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  1. matthew0582

    4 in 1 Mars Card Reader

    they work with nayax also
  2. matthew0582

    Modem for a MEI 4 in 1

    I use nayax and usatech on my 4n1 mars. you just need an adaptor for whichever one you use
  3. matthew0582

    Vendors Exchange AP 120 UCB board for sale

    I do. Ill sell for $350
  4. matthew0582

    What kind of machine?

    Ill ask my tech but he has done them tons of times already
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/273637152084
  6. matthew0582

    What kind of machine?

    have done that many times over
  7. matthew0582

    What kind of machine?

    why would you scrap the machine when you could just put a manual thermostat on the deck?
  8. matthew0582

    National 474 Combo

    what does the can module actually do?
  9. matthew0582

    Tired of counting change?

    why count your coins? I take mine right to the bank in a coin bag
  10. matthew0582

    Bevmax 4 picker cup issues

    picker cup is bad, gekay sales and service sells refurb cups for $80
  11. matthew0582

    Moving machines

    my guy charges $50 bucks
  12. matthew0582

    Bev max 4 for sale

    make an offer guys
  13. matthew0582

    Bev max 4 for sale

    I will this morning when i get to my warehouse