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  1. brendio

    Hello from UK

    Condensation soak pad they are called here: But, I was cheap and used yellow dish sponge: But most of the time though, I had nothing but the drain pan without any problem. There was enough heat from the compressor to evaporate the liquid without them.
  2. brendio

    Hello from UK

    They are to aid evaporation from the drain pain by increasing the surface area. I found I could usually get away without them, or sometimes used dish sponges instead. It may be different in colder climes. YMMV.
  3. brendio

    Hello from UK

    I didn't think 440s came with SII-D. All the ones I have seen and heard of are single price. Others will probably know better than me, but I think it could do bottles, but only a single one deep, so you lose a lot of capacity.
  4. brendio

    My New Chocolate Claw Machine

    Last week, I worked out what was giving me the error messages. I got the homing switch errors again, and this time they weren't clearing with the remote reset command. I was going past the venue the next day to visit another site, so I called in along the way and found the claw stuck to the air conditioning duct. (I had noticed in testing that the claw when engaged attracting itself magnetically to the metal duct.) I unstuck it and went on my way. On Thursday night, I got error messages again, and went out again to find the same thing happening. I rang the manufacturer, and he said to put rubber stoppers on the top rails so the gantry doesn't go back as far. I looked and they were already there, but perhaps not thick enough to stop this happening. I found I could bend slightly the brackets holding these rubber stoppers and was getting better results. Over the weekend, I had an idea for an improvement. I have been playing with 3D printing, so decided to print a collar for the claw to cover the bits sticking out and getting stuck. I have not yet installed it in the field to try it out (but have also not had any more errors yet either). The machine did over $150 in sales over the weekend, so this SMS alerting is paying for itself in avoiding lost sales. (The other account I visited this week had two machines out of action from someone trying to stick a steak knife into the coin mechanism and breaking the mounting plates in the mean time. The manager had been away, so I wasn't called straight away. Who knows how long there were out of action and how much income I lost from that?)
  5. Here's a thread about making up a cheater cord in place of the coin mechanism.
  6. Don't ask, don't tell? And yet you are telling the whole world right here?
  7. brendio

    Bitcoin ATM machines...advice?

    I have used localbitcoins a bit in the past, and had some good conversations with people new getting into bitcoin, but I am regional, so I haven't have a lot of clients. Our new laws now apply to localbitcoins the same as bitcoin ATMs, meaning you need to register your business. You are probably a smaller target than ATM operators, but I know a guy in the states who had an undercover agent transact with him on localbitcoins and then he had the FBI raid his house for not having the proper paperwork. Our government is not as brutal as yours, but it's still not a risk I really want to take.
  8. brendio

    My New Chocolate Claw Machine

    If it made by Win'n'Grin, then it is from the same guy. That's his original business, and it was Chocolate Factory that this machine replaced on this site. The newer machines have a piece of perspex between the pusher deck and the main area where the chocolates are. That stops them falling back off. I was having problems with melting chocolates too. The Chocolate Factory I took out had refrigeration, but it was disconnected by the previous owner before I bought my business. He said it was having problems with condensation. I have been tested it back in my shed and can see some condensation on the ducts under the cabinet. I am thinking of trying to add insulation to cut that down a bit. They are well worth $1000.
  9. brendio

    Bitcoin ATM machines...advice?

    I think you are on the money regarding compliance costs making Bitcoin ATMs less (or not at all) viable. I live in a different country, so it's a different scenario, but I think there is enough in common. I bought a bitcoin ATM (with bitcoin) to have a play around with and potentially site. Three months after I got it (while I was still testing it to make sure I understood how it worked so as not to make a costly mistake), the laws here changed and operators are now required to register with the government anti-money laundering department. I emailed to enquire as to what is involved, but never heard back, and haven't had time since to pursue it further. I suspect as is your case that it will be an expensive exercise and not worth it for a sole operator. Also, the requirement for KYC rules destroys the main advantage these bitcoin ATMs had over exchanges -- the ability to stay anonymous. If you have to undergo KYC, you may as well just wire money to an exchange and get far lower commissions on your trades. Perhaps, in future years there will be service companies to outsource the compliance activities to, or provide off the shelf policies and procedures for operators to use, and that will make it easier, but I think that in time bitcoin ATMs will become less lucrative (as will cash ATMs). Here in Australia, you can now buy bitcoin at thousands of newsagents around the country. They presumably already have procedures in place, as they also act as agents for a lot of other money services (including online gambling). I can't remember the last time I used an ATM to get cash out. Just about everything is paid with card here now. I think only those operating illegally or under the radar stand any chance to make money, but then for how long...? A guy I sold some bitcoin to told me of a bitcoin ATM in the "weed capital" of Australia that he said did a roaring trade. I think it was one of the first bitcoin ATMs in Australia. I'm not sure whether it now requires KYC, but I'd bet its business would be well done now if it does.
  10. brendio

    Refurbed drink vendor

    I believe I bought this one. I also bought IC chip tweezers from my local electronics store to remove the old chip. You could probably use a couple of fine flat screwdrivers instead. You need to pull from opposite corners of the chip.
  11. brendio

    Refurbed drink vendor

    For me, it was eprom to get the card reader working properly. On old eprom version, the machine or card reader would freeze without vending but still charging the card, and the machine needed to be power cycled even to vend with cash after that. The DEX cable (including extension from the board to the reader on the live fronts) is for reporting sales data. I'm not sure whether eprom version affects the data reporting.
  12. brendio

    Vendo V621 - Help!

    OP mentioned it is a low volume location, so I would also try reducing how many cans deep you have (and changing the setting on the machine). I found this helped with my ageing DN fleet with frequent jams. On the DNs, I thought is was the rotors getting worn and slightly twisted, as well as our cans being slightly taller than US varieties. On slow locations, dropping from 3 back to 2 deep solved the problem without having to bother changing out rotors and such. For a high volume account it is more worth the effort to get the machine working at full capacity.
  13. brendio

    Refurbed drink vendor

    I was having problems with Nayax readers on 721s and upgrading the eprom fixed it. I can't remember if it listed card and cash separately, but the DEX reports total sales, so you could theoretically work back to get cash sales if you know what your card sales are from reports.
  14. brendio

    Selling accounts / assets - tax implications

    I don't know if you have given enough information, and I'm in a different jurisdiction, so what applies here won't help you. If you are serious, you need to wait until the accountant is not busy. But it all depends on whether you are happy with the price you have been offered and let that make your decision. It sounds to me like you are not, or it is borderline and you are looking for reasons not do it. If the deal stacks up, it should stack up regardless of tax implications.
  15. brendio

    My New Chocolate Claw Machine

    Update: No stateside distributor, but he has done container load shipments there and the UK in the past. He is big into making candy floss machines at the moment, which are interesting for the right site. They are not cheap, but the gross profit margin on it is insane (~95%).