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  1. I could get you a National 431 for cheaper. That is the only food machine to use if you are going to operate food machines.
  2. There is a lot of great networking going on. I think Vagabond was giving away free pints of beer last year. I listened to their pitch twice 🤫
  3. If you can get 167s for $1000 please PM me ORSD. I want a few thanks
  4. Does it have LED replacement bulbs? I've noticed the stock ballast doesnt seem to last long if you upgrade the fluorescents to LED replacements. Even if they work for awhile. Or do the lights come on once you hit a number on the keypad?
  5. You might be right. I am not familiar with that model.
  6. Make sure you see every motor work as I found the shelf contacts to be problematic. Make sure it doesnt have a metal bill validator. Good luck
  7. TC is right. Not a great machine but will work okay if you get it cheap enough.
  8. Maybe since coke actually makes the product. But as you grow as a vendor you have to buy directly from coke, Pepsi, 7up, vistar, etc.,etc. And the prices tend to be much higher per unit then they are when the local grocery store runs a sale. (We bought 16 pallets just from coke in January) shopping for deals really isnt an option. When we first started buying from coke I believe they were trying to charge us around .55 a can. Then we have to add tax, crv, gas, equipment depreciation, labor, rent, insurance, waste, etc. I guess my point is dont make being cheaper than your competitors your main selling point. It is very easy to underestimate your costs.
  9. If you are ever in Ventura county come by and I'll show you what equipment to operate. I'll also let you know who to watch out for in southern California. There is a lot of unscrupulous vendors around here.
  10. Agreed. I believe in giving the customer as many options to pay as possible.
  11. We dont ask for permission from locations to raise prices either. The cost of product goes up overtime and I dont ask for permission to maintain my margins. As far as taking over coke's machine you would have to talk to your coke rep. My bet is no because they wouldnt want you selling foreign brands in their equipment.
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