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  1. Anacapa Vending

    More good news from Crane! *Sarcasm Font*

    I need 2 radios for Merchant touch screens.
  2. Anacapa Vending

    Suggestions For Hostel

    Bottled water Crystal geyser sparkling water Coke Sprite
  3. Anacapa Vending

    Suggestions For Hostel

    We have a hostel that does decent. Around $100 a week.
  4. Anacapa Vending

    What’s better

  5. Anacapa Vending

    walk me thru nayax online please

    What do you need help with? Are the readers activated already?
  6. Tray harness wires get bridle and break. Might be able to splice and make it work or just order a new one based off the motor count on that tray. Great machines.
  7. Anacapa Vending

    Crane 168 No power at all

    Take a tic tracer and move it from the outlet up the cord to the back of the machine. If it stops beeping there is no electricity traveling through the cord. Most likely just need to replace the male end that plugs into the outlet.
  8. Anacapa Vending

    Are my prices to high

    Depends what your cost is. In my opinion you're too cheap on everything except the $1.25 16.9 sodas. Make nice company shirts and just let everyone think you are just an employee, not the owner. Another thing to tell customers is you have to collect tax. You need to try and keep your COGS at 50% or less or you'll fail. Dont back down this is business be the shark or get devoured.
  9. Anacapa Vending

    cc readers issue

    The vendo probably needs a newer eprom.
  10. Anacapa Vending

    cc readers issue

    Press ' machine configuration' then scrolldown till you see 'no rereader' press 'edit' till you see 'mdb card reader' then you're good to go. Has nothing to do with Nayax.
  11. Anacapa Vending

    Shelving machines

    Yes 16oz
  12. Anacapa Vending

    Shelving machines

    https://ventura.craigslist.org/bfs/d/vending-machines-for-sale/6522573015.html We stack our machines all the time.
  13. Bought that tool only to find out from Vendnet that it only works about 50% of the time! Beware! Got them to refund me but it was a fight.
  14. Anacapa Vending

    Vend Purchase Group?

    I don't think they are a scam but you would be better served to just skip them and just become a USG member. Thats what we did
  15. Anacapa Vending

    Experiences with “Parlevel”?

    Probably not getting a good signal. We have issues with our nayax readers on certain locations too. I'm sure all the cashless systems have this issue.