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  1. matthew0582

    Best managing software?

    7 trucks running and you are not using any vms? um okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  2. matthew0582

    Best managing software?

    I have many parlevel units for sale if interested
  3. $100 plus shipping, get them now. pm me
  4. I bought a vendor out and we don't use parlevel
  5. $100 for telemetry only or $200 for credit card telemetry. Everything included
  6. Still have quite a few for sale. pm me for details
  7. I know he has lol. Just did mine this week
  8. matthew0582

    Looking for these decals

    Does anyone have a serial number to a machine that looks like this one? All mine are coke and i need a generic to order those graphics
  9. 100 percent the board. Send it to gekay ssles and service
  10. Looking for these door decals
  11. matthew0582

    wittern 3189 epprom?

    The data i don't care but just being able to accept them
  12. matthew0582

    wittern 3189 epprom?

    that blows, i thought all mdb machines could have credit card
  13. matthew0582

    wittern 3189 epprom?

    does the 3189 need new epprom to accept credit card? Right now it wont work
  14. matthew0582

    walk me thru nayax online please

    yes theyre activated and installed, i have always used usa readers. can call if possible 239 898 0582 thank you
  15. can someone help me get started, i installed 4 readers tonight on machines. just need to get the online part started