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  1. How have your machines been doing in these locations since that time?
  2. That's a nice machine. Always wanted one of those so I couldn't help you whether they are the same locks or not. You could call Beaver and one of their sales people can help you. They would tell you what you need but then you have to order at least $50 from them. Or, you can call this guy. I have ordered from him before and he is always quick to answer the phone and quick with shipping. He is a talker though! Tries real hard at what he does. https://entervending.com/page/full-price-beaver The phone number is right there at the beginning of the page.
  3. I have Beaver doubles. I also have standard triples. I have measured both, width, depth and height. Your right, it is taller but it actually occupies less cubic inch space. My triple takes up 18000 cubic inches because of its 20" diameter base. The Beaver is about 17,400 cubic inches. It actually appears imposing because you don't see the stand as visibly. You just see the machines and it appears imposing but it is actually not and I think that is what makes them stand out. As for throwing away candy; I have inserts (I forget what there called right now) that keeps the candy really fresh for quite a while. I have gum balls still out from last summer that are a year old right about now that taste just as fresh and soft as the day I put them in there (very slow location). And, I can make this stand a double. It holds 2-4 machines and I realize capacity is not a selling point. Larger capacity means I do not have to service the machine quite as often. Additionally, I am one of those that believe when a customer see's a clean machine full of candy with lots of color he is more likely to buy more importantly, I like them and if I like them the customer likes them. Do charities not deserve good machines also? And if you think about it; this is the exact same stand as what hold up my doubles. It is just shaped like a J instead of a U. Locators locate. Bulk vendors put them together. Great advice though and I surely will remember what you said and keep that in mind. Currently I am waiting on another locator to call. I will see how that works out. I just want one machine located right now so I believe that might slow things up. They probably would want to locate multiple machines versus just one.
  4. I actually don't understand? Would you mind explaining that because your exactly right. Contrary to Rodney's website (1-3 heads) Rodney will not locate it. It actually takes up less area then a triple and holds more product and is made by Beaver. I would think that any business would want it. Especially where people work. Would you mind telling me your experience why not? And why is the stand tricky? It is harder to push over this then my regular triple or am I taking that wrong?
  5. I just thought I would update this. There has been some confusion, on my part, with the deal and hopefully it is being worked out. He doesn't feel he can locate it because it is too big and that is his decision. I showed him where it actually takes up less space then a normal triple and holds more product so I hope that works out and he decides to do it. He feels that many of his places that he locates for will not except this machine. I hope it goes ok but if it doesn't then that is I feel these machines are very nice and I bet many of you have them too. I would think that there are many business's who would like this machine. I dunno, we'll see.
  6. I didn't specifically do it solely for that purpose. I actually just believed the hype and thought the he would be an ideal locator to place my machines. But, it is his business and if he doesn't want to do it then he doesn't want to do it.
  7. I can't seem to edit my last comment. If I could edit my last comment I would say that Rodney probably is good at what he does. Their can be a lot of confusion sometimes and people can be misunderstood. I just happen to be one of the ones that did not get that chance. If any one has any referrals I sure would appreciate it. I have a deep investment and would like to see it through.
  8. I would like to thank every one for all the suggestions you have given me. I was hoping to chronicle my experience with Rodney placing my machines for me so I could experience his good services too. I totally received a different treatment from the start and it was a mass confusion with no help or guidance like y'all have given me. I have received more help from you guys who went out of your way to help and it has been a real let down. I have 33 of these stands with these Beaver machines on them so I was a bit disappointed at his refusal.
  9. Very glad you have experience with that. That is the organization they suggested. I am supposed to download and print a form, fill it out and then send it back to them but I do not know the exact URL of this authorization form. When I got on the website the only thing I could find is how to pay now! Would you know the exact URL of this authorization form he is talking about? IF I had an idea of what its purpose was maybe I could find other similar forms. I would like to donate to Crohn's disease. This is an excerpt from the email. "For your charity, you will need an authorization letter from them. We suggest using someone like thenccs.org, they are a great charity and have supported bulk vendors for decades."
  10. I will be paying what they charge. 1-3 heads is about $45. So yes, I guess I will be paying the same as a compact triple if that is what you are asking. But, I haven't even gotten that far yet. I need to fill out the form he is asking for to become a donator to charity.
  11. I've had a J-stand from Beaver for a while now. It had an NB26 and 2 RB16's on it. I've never really felt comfortable putting my machines where kids and teenagers are so I really don't need the NB26 and besides that I've read that this Rodney person doesn't locate toy machines. Good! So I saved up $136 and bought the SB18 from Beaver which is the Southern Beaver with an 18" globe on it and replaced the NB26 with it. Plan was coming along just fine. Now was the time to order from Rodney. A couple of days ago, since my plan was coming along, I submitted the request form on http://vendinglocator4u.com. Under the description I put 2 RB16's and 1 SB18 on a J-stand. I received an e-mail the next day (or that day?) asking me to fill out the authorization form and send it back to them off of the charity website they recommend. Couldn't find this form and I would rather donate to Crohn's anyway. So if anyone know's the exact URL of this form that would be great OR If you know how I can donate to Crohn's (using the authorization form for Rodney) that would be better. Getting back to the story, I received an e-mail from Rodney today saying that it looks like a 3 way with a 2" inch machine and that we don't offer services for that!?? I responded back that I have not sent a picture and their must be a misunderstanding. To try and clear up the misunderstanding I e-mailed a picture of my machine. He responds back "Sorry we can't. That is up to the vendor."? I am the vendor!? At this point my plan was really falling through and I was very disappointed because I had planned for quite a while and ordered a brand new machine just specifically for http://vendinglocator4u.com to locate it for me! I won't repeat my response back to him but within 20 minutes he calls me on the phone while I was in a ten minute game of chess online. If it weren't for the game I was trying to win I would have laughed. The problem was was that he confused an "SB" for "NB" which I took for granted that he already knew the difference seeing as how he has been placing machines longer then I have had them. My mistake. So, he is supposed to get back with me and tell me exactly where this authorization form is (or hopefully what he needs from the crohn's foundation) and I just thought I would put down in writing how it goes and I am sure that they will do a great job. I already have some in very slow places so anything that they find will surely be better. I also thought I'd put a picture of my machine. I like it! Like it a lot and I hope its new home likes it too.
  12. Where I currently work, when I started there was a vendstar there that, over a period of quite a while, no one came to service it. The owner had abandoned it. So after a year or so of looking at it, I took it home and cleaned it out and got out $16. The mechs are all plastic and I actually thought it was intricately designed plastic actually. The key downfall that I noticed were coins jammed together on top of the chute and will jam the mech. To stop that from happening there needs to be a way for the coins to easily fall off of the flat part of the chute and into the tray. Gluing an ovular shape on top of the chute will allow the coins to fall. An ovular shape could be a small wooden dowel that is cut in half and the coins will roll off of that and into the tray. I still have it and it is painted white and yellow with a red base and white poles. I still haven't put it out yet and I've had it for about 5 years. Hearing your story just gives me the drive some more to put it out. Post back and say how its going?
  13. All of this can be done your self! You don't need to buy any licensing for that software. The database that you could use is free. You also don't need every thing on separate pages. That is more band width and more cost. All you need is to make it LOOK like it is changing pages. One person with minimal skills could create all this in about 7-9 months. This is a great site and I am surprised about what you told me. I thought something wasn't working well together and I guess that is it. But, more importantly, it is a great site and there are interesting features, from a programming point of view, that are really good. By the way, I suppose you are aware that somewhere in your code you are missing quotes("") in whatever scripting language your using. It looks like you have a scripting language writing your html and it is showing to the viewers. Like this.. .... And, I appreciate the trick. Always good to learn something new but the searching issue doesn't really bother me. I find things just fine. Just mentioning it so maybe it will be aware of and be better in the future. Ya'll are doing a great job
  14. I actually think the search feature can be better. For instance, If I search "Southern Beaver", I do not want to find the terms "Southern", "South" or "Beaver". I want to find both terms in one sentence and not separate or at least make it easy to let me choose that option and explain that in ENGLISH. The fact that the database is in best form already means that only a few lines of code is all it takes to provide exact term searching. One more thing. The database should only bring up one result per search. What I am trying to say is, if it finds an article with your search term criteria, then it should not list it again! But it does! The loop it uses for sql queries is wrong or the database is not in best form. I would lean towards correcting the code first. Hmm, and thinking about it more.. I would also then take another look at the tables in the database. It could also be that you data is listed more then once which is another sign your tables are not in good form and you code is not correcting for this when it calls for information.
  15. Hello, I have been a member for a while now and I've never had a reason to ask anything because there is plenty to read instead of asking. Their is a lot of advice on here but I can't find this one. My problem is I have a Norther Beaver on top of a j-stand with 2 candy machines on the bottom. The mouth of the NB is slightly too low and the lids of the candy machines, that are on the bottom, interfere with comfortably inserting your hand underneath to get the candy out. I really don't know what to do about that. Inside the NB is a hole and a large screw that screws down into the j-stand perfectly to secure it to the stand but it winds up being too low in the front. Is there some sort of insert or something to raise it and still be able to screw it down to the stand?
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