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  1. I'm considering acquiring another small vending route. How do you folks place a value on a route? Multiple of sales...payback period? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the response Allen. Do you remember what LED light kit you went with and where you got it?
  3. I've got an old USI Model 3030 with a satellite soda vendor attached deployed on location. Twice this week I received a call from the account. Intermittently, after someone purchased something the coin mech would dispense all nickels from the chute. After doing so, a bunch of odd prices show on the display, such as 12.70, 6.90, 9.50...on and on. It clears up when I reboot the control board and reload the nickels. I had a similar problem late last year and had to send the control board in to Wittern for repair. I spoke to tech support today...they recommend that I start by removing the fluorescent light (they said they cause a lot of problems on these old machines). They also said it could be the coin mech or bill validator. Before I start throwing money at this thing, has anyone encountered something similar? What was the fix? Thank you, Bob Hill Hill Vending
  4. When I power on the machine, I hear the bill validator cycle, then It just reads "EXACT CHANGE ONLY" for a while, then switches to "ENJOY A SNACK TODAY." No software version ever flashes. Attached is a picture of the board. Which item is the EPROM? Thanks!
  5. I upgraded the bill validator in this machine to accept $1's and 5's. It accepts $5's, but won't give $5 of credit and allow purchases. It basically just steals the money. :( I contacted the company I bought the kit from and they told me they need the software version loaded on the control board. How do I find the software version? The machine is a GF19, model 3039. The upgraded bill validator is an MEI VN 2511 U3. Thank you.
  6. I've got a DN 501E freezing up on the evaporator. I melted all the ice away on Thursday, then plugged the machine back in. Friday morning it was icing up again. I slowly turned the thermostat counterclockwise to kick it into defrost cycle. I let it run like that for about 45 minutes and the ice cleared from the evaporator. Is this symptomatic of a low Freon charge or bad thermostat? Thanks.
  7. I am an idiot. I thought about it after I posted my question. Sure enough, when I put a few cans in each selection, the control board recognized all the motors.
  8. I'm going over an older FSI Model 3039 with a satellite FSI 303X (can't read the last number). I plugged in the umbilical cord, but the 3039 won't recognize the satellite soda vendor. I did a visual inspection of the umbilical wiring harness and it looks good. Is there something simple I could be missing? Thanks.
  9. While stocking an FSI satellite soda machine today, I noticed an odd sound coming from it. It sounds like a fan may be going bad. I think it is coming from the condenser area. It's an older machine, so the condenser is up higher than their newer units and is accessed by removing an access cover on the back of the machine. I removed the access cover and the underlying attachment screws, but could not get the thing to budge. Anyone know how this thing comes apart? I'm talking about the top section (silver) in the picture.
  10. Thank you for the information lacanteen - I greatly appreciate it. I just ordered the part I need. Cheers!
  11. I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm going over an old Dixie Narco 276CC soda machine. The display (that shows amount of money inserted) isn't working. I queried the part # (B 804, 910, 960.01) online to find a replacement and came up with nothing. Anyone know where to find these or know an alternate part number that will work? Thank you, Bob Hill Vending
  12. Hello all: I'm on the search for a NEW Dixie Narco single price soda machine credit relay, but all I can find is refurbished units. The part information is: Essex 93-201666-23200A Anybody know of a source for new ones or have a suitable replacement (cross referenced) part number? Thanks, Bob Hill Hill Vending
  13. Today I looked a Dixie Narco 276E for a new location. It is in very good condition at a good price...a good cleaning and I can deploy it. However, I noticed some ice build up on the top half of the refrigeration deck. I asked the seller about it. He said that he noticed the same thing about a year before. He unplugged it to let it thaw out, then plugged it back in. Is this definitely a sign of a compressor deck problem or could it be something simple like the thermostat being set too high, etc. Thanks in advance!
  14. Picked up a Royal Vendors RVRB-372-3 for a client who wants to change the graphics and vend his own energy drink from it. I'm struggling to change the led display that scrolls "Ice Cold Red Bull 3.00." I'm fine if it just reads the temp and price...but the Red Bull stuff has to go. I've consulted the manual. It says to go into service mode to the dSP prompt to change it. I've scrolled through the entire menu. The problem is that I don't have the dSP prompt on this machine. I called tech support. They said to use configuration mode C3. This is another menu item I don't have. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. I just picked up a Royal Vendors 3 select Red Bull machine. Model: RVRB-372-3. It came with an incomplete Coinco vortex Model VTX102-00 coin mech (the coin chutes are missing). My search for a replacement VTX 102-00 has come up empty...but VTX 100-00's are readily available. What's the difference between the VTX 102's and the 100's? Will a 100 work in place of a 102? Thanks in advance.
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