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  1. So what is the highest signal strength you are getting? Again...the simplest way to figure out what to do is bring a verizon and ATT phone to the machine and see what signal they have......if neither have reception then you need to move the machine
  2. We have tried the High gains but saw no real difference.....the best way is to move the antenna around and let the signal stabilize for a minute ...even moving a few inches... closer or farther to other metal can help....and no....a "10" is not required....I have machines with a steady "2" or "3" that work just fine day in and day out. Do you have a 4000 or 2000 series telemeter..... if 2000 it is ATT/tmobile......you can ask them to switch it to Tmobile to see if that signal is better or switch to the 4000 verizon.....I have 2 phones...one is verizon and the other is ATT...whichever gets the strongest signal where we want to set a machine determines which model I install
  3. Your swipe percentage is so high because your products are low dollar amounts.....my average swipe is more than $10 so my percentage is way lower....I have rental kiosks where the swipe is between $50 and $100 and the % goes down a bit more...as long as the frequency meets the threshold
  4. USAT has the lowest rates out there and the best back office...competitors have a hard time matching their rates...I typically have to show them my debit to credit card ratio to improve the deal.....I have others that charge variable rates depending on the type of card used and I never know from month to month what my charges will average out to.....I just wish USAT would improve their customer service
  5. I get reliable sales all the way down to 2 or 3 since it is only transferring data.....but slight moves of the antenna and letting the signal stabilize for 30 seconds or so will let you know where the best signal is within the area of the antenna cable...they also have high gain antennas that can help......If the G9 was working before and then suddenly stopped working then it is probably that USAT updated your firmware and your machine does not like it.....I have mine locked at 2.04.002eP....but somehow this last weekend many machines migrated and when they first updated the card readers said "unable to accept credit card" but if you ignored it and swiped anyway the machined vended and then message never comes back
  6. I got mine back the next week......They are notorious for bad customer service! They could have sent us an email alerting us to the mistake or posted it on the portal. Also check to make sure your charges match the telemeter serial numbers every once in a while....they were charging me for 3 I never owned......I just got done with a transfer that took them 9 weeks......no apology, just "we forgot to do it". I guess they figure since they have the lowest swipe charges for unattended they can get away with bad service. I am working with OTI america now.... they have a complete packaged system and matched their charges...but with great customer service.....their back office needs some work but they will get there.....They also have a tokenization/card on file solution for rentals so you can upcharge if things are not returned or damaged which helps me greatly with my rental scenario kiosks.
  7. Join the club of small operators....it is mind over matter....they don't mind because we do not matter
  8. Same thing with me....I emailed and they knew about it.....another example of their lackluster customer service. They could have easily reached out via email to alert their customers and apologize for the error but yet again it is mind of matter.....they don't mind because I don't matter
  9. Here you go..... up to two weeks from the seller and two weeks from the buyer.......it is a painful process sometimes and I have to get the VPs involved sometimes when the transfers fall through the cracks .......I think it has a lot to do with a company growing very quickly and not allocating enough personnel to critical customer service nodes....especially transfers. I have talked with the head of transfers many times and he is a great guy but that does not always tranfer to faster service ePORT TRANSFER GUIDELINES 1. Before a Transfer can occur, current owner of the devices MUST email the following information to transfers@usatech.com at least TWO WEEKS prior to transfer: a. Name, Address, City, State, Phone and email address of the NEW owner b. Date and time of transfer c. ePort serial numbers that will be transferred 2. Current owner must have a positive balance on their USAT account prior to moving the devices, or make arrangements with USA Technologies to settle the difference. If the current account is closing, all funds will be “held” and no deposits will be received until the transfer is complete. 3. A new Connect Agreement and EFT Authorization must be completed by the NEW owner/company with USA Technologies if an account hasn’t been established. This includes new banking information listing the TAX ID or Social Security number of the new customer. 4. The new owner can contact the Sales Department for an overview of USAT’s services by calling 800-770-8539. The Sales Department will send account setup documents at that time. 5. Once the new account is set up by USA Technologies, a quotation for Transfer Fees will be emailed to the new owner. Typically, there is a Transfer Fee of $30 for each ePort being activated under the new account. 6. Once the Activation quote is signed and returned, USAT will move the devices over to the new account. The transfer process takes at least TWO WEEKS, so please plan accordingly. PLEASE NOTE: JumpStart or Rental units and owned units CAN be transferred. Quick Start or LEASED Units CANNOT be transferred. The leased units must be purchased by the current owner first at the current buyout price and then transferred to the new owner as an owned unit. If you have any questions about the Transfer process, please contact your Client Support representative at 888-561-4748 or email transfers@usatech.com. Thank you! The Client Services, Sales and Transfer Teams at USAT 03/19/2018/esp
  10. bproof@ (youcan fill in the rest) is in charge of all onboarding of new customers....she is very responsive
  11. Thats Great!....I will now proceed to woop on the USAT director of Inside Sales for sending me false info and then swearing to it
  12. My bad.....USAT had sent me this a while back....so end of 2019 not the beginning.....articles do say that conductivity may be lost before that date
  13. Lacanteen, I only have 100 so they are most likely going to tell you the truth then they are me.....My last rep Matt, told me repeatedly that they would be supported til 2021 but he got let go when USAT acquired Cantelope...and the new guy knows nothing....The director of inside sales says they will stop working in 2019...I do know they are selling G9s in Canada with different firmware because Canada is keeping G3 for much longer
  14. I am being told by USAT that Verizon g3 is done January 2019 and that is why they stopped selling the G9 for the 4G g10......do not know about ATT but most of mine are Verizon.....they are sunsetting G2 and G3 at the same time to make room for G5....ask your sales person and see what they say....my guy promised me I was OK and then the national sales team said he was wrong
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