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  1. brendio

    New to vending/vendiscuss

    Welcome Kenny, You didn't mention what type of vending you plan to do. Bulk vending is more forgiving to longer periods of absence than full line vending, for example. If you are away at see for a week and can't service your machines, you probably won't lose a bulk site if it has a coin jam, but full line clients may be more upset about a machine out of action for that long.
  2. brendio

    Toy soldier

    Let me know how you go. I have a couple of dead ones that I got in a bulk buy that I am yet to troubleshoot. I suspect power supply issues with them, but haven't had time to check.
  3. brendio

    Hai all

    It looks like MEI (CPI) has an office in Singapore. https://www.cranepi.com/en/contact-us Crane Payment Innovations16 Gul Link Singapore, 629386Tel: +65 6558 7715Email: HanMin.Lim@cranepi.com Might be able to help and cut down shipping costs from the US?
  4. brendio

    Hi All

    Welcome to the forum. What machines are you running and what sort of vending are you looking to expand into?
  5. brendio

    Hai all

    I have had some ICT note acceptors. I prefer PTI at around the same price point (I get good service here for them). MEI is better quality, but also have the price to match, and I don't like their support as much as PTI. For coin mechs, I would say MEI all the way.
  6. Does that model have space-to-sales or the ability to link motors? Just shooting ideas, and if totally off the mark, a free bump in case anyone else has ideas. On the topic of Wurlitzers, Eugene, I have a spare metal front panel (with note acceptor cutout) and a spare key to the one you bought off me, if you wanted to pick them up some time. Cheers, Brendan.
  7. brendio

    Foosball table vending question

    I have one, and the experience has not been great. I played it with a friend before I placed it, and had heaps of fun, but I have failed to gain traction with in on sites. If it has been requested you may have better luck as there may be people there willing to play. Mine is a Roberto Sport Export model. I bought it secondhand, and haven't had any trouble with it, just underuse. This topic might be better suited to the amusements vending section.
  8. One of the sites on the first route I bought was a trucking depot. It was great. The staff count wasn't high, but there were a lot of independent truck drivers that would deliver from the main city four hours away. Safety rules dictate mandatory rest periods for drivers, which meant a lot of truckers waiting around in the staff room where the machine was. I got another trucking place later and it didn't do nearly as well, so it depends on the make up of the business.
  9. brendio

    AMS Sensit 3 leaking water

    You must like moving machines. As much of a pain as it is getting to the fridge decks on these, in my mind the pain of moving a machine is greater. I would try poking a piece of wire down the drain tube. I had one so gunked up once that it wasn't draining and was leaking onto the front of the machine. I used a couple of pipe cleaners (because that is what I had on hand) twisted together and poked them down and cleaned the tube out to getting it flowing again. I didn't need to unscrew anything. You could also try a long test tube brush.
  10. It gets pretty quiet in here, so I thought I'd make a quick video today of a new chocolate claw machine I placed. This is an upgrade of an older (13 year old) machine on the site. There were a couple of niggles I needed to sort out once I had it on site with getting credit card reader settings right, and the connector on the modem was loose, so SMS reporting wasn't working at first, so I spent probably an hour on the phone all up getting that sorted and troubleshooting. They are made here in Australia, including the claw gantry now as the quality of their previous Taiwanese supplier was slipping. Let me know what you think of it and feel free to ask any questions.
  11. brendio

    New Location Agreement?

    Mine is too simple to bother uploading. I have my business details up the top with my logo, and then spaces to get details of the site (name, address, contact person, phone number, email address), and a table of equipment sited and agreed revenue share or rental (rental not relevant for bulk). I have a statement "Ownership of equipment remains with [my business name]". And spots for signatures and dates. I do mainly amusements and in this industry a handshake is more important than a piece of paper. For larger corporates, a more detailed contract may be in order, but this one suits my purpose.
  12. brendio

    New Location Agreement?

    I think I recall there being one in the downloads section, but I use a simple one page agreement that basically has their details and mine, stating that I retain ownership of the machine(s) and specifying the revenue share with the venue. I would only have a term if I had to purchase new machines. I prefer to sell myself on service, with a line like "My machines are only here as long as we both are happy with the arrangement (but if you have complaints, please give me a chance to remedy them before asking me to leave)." In more populous areas, and more iron clad agreement may be warranted, but my main reason for the agreement it to have a written record for down the track in case there is a dispute over share or a business closes down and I need evidence of ownership of machines from the landlord.
  13. brendio

    Newbie to the site. Claw machine split with business owner?

    Welcome to the forum. You are right that you need to take into account your cost of goods when factoring in revenue split. So, it depends on your win rate on the claw. I pay 20 % and explain to the venue that it is better to be more generous with prizes, so people play it more when they see people winning, rather than offering a bigger split and then being stingy on the win rate. Aim for 30 % cost of prizes. Where I am there is a franchise that offers venues more revenue share, but has the win rates lower. So, you need to explain that winning customers are happy and repeat customers (and will attract others to play who may not have otherwise).
  14. You US guys are spoilt with prices on vending machines and coin mechs. The 690 is a popular model here in Australia, although has just recently been made obsolete. The service guys still have some used parts, but they will be getting harder to find. I have paid AU$99 for services, plus parts if any are needed. New 7000 series mechs are $700. Used MEI 690s still go for around AU$200. In answer to the OP, as others have stated, the mech will need to be reprogrammed by an authorised MEI service agent.