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  1. vetvend

    USAT software ehlp

    bproof@ (youcan fill in the rest) is in charge of all onboarding of new customers....she is very responsive
  2. vetvend

    Eport Question

    Thats Great!....I will now proceed to woop on the USAT director of Inside Sales for sending me false info and then swearing to it
  3. vetvend

    Eport Question

    My bad.....USAT had sent me this a while back....so end of 2019 not the beginning.....articles do say that conductivity may be lost before that date
  4. vetvend

    Eport Question

    Lacanteen, I only have 100 so they are most likely going to tell you the truth then they are me.....My last rep Matt, told me repeatedly that they would be supported til 2021 but he got let go when USAT acquired Cantelope...and the new guy knows nothing....The director of inside sales says they will stop working in 2019...I do know they are selling G9s in Canada with different firmware because Canada is keeping G3 for much longer
  5. vetvend

    Eport Question

    I am being told by USAT that Verizon g3 is done January 2019 and that is why they stopped selling the G9 for the 4G g10......do not know about ATT but most of mine are Verizon.....they are sunsetting G2 and G3 at the same time to make room for G5....ask your sales person and see what they say....my guy promised me I was OK and then the national sales team said he was wrong
  6. vetvend

    Eport Question

    I wouldn't be buying any G-9s though Jan 2019 is supposed to be the end of 3G
  7. vetvend

    Eport Question

    I use a lot of Eports and have to transfer often....a new account requires the new owner to be "onboarded" by usat and it takes a good 2 weeks after they fill out the account info....it has to start with the old owner sending an email to their sales rep with the telemeter serial number and the new owner information and effective date of the transfer and formally request the transfer (has to be an email so they have written record)
  8. vetvend

    home built vending

    Tater, Looks like we are polar opposites! Sound like a plan. Yeah that 8-12 year mark is tough......I was always just one year away from getting out and doing "suit and Tie" flying but.....I always found a reason to stick it out
  9. vetvend

    home built vending

    Tater, The heater blankets are holroyd silicon 24V 40 watts, they come on at -10c and off at -5c. I would never consider a solar version up that far north for all the reasons you described. As for the made in America issue....got it. I am a service disabled Army Veteran with 25 years of active duty service and I am committed to hiring other vets as we grow and if the cost of just the cages added on $1000 to the machine I would consider it.... but with fabrication, galvanizing and powder coating no one can come close. I have put the cages out for bid and we made the first 4 machine cages in our shop and they end up running 3 to 4 times the overseas cost landed (the impending steel tariffs may change that).....everything else is done right here in Texas as is the software development but it does not make sense to build a machine that is too expensive to buy. I would much rather call John and help him with the functionality of his machine so that it can price individually and vend other type products and although the heaters should work.... I have no really effective way to test how long they will stand up in such a cold environment. Also, I am a warm weather guy and would rather go back to Iraq or the Sinai Desert for an extended period in full battle rattle rather than make one service call to anywhere it gets -30F..... I don't even want to think about it. I really don't want to offend you and that is not my intent at all.....I just can't guarantee it would hold up in that environment (I know I wouldn't) and I would never sell something I can't guarantee.
  10. vetvend

    home built vending

    That is for the Kayak rental kiosk. The standard 4 module (31 vending doors) retails for $8900. All our components are for industrial use so they are pretty robust. The weakest link in the main enclosure is the PLC which is rated to -25C and then the touch screen rated to -20C...... So for our propane machines we added heater blankets to both enclosures and got them UL certified for Hazardous Location.....since we use the same parts in the regular machine I just add the blankets for my machine that are North bound and that gets them to operate at the really low temps.....If the screen starts letting me down I can go to the industrial push buttons for each module for the crazy cold places.....I could still price by 8 compartment module but not by individual compartment.
  11. vetvend

    home built vending

    Thanks Pop Lady, I have run across the innovative vending web page before.....we have a lot of their same capabilities but not nearly as big. As for Solar.... our kayak and bike rental kiosks have a solar option and we have 4 firewood machines out there running on solar panels. We use two 100 watt solar panels on an adjustable bevel for summer and winter sun adjustment angles. The powered machines only use about $5 a month in electricity even during heavy use. We designed it to be in the sleep mode until someone presses the touch screen. When they make a selection, it turns on the card reader and telemetry, does a diagnostic of the next vending compartment and then actuates the lock, completes the sale and then goes back to sleep. We only use 4 lawn mower batteries and have it set up so that when they get below 22 volts the machine turns off and then turns back on and continues where it left off(emails me when it is back up) in the morning.....so far this has only happened in the dead of winter with 6 or 7 days of cloudy weather....If we thought we were losing any sales we would just add another two $30 batteries......but midnight to 8am is usually pretty quiet.
  12. vetvend

    home built vending

    Yep, John's is our nearest competitor for firewood and I have not done much comparison but it looks like it does the trick especially for larger quantities of product. Our logic and control system uses industrial components used in the oil fields so they are pretty reliable and allow individual pricing and emails for machine issues and alerts when you hit your pre-determined safety level. Ours is the same or less expensive than his retail. We could not find U.S. companies to fabricate the metal cages for anywhere close to what we get produced overseas but other than the cages, the parts and assembly are all U.S. based. We don't use a cash acceptor because many of the machines are unattended and it just becomes an attractive nuisance for thieves.
  13. vetvend

    home built vending

    As is ready to vend right at $11,900
  14. vetvend

    home built vending

    Thanks, There are a couple of other machines out there....one works off a conveyor belt and the other is vaguely similar to ours but one big unit. Actual Kayaks and paddle boards. Paddles and PFDs in the lockers and kayaks and paddle boards on the rack. Pick what you want and the PFD and paddle locks open and the metal cord to the kayak unlocks. When you come back, enter in the last four of credit card or re-swipe and those locks unlock again....once locked and doors closed the card is charged appropriately. outdoorvendingsolutions has the contact info would love to find more people interested