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  1. If they are the same brand of machines just call the manufacture and order a lock and key set usually they have numbers on the key which corresponds and you just tell them that number
  2. Just looking for a lot of peoples opinions I plan on running mostly double an triple heads (if the double does good i try to bring in a triple) i plan on vending 1' toys at $1 (yes im Canadian) and one other candy. Now im wondering what would you pick to vend out of a double for the candy section? gumballs , m&ms, skittles or other. My thinking is that skittles and m&ms are general candys that everyone likes while gumballs are more geared to kids. am i wrong on this thinking? does anyone know toy suppliers other than allstar for 1' toys in canada. it seems like they dont have much verity in 1' but i could be wrong and probably have all they types of toys ill ever need.
  3. Thanks for the the help
  4. i'm happy i did not buy the machine yet. i found a much better deal. 800 for a location doing 200 a month. the guy i leaving the country so that's why he is selling. the guy did not know much about vending because he couldn't tell me if it was a combo pop or snack but he said is has both snack and pop so i know its a combo(sadly) my question is what's the best way/ways to tell the location is making what they say its making and what is the best place to buy snacks and drinks from in Ontario Canada
  5. So I'm think I will try to buy one spot for 380 and replace it with a pop machine since pop takes long to go bad. If it makes good money form just the pop I will buy the other two and add both snack and pop. The machines make 40-60 gross per machine
  6. So what will be a good price for a small route of 3-5 machines and how much should that make a month on average
  7. i am going to buy my first route so what do you think. 3 antares combo vending machines on location. they are selling them for 380 each and make 40-60 per month and no commission. i was thinking it would be a grate price for entry level but the antares machines are terrible from what i have heard should i buy it?
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