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  1. In my test with the cam set for "2 deep" <---(single column) and two rods installed (2 outer holes) on the cylinder it would drop two bottles about 75% of the time, then follow up with no product delievered on the next vend. Anyone have success vending the 10oz Welch's bottles from a 501E? If so, what setup did you use. Thanks.
  2. Good morning: I'm adding a credit card reader to an older Crane/GPL 427 rotary cold food machine. It is MDB. I use the older NAYAX card readers with the separate AMIT unit. When I power up the machine with the reader installed, the reader and AMIT go through the boot sequence properly. After that, it says "Cash Only." Most times, these readers are plug and play. I worked with NAYAX several hours yesterday trying to get it resolved. They did everything they could on their end. I'm wondering if the EPROM needs to be upgraded. I'm currently running a 427.03 EPROM. I see that a 427.04 EPROM is available. Do you think this is the problem? Where is the cheapest place to get the 427.04 EPROM? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for the responses. I wanted to post what I found in case someone else has the same problem. 1. I found a service bulletin on the key membrane ribbon. It can be plugged into the control board either way. I had this all apart...when I checked it, sure enough it was upside down - flipping it over fixed everything with the keypad. 2. There is a microswitch that drops into a cutout on a cam that controls when the turret stops. The chain was pretty loosse, causing slop when the switch hit a dentent in the cam, triggering the switch to keep turning. I tightened the chain and all is well.
  4. Good afternoon. I'm bringing a GPL 427 back to life. A couple things I can't figure out: 1. When I enter service mode, the display flashes the "CASH" menu, but pressing # to toggle to other menus doesn't do anything. In operational mode, when I press one of the row selections (1-9) the price flashes. The rotate button that operates the turret on the keypad doesn't work either. 2. When I open the inner door and press the lower button on the inside of the inner door to move the turret, more times than not, it will move properly, stop for a split second, then more again on its own. Any ideas on the fix here? Thank you!
  5. Good afternoon: I'm refurbishing several used full size vending machines that have had a rough life. They need fresh paint. In the past, I have stripped them down to bare metal and shot them with spray paint. This is both time consuming and messy. Does anyone have an easier way? I need these things to look sharp - as they are going into a high end account. My business took such a hit due to Covid that I dont have the money for "plug & play" equipment. Thanks in advance.
  6. I've got different keys for nearly all of my 30 vending machines. I'd like to get them all keyed alike. The most I have been able to find keyed alike is a pack of 5. Who do you folks use for matching locks? Thank you. Bob Hill Hill Vending
  7. Great info - thank you. What was your total cost to convert it to MDB? Does D&S carry the necessary wiring harnesses?
  8. Good morning. I recently secured a large new account that will require 3 canned soda, 3 snack and 1 sandwich machine. All must have credit card readers. Like many, my business was hit hard by Covid and I'm on a tight budget to make this happen. I have a very nice Dixie Narco 501T and a very nice Royal RVCDE 376-8 machine ready to deploy. However, both have older electronics and are not credit card ready. Attached are pics of the electronics for the machines. The first 3 are the Dixie Narco and the second 3 are the Royal. What needs to happen to make these credit card ready? Is it worth the hassle? Any recommendations on where to buy new harnesses needed? Thank you.
  9. Could use some help. I've got an old USI Snackmart 3 that stopped dispensing dimes - either from product purchase or test dispense in service mode using the keypad. The solenoid in the coin mech doesn't fire. Nickels & quarters work as they should. I swapped out the mech with a known good one - no help. Next, I called Wittern tech support and they said it was the board. I swapped out the board with a rebuilt unit and Its doing the same thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Good morning. I'm getting a Royal Vendors 376-8 ready to install at a high end account. After replacing the lights, I see that the plexiglass has some small "holes" in the artwork and that someone "swirled" an area with some type of cleaning solvent. Is there any way to touch up the arrtwork on the plexiglass? I tried white latex paint on a small area and it made it worse. Im on a tight budger, but don't want to install a crappy looking machine. Willing to buy a new plexi front if thats my only option. Anyone know a reasonable source for new? Thank you, Bob Hill Hill Vending
  11. Thank you AZ Vendor!!! Sure enough, the black/white wires were broken where the harness "folds" at the door. The old 15lb boat anchor ballast still worked. I find it odd that they used solid wire for these lights.
  12. Could use some advice on troubleshooting flourescent lights on an old Dixie Narco 501. I installed new, big daddy F64 T12 lights, but they wouldn't fire up. Next, I tried a new, modern ballast from Home Depot...still no dice. What am I missing here?
  13. As the title suggests. I just picked one of these up and was wondering if I can set it up to vend 16.9 oz bottles? Any special instructions or shims needed? Thank you!
  14. Thanks for all the info! What company do you folks recommend for upgrading older equipment to work with card readers? I'd like to get an estimate.
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