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  1. thanks for the help guys!! Had a repair man come out today and he said the 2 colums that were acting up had missing springs in the wheels that release the package retainers. not sure how this happened but that was hands down the first time I've been stumped by a machine haha
  2. I've had a royal g-III on the side of the house for 3 months now. Use to be at a location vending bottles and it's about to ship out tomorrow to a new location but this time I'm vending cans and guess what, ALL MY CANS are jamming. I've adjusted the rod retainers so many times in different combinations and nothing is working. only way I can get some colums to even vend is to set the rods for bottles but as you can imagine I'm dropping two cans at a time when I do that. Now some colums are perfectly fine but others are just being annoying and I need some help!
  3. just went and looked at an old dixie 6 select single priced machine. only reason I'm debating buying this is for its small size. I have had a handful of clients who want smaller machines but I'm unsure how much longer this machine will last. the coin mech is more than likely gonna have to be changed out since it spits quarters almost every time while trying to make a purchase. but other than that the machine is mechanically sound and just needs a good cleaning. PICS http://imageshack.com/a/img540/1308/9D6CFe.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img540/7889/XxfFXJ.jpg in the pictures you will see the machine has no digital read out and the bill mechanism was an add-on at a later date. the guy is asking $450 but I'm only willing to pay $250. would like to hear what the pros on this site have to recomend for newbie such as myself trying build his business. thanks in advanced!
  4. about to pick up this machine and have it dropped off at a location soon. where can i order the flavor strips to fit this machine?
  5. ended up finding a royal vendors authorized deal in my area and he hooked me up with a refurb validator inside is warehouse
  6. just got done cleaning the unit.definately no jam inside. put some rubbing alcohol on a q-tip and cleaned all the sensors, still got the 5 blink error. I'm gonna assume this thing is in need of repair. just called a local shop for a swap out and I will have a new one in the morning. Hopefully I can get this machine out at its new location by next week
  7. thanks guys! I'm gonna give this a try first thing tomorrow morning and I will keep you updated on the outcome
  8. so for those that read my last post, I decided to buy the royal coke asset machine. after testing the machine the only issue I've noticed on the machine is the bill validator thus far. it's a coinco b830b and I'm getting a 5 blink error code which is the "check optical sensor" code. I'm unsure how to go about with diagnosing this problem so any help would be great! this is my first machine I am forcing myself to fix on my own without calling a tech out to the house so please bare with me.
  9. I found out the unit WAS a coke asset machine but they have sent proof with a bill of sale that they bought the machine from coca cola a year ago
  10. thank you guys for the help!! unfortunately I was unable to see the machine today due to the fact that I had to travel 1/2 mile off the main roads to the factory where the machine was located and due to all the rain we've gotten lately my little family sedan couldn't make the cut to go through the rough terrain! I have requested for up close pictures of the machine and serial tags before I will attemp to visit the machine again. Would hate to waste too much time on this if the machine is owned by coca cola
  11. Hey Everybody! Been reading through the forums for a couple days now and figured it was time I sign up and introduce myself! Been wanting to start a vending comapny for over a year now and I am finally starting to take my first step after all the research I've been doing. Picking up 3 machines this week and the one below is the only one I do not know the exact model number for. I am going to look at the machine tomorrow and would like to have a look through the manual before hand so I will be able to navigate myself around the machine alittle easier. I do know that it is a Royal machine but if any of you who can help with the model number it would be greatly appreciated! http://s29.postimg.org/smn32dac7/image.jpg http://s18.postimg.org/3v1pjxw7t/image.jpg
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