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  1. If the Religious Society of Friends holds a fashion show, will it be attended by all the Quaker hautes?
  2. A woman buying a bikini for her daughter is naïve. A man buying a bikini for his daughter is a fool. At best.
  3. I'm working on a screenplay about a serial killer stamp collector who works at a soup kitchen to allay suspicions. It's called The Full Ladle Fatal Philatelist.
  4. Don't fall into that trap. When you think of a grown up child, you rarely think of someone worth imitating.
  5. If you won the claw game you could have almost had two cups of coffee at Starbucks!
  6. Two parts M&Ms to one part Skittles makes Tootsie Pop mix. Deeelicious! (Be careful not to bite your tongue)
  7. It's brilliant on the other side of this effort. A freedom of conscience and a higher level of speech and thought. It's worth the work.
  8. https://auctionstrikes.net/list.php?assetsnow22 I watch a couple of auction sites and saw this one come up. A bunch of arcade machines and some drink and snack machines. Auction date Wednesday the 16th Enjoy
  9. For your consideration: repurpose restaurant table bases for machines. An example is linked from a liquidation site (restaurants have a high open/close rate). Comments? http://www.restaurantliquidationauctions.com/cgi-bin/mnlist.cgi?rlauctions16/22
  10. I see nothing wrong with this.
  11. In the units I am familiar with (Oak), the candy wheel adjuster is a metal plate that sits on the candy wheel. You can bend the vertical fins of the adjuster to make the chamber larger or smaller. It's inexact when done by hand, but can make a 2-PMM difference in payout.
  12. I enjoy the fact that a partially-built, never-finished system is owned by an organization named SORTA.
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