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  1. matthew0582

    walk me thru nayax online please

    yes theyre activated and installed, i have always used usa readers. can call if possible 239 898 0582 thank you
  2. can someone help me get started, i installed 4 readers tonight on machines. just need to get the online part started
  3. matthew0582

    Credit card Equipment

    I have parlevel kits for sale
  4. my opinion no they are not
  5. matthew0582

    Best repair service for coin mechs??

    i use gekay, top notch and best around
  6. $100 for just telemeters and $200 with credit card readers with telemeters
  7. i have 20 parlevel telemeters alone and 25 with telemeters with credit card bezels for sale
  8. matthew0582

    501e hvv credit card kit instuctions

    i know you remove one of the big buttons, but how is it mounted?
  9. is there instructions anywhere, i have the kit but just wanna do it correctly
  10. matthew0582

    dixie 5591 16.9 coke and pepsi bottle shims

    i found the shims in my warehouse
  11. anyone know the part numbers for these? the pepsi bottles are skinnier than the cokes
  12. I have about 30 devices that i have extra from a local vendor i bought out. All the devices are in my name. If intested pm me. Thank you
  13. matthew0582

    CC Readers and Telemeters

    eport edge are not obsolete