decided to reach out to me, he said he has problems with his machines, i said ok, ill come out, cant hurt, i get there, hes got a seaga hc950, its the healthy vending machine, (personally i think its one of the worst made machines ever) in a barber shop, they bought it a month ago from some lady, she gave them the laptop (have to buy at least 5 units and go to their training in Texas to get that) , anyways, 4 of the 8 lines are shot, cans not vending, shims are wrong and missing, door wont close, hinges broken, cc not working and taped up, dollar bill taped to the machine to show how to insert dollar, but it did have a nice demo screen on it , now obviously they paid some big cash for it, all items are at $2.00, next thing i noticed was a 3/4 empty gumball machine, i asked why its not full, he said i dont know where to buy the gumballs, so i asked, where did you get the 1st batch? he said amazon! i was shocked, its probably double or triple the actual price. On top of all this, the person that i met up with was not a barber at all, but a partner of the shop, more of the task guy. Now all this goes back to show, the barber himself doesn't have time to service these machines like i would, bc they are barbers, not vendors, just like i couldn't cut hair, ia am a vendor, not a barber. So if you're going to start something up, and then decide to leave it, thats all nice and all, but at least sell the locations, dont leave customers on a bad note, bc now i come in, and they hate my guts bc you messed up! So if you're going ot do something do it right! dont just do it.
  12. locator 4 u was one of the good ones, many of these guys subcontract phone people to do the cold calling, when you show up, you dont know jack... i would rather find my own, better yet, start looking for anyone selling, i havent used locators in years, i find my own, as i travel throughout the route, a new stored pop up here and there, ill stop by and give them a 30 second presentation, give them my card, and unless they say yes, they are then forgotten. funny thing... some time later i pass by the same place, and now they have machines, oooh wow, so i give them my presesntation again, but this time ill add... " if it ever breaks, or you need service, or you just want a real vending machine, give me a call" some people are just too greedy to let a vendor run things bc they feel that they are not getting the full profit from the machine. if machine makes $20/mo and theire commission is $6, they fight for 50%... $4! so i tell them, do you really think that i care for the $4? that $4 is what gets me here, its what pays for my time, gas and the service i provide, that the product will always be fresh. next thing to say, and its the only truth hate me if you will. if i am a vending machine operator, then thats what i am, i am not a mechanic, or a broker, or any other specialty job, this is what i know how to do, and what i do best, same goes for other trades, so when these other trades mix into my trade, it becomes a problem 1. they have no clue of what they are doing 2. they go out and buy a machine 3. they have no clue of what they are doing! 4. they see some profit 5. they have no clue of what they are doing! (learning) 6. its not enough profit 7. they have no clue of what they are doing! (realizing theyve made a mistake) 8. eventually machine goes empty, owner doesnt have time to buy the product 9. they have no clue of what they are doing! 10. machine is now left alone, empty! 11. this whole process makes us look bad. 12 they have no clue of what they are doing! (did i mention this before?) so... find a script online, get in touch with NCCS for some stickers, learn the script, and rock out! Good Luck!
  13. trailer is for a 2nd machine if needed, i no longer use my van or a trailer to move machines, as of 2019, i rent out 16 footers with lift gates, and have a nice 2 ton jack that'll lift a machine in 5 min or less
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