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  1. I'm ready to get more too if you want to try and leverage our buying power to get a better deal...
  2. Anacapa Vending

    New To Vending, Advice On Machine Purchase

    Always amazed how much time and effort you put in to help total strangers. Trophy emoji to you FriendlyChris!
  3. Is the antenna on the outside of the machine? I'd try another antenna before spending almost $200 on a high gain antenna Pepsi Frank
  4. Anacapa Vending

    Is there a list for school compliant snacks out there?

    Vistar should have one. They have a whole category dedicated to schools as an order guide.
  5. Anacapa Vending

    Unexpected illness...!!!

    God bless you. Wish I knew the answer, but as Chris said you need a tax professional.
  6. Anacapa Vending

    Refurbed drink vendor

    I use tweezers or a small flat head control screw stick (screwdriver). To my knowledge you only need to change the eprom if the card reader doesnt work. Cash sales report more accurately through dex. At least that's what I'm told.
  7. Anacapa Vending

    Refurbed drink vendor

    It's on the bottom because the live display takes up so much space.
  8. Anacapa Vending

    Bitcoin ATM machines...advice?

    Bitcoin was a major component in the growth of my company in 2017. Got lucky. I'm intrigued by bitcoin ATMs but not willing to take that risk either. I would be very concerned if I was an ATM operator right now. IMO the days of 3rd party atm operator's are numbered. Look at how fast traditional credit and cashless transactions are gaining on fiat transactions. Fiat currency will not exist in the next 15-20 years.
  9. Anacapa Vending

    Refurbed drink vendor

    You need to get a long harness from your cashless provider that goes from your modem to the dex plug in on the board. Who is the company you are looking to buy from in Texas? Vendready? Message or call me I have quite a few 721s in great shape. I'd sell some.
  10. Too far from me but I may know someone who can help you. Message or call me
  11. Anacapa Vending

    Refurbed drink vendor

    Live display 721 requires an extra long dex cable to make it all the way to the bottom of the machine where the board is. Then it will report cash
  12. Anacapa Vending

    Refurbed drink vendor

    Vendo 721s and royal 660s all day. 501e is solid but they're getting pretty old
  13. Anacapa Vending

    National 431 Delivery Doors not opening

    Try turning 'tamper off" in the configuration
  14. Anacapa Vending

    Ap studio 2 card reader knockout

    I just drilled holes and mounted right in that spot. Not sure why there is a KO right there if it isn't removable. Vending life...