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  1. Majority of demand for micro-markets have been office settings for me. And well offices might not have a lot of staff on sight for a long time or ever again..
  2. We do our telemetry through MDB, its instant. DeX only communicates a few times a day..
  3. If you're scared stay home. If you're old stay home. If you're immunocompromised stay home. The rest of us will steer this ship. We are all not in "the same boat". We are in the same storm.. We dont need damn bureaucrats telling us how to protect ourselves.
  4. That is a shame. Royal makes a great product. I blame crappy Chinese combo machines and over regulation in the great state of California..
  5. .40 - 1.00 per person. Per work day... maybe... maybe not.. that's vending life..
  6. Take the picker arm off and open it up. You might be able to turn the small cam/wheel and get the plunger back in position. Or you might need to replace it. Spray will not help.
  7. I would recommend replacing that Chinese junk with nice, used American made equipment if you value the location. Sorry I can not be of more help.
  8. Buy the first item on the left in each tray with a Nayax card. Then we take a picture of the machine and input the rest of the products in the product maps when I get back to the shop. If the machine has been on location for awhile all the codes will be in order from top left of machine to bottom right. Call me if you need more help.
  9. Dunkin, energy drinks and milk all sell well and work as morning drinks.
  10. Did you replace the sensor on the bottom of the delivery port?
  11. I only use 673s in locations. Whatever you do I'd only run fresh brew. Bean grinder machines are a PAIN!
  12. Oops thought that was a 621. I'd toss a big button 276e
  13. You need to clean the trays pretty often with food grade silicone spray.
  14. Yes. You can buy it from Vendo. It's a lot of fun to replace 😣 Your local repair place sounds incompetent.
  15. 65k to buy a shop? You guys dont realize how good you have it! Our rent is almost $40k a year for 3,300 sq feet. Next year it'll be 3% more...
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