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  1. Good point. Guess I'd know who's machines to destroy and sabotage when I got out of jail though
  2. Hahaha, what state DOESN'T? First, I wouldn't be surprised if that was true of the "elite" that is Park City. Only a misdemeanor? Hell, I'm not even going to worry about being legal now. $1,500? Sounds like a CLASSIC case of "easier to ask for forgiveness than permission." I'll do anything I can behind the mess that is our governments back, I mean really, how many people actually get caught vending without a license? My guess is not many.
  3. I really wouldn't hate seeing some company start using QUALITY "plastic", some kind of polymer to build their machines, QUALITY machines. Say what you want, but the firearms industry has been making a LARGE movement towards "plastic" framed automatic pistols for decades now and I seen something about an AR-15 lower reciever made of polymer not long ago...... If "plastic" is good enough to handle .45 ACP I think it's more than adequate to use in a vending machine.... Perhaps Oak, Beaver, AA and all the other big time machine manufacturers will make that movement in the future, complete polymer construction with perhaps the exception of the coin mech. Lower cost and will outlast steel 10 times over. Go ahead and google "Glock torture test" if you believe that "plastic" can't be tough. That said, these plastic machines I dream of would have to be made with quality in mind, not the cheap "craftmanship" that is Vendstar machines.
  4. Still makes more sense to me to have a price listed online assuming you're only ordering a qty of 1..... If I ordered more, I'd be anything but upset that the per-piece price went down. Hope they're ready for lots of calls from me if this is the case
  5. I'm curious why some suppliers don't list prices on their website? Allstar, cardinal dist., and some others I've googled are the same. I'm nowhere near rich enough to not care about the price of things.
  6. I would love to have went and browsed through Allstars product, but went to the website and it doesn't show prices unless you register, can't register without a Tax ID number and all sorts of personal information, just to see their PRICING?...... I think that's a mistake on Allstars part myself to require registration before showing potential customers their pricing without having to jump through a bunch of hoops and give out their email and phone number and other personal information, only to possibly find that they're the highest priced amongst their competitors.... Allstar even be an OPTION to be my supplier because of this.
  7. This is AWESOME!!!! Thank you for taking the time to put this in-depth guide together, somehow I didn't see it until just now, but it answers alot of the curiosities I had in my head!!! I appreciate it!!!!
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