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  1. Anacapa Vending

    Crane 172

    If it's the same board that 167s use I'm pretty sure you just need a dex harness to attach to the board. Call D&S or Vendors Exchange
  2. Anacapa Vending

    Crane 172

    Push "machine configuration " and then scroll up or down till you see "sure vend" or "positive vend" and make sure it is on. If not push "edit" to change it to "on"
  3. Anacapa Vending

    Bev Max 4 / VN 2702 Com Problem

    Could be some electrical interference between the display and A/C power? Do you get reports of the display going blank? I'm finding a similar problem with multiple "refurbished " bev Max's on our locations..
  4. Anacapa Vending

    Bev Max Error Message "Make Another Selection"

    Did you try clearing the error codes?
  5. Anacapa Vending

    Vendo V570P help

    I have someone that I think would come out for you. Text me 805.797.988four
  6. Anacapa Vending

    Micro market success

    Nah man this is why it is so important to have a good working relationship with your local bottlers. Coke and 7up sent me brand new coolers for my markets within a week of asking for them. You should go to NAMA this year in Vegas. There is always several companies there that make the fixtures. I built my own with specialized plywood with the color scheme the locations wanted, slat walls, shelves, baskets and pegs. They look pretty damn good and for thousands less then buying the fixtures.
  7. Anacapa Vending

    Micro market success

    You sell bigger items like youd see at a gas station. Not the just the standard vending products. Also fresh food sells much better then it does out of a vending machine.
  8. We are vendors not conversationalists. Most of the time at work we just point and grunt. 🤣
  9. Anacapa Vending

    Vendo univendor 2 won't hold price change

    Is that a Vendo 511? Is the board is in the door around waist high? If so sometimes there is a toggle switch to the right of where the board sits. Set the prices then flip that switch off and then back on ( or unplug the machine and then plug it back in) not sure why these older machines needed this... good luck
  10. Anacapa Vending

    What kind of machine?

    National 797 combo I'd say it's worth around $800-$1,000 Max
  11. Anacapa Vending

    Website and SEO

    Wow great information. Thank you.
  12. Anacapa Vending

    Website and SEO

    Appreciate the feedback. I like your color scheme on your site.
  13. Anacapa Vending

    Can these two machines be converted to MDB?

    Oh that link you provided was a bill recycler. I wouldn't waste money on that...
  14. Anacapa Vending

    Can these two machines be converted to MDB?

    That link you provided is way too much. I've found those MEI validator/cc readers bezels for $150 all the time. But if you do that route you still need to buy a modem. Also those validator/cc reader combos only do credit card swipe. No EMV chip or contactless (smartphones, smart watches,apps, etc.) Or you can leave your current setup and add brand new credit card reader/modem for $300 or less per machine. I prefer Nayax VPOS as they are the only company that offers EMV chip readers currently. Flush mounting cc readers is super easy. You need a drill, uni bit, a screw driver and a small level (if you want it to look professional)
  15. Anacapa Vending

    Can these two machines be converted to MDB?

    One of the hardest things in any business is telling the customer the price or in this case raising the prices. Learning to be strong in this area is key to your success. Beginning of the year is a great excuse. When you add card readers you will have to add two tier pricing to help with the costs as well.