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  1. brendio

    home built vending

    I had an idea for a similar type machine design for local farmers who have roadside stall and rely on an honesty system. The locker system allows vending of any shaped item and including fragile items (nobody wants to buy dropped fruit). Can you individually price your selections?
  2. brendio

    How To Get EVA DTS Data From Vending Device?

    Sometimes you need a harness that plugs into the board. I have made one up for an AP machine. Some machines do not have these capabilities, so you would need to study the machine manual or contact the manufacturer.
  3. I have 17 JCM note acceptors model DBV301-SU-AUS-B111 and 4 note recyclers. I reckon maybe half of them are still working. The are Australian models. JCM is not to my knowledge providing firmware for them for the recent releases of $5 and $10 notes, so they are of no use to me. Before I dump them, I thought I'd see if there was any interest in them either for parts or whether they can be reprogrammed to US firmware?
  4. brendio

    Bitcoin ATM machines...advice?

    I agree that bitcoin is a bit limited, but crypto is here to stay. If getting a bitcoin ATM, I would advise getting one that can also easily do altcoins, so you are not tied to the success of just bitcoin, if another coin takes dominance in the space.
  5. brendio

    How To Get EVA DTS Data From Vending Device?

    Is there a 6.5 mm plug (like for for old-school stereo headphones) in it anywhere? I have made an adapter cable to a 9-pin plug for RS232 transfer.
  6. brendio

    Question about...

    It can be used by telemetry devices to take inventory of the machine for pre-kitting, so you can know before you go what has sold and pack your crates with only what you will need to fill the machine.
  7. brendio

    Ams countach sensit 3

    I haven't used USI but am happy with AMS. I pay a pretty penny for them this side of the Pacific, but I think they are decent machines. My only negative on them is that they can be a bit noisy, which has been an issue in office environments and tiled lunch rooms, but they are fine for industrial environments. Depending on the nature of your free vend deal, you could also look at prepaid cards or stickers if you will be putting a card reader on the machine. Easier to manage and track than vouchers and there are phone apps now too.
  8. I wouldn't lie, but you could use vague words like "taking over" that let them know he will be the new face without divulging details of your business transaction. I think a personal introduction would be best for the buyer and IMO the right thing to do if the buyer has paid a premium for the route over equipment value. What happens after that then is really none of your concern. When I bought my route, I was introduced to some of the larger accounts by the previous owner and given contact details for the person responsible for some others where there is very little interaction with people on site. It was never a problem for me, although I did get a few questions from staff asking what the previous owner was up to know, but that was just out of curiosity because he had worked the route for some time. The previous owner still passes on leads to me occasionally and has helped with technical issues over the phone, which is nice of him, even though he is not obliged. Question: Is it just one account that you are transferring and keeping other?
  9. brendio

    Machine Colors

    I had a similar experience with a new location. Put the machine in, and the boss man says later, it is big, black, ugly and noisy. At no time during our meetings beforehand had he mentioned a colour requirement, but had grey in mind from machines at another location. It ended up in a painful experience of us waiting three months for a new, grey-coloured machine to be imported, and there being a mix up and our machine not arriving in the container and the distributor re-spraying a machine he had in stock. It was a very bodgy spray job that I wasn't happy with and there was sticky residue left (by the spray painter maybe?) on the door seal that I had to spend ages rubbing off. I do not want to repeat that experience. The good news, though, is that it is a valuable account and is topping my per-machine turnover for the year so far. I had another venue for my amusements business remodel and want a particular colour pool table back in. I knew it's also a good site so accommodated the request. I think you need to make that judgement. In my cases, I have known they would be good sites. If you don't think it is a worthwhile site, then take AZ's advice and tell them where to go.
  10. brendio

    AMS Sensit II Problem

    Reviving an old thread: Can anyone tell me what the power rating of the transformers in the AMS are? I am converting a machine from 110 to 240 V and trying to source the right transformer locally. The AMS parts manual just gives a part number but no details on power and current ratings. I have another machine that the previous owner converted and it has a 160 VA transformer, but just the one running the board and the window heater. I'm trying to decide whether to just copy this arrangement or use two smaller trannies as per the circuit diagram.
  11. brendio

    Still money in amusement vending?

    I'd be happy with half those figures!
  12. brendio

    Using tokens

    Posted from the duplicate thread:
  13. brendio

    Using tokens

    I know Nayax credit card readers (and I presume possibly other companies too) can use prepaid card with magnetic strips or NFC, and can be set up to work with a set number of vends or set value. Can set it up with various different settings from the looks of it. I haven't used it myself, but I keep it in mind for should the need arise. If employees already have an employee card, it could be set up to use their existing card, or you can get NFC stickers of cards reasonably cheaply. Would be worth looking in to if you already have readers, as it would be more flexible and less work than tokens once set up.
  14. It's hard for me to tell sometimes from the finances whether the business is worth it until you have enough years data to be able to notice trends. Like you say, the gross revenue can be good, but if you don't control the expenses you aren't left with much at the end. I've had a number of -- what I hope to be -- non-repeating expenses such as upgrading bill acceptors because of currency changes here and upgrading telemetry because the 2G network got shut off On top of that I lost a large account that was 30% of my revenue at the time and have had to lease a shed rather than work from home because of issues with a neighbour. I'm sure the business is in better shape today than when I acquired it, but if I were to sell it today, I would make a large loss. I suspect that the third year in business, having a lot of these expenses behind and most machines for the lost large account re-sited, will be a turning point, and I have to tell myself that when I feel like giving up. I do wonder sometimes if I would be better cutting my losses though.
  15. ^ This was the case for me early on, and I have learned not to let it get to me as much, but I stress a bit for the first few weeks of a new account (one recent one had four or five problems in the first month). Refrigeration breakdowns are a concern as I can't fix them myself. I have a good refrigeration mechanic who worked on the machines for the guy I bought it off and he only charges me for labour (I buy the parts), so it works out heaps cheaper. But he can be hard to get on to lately, so I worry about machines being out of action for long periods. I also always get nervous when needing to move machines, whether it be ones I do myself (when there is access to a forklift on site) or get pros to do. My mind worries about the logistics of the process having to organise the fine details and worrying about machines getting broken along the road. I haven't had any bad experiences in this regard, but am just naturally a bit of a worry wart. Finances also concern me. I have been in business over two years now and not drawn a wage from the business. I worry that I have put a whole heap of work into an unprofitable business.