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  1. First step is to starting ruling things out. Replace the validator with one that you know takes $5's for sure.
  2. I'm surprised you'd consider such old machines. They need to be bolted to other machines or to a wall or else people will shake drinks out...
  3. 66% empty. I like each bag to have around $200 or more when possible. Some locations will need to be serviced sooner just based on proximity to other locations.
  5. 7 months gross is somewhat fair and its American made. I'm not a fan of Combos but I'd probably do it.
  6. Are you an FLO account? Or something different? Talk to your rep about the volume you would need to be seen as a FLO. Who is your bottler out there? Reyes?
  7. I got an email from my rep about it. Luckily I buy our candy from Sam's club. Vistar prices are getting to be out of control and increasing rapidly.
  8. Depends on the price point you sell the cups. The cheaper you can get it to the customer the more they will drink. We try to be under .75 for 8oz cups and somewhere around .85-.95 for 12oz cups. If you are trying to sell fancy fresh brew coffee like Peetes or Starbucks it might be harder to sell coffee cheap. Something to consider.
  9. Supply and demand my friend if you're selling too many pastries, time to raise your prices 😉
  10. I like National 673. You can add the Cafe Curve (revision door) coffee refurb from Vendors exchange if you really want to impress.
  11. Cup of soup. Cost .25 sell for $1
  12. Probably for the best.. there will be other opportunities.
  13. I'd say shoot for 15 months gross if your equipment is nice. Business infrastructure is also valuable IMO.
  14. You guys sound surprised that a vendor is full of sh*@... if you really want to expand your route make him a reasonable offer that you think his company is worth. Who cares if he lying about the numbers. Chances are good he wont get any other offers... 70% of the locations we have purchased have been from liars. Know what the equipment is worth and guesstimate the sales. Offer accordingly to minimize your risk.
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