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  1. Bevmax 4 display does out

    I had a similar issue and it ended up being the gfi cord cap that plugs into the wall.
  2. USI 3054 cashless

    I'll bet you dollars to donuts if it has a green control board ( gvc 1 i believe) the software needs to be updated. I just had this happen last week. You can get a refurbished board from vendnet for around $140. Whatever you do don't let them sell you their programmer. It only works 50% of the time and it was all out war to get them to return it when it didn't work
  3. USI 3054 cashless

    I can't speak for your specific model but I'd call vendnet and see what they say. I've had to upgrade a few control boards on USI machines to get cc readers to work. Good luck.
  4. How much is this worth

    Usi 3014. IMO nothing It is important to buy equipment that is going to last you 10+ years everytime you buy. Those machines are not even mdb...
  5. Reliable online dealer or refurbed units

    Ross Vending in Riverside, Ca. Or Vendready in Fortworth, Texas
  6. Slave Drink Machine

    It has an umbilical cord (wire harness) that connects very easily to almost any USI/RSI snack machine around the same era. Maybe someone else can chime in with more specific model numbers. And no it won't slave to an AP
  7. Question for vendors with 10+ years

    While I don't have 10+ years vending I do feel compelled to chime in. Why be content on the size of your company? Vending is a business that is relatively easy to scale compared to others. Why not create a large business that you can one day sell for a nice capital gain?? While you are still young, (same age as me)being a route driver can be physically taxing on the body. Do you still want to be a driver in your 50s? What happens if you get sick or hurt or even worse? You seem like a good operator. Maybe its time to bring someone in under your wing and groom them to be a good route driver. Start your second route and have an exit strategy in place for the distant future. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Vendnet = Biggest Ripoff in World?

  9. Vendnet = Biggest Ripoff in World?

    Did you have them do express delivery? Try and find a local vending machine retailer. Support your local economy.
  10. Miss Vickie's Jalapeno Flavored Chips Recalled

    Vistar called me atleast 10 times about this yesterday. ..
  11. Product recommendations?

    Yellow and red Gatorade sell the best. They stick you with Orange in the variety pack.
  12. Depends what you signed when you started working there...
  13. Tools for the trade

    All in one screw stick, small ratchet set (deep), paper towels with disinfectant windex, zip ties and a box cutter if you don't prekit in advance.
  14. cold food vending

    Id be worried using a food machine without a health sensor. If the compressor on that 5591 fails people are going to buy a moldy sandwich
  15. coffee machines

    We like fresh brew or freeze dried coffee. Finding a good coffee location can sometimes be tricky. If you can find one you'll make your money back quick; provided that your prices aren't too low. Vistar is your best bet