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  1. Along similar lines, I only had a contract when the site required it. For all other sites, I said I am there as long as the site wants me. I had a one page agreement that got the contact details of the person I was dealing with at the site, any access requirements, any commission agreement and stating the I retain ownership of the equipment.
  2. The SD card is only needed for while you are doing the update. You can take it out afterwards. They can be a bit picky on what model cards will work. I had to try a few, but can't remember now which ones were good. On the AMS website are different models for food, frozen, snack etc.
  3. Thanks for the leads. I don't know if the grub screw is removable. It doesn't have a head to screw it with, although I could try drilling it. I'm working my way through your leads. Will see how I go.
  4. A cabinet maker might be able to make one for you if you can't find a used one.
  5. I am in search of a replacement lock mechanism for a Saeco D.A. 8P coffee vending machine as I had to drill it out. It is for the top cabinet. Picture shows what I am after. It has a normal cam lock mechanism, but with a long 130 mm shift to which attaches a plastic catch. The shaft is fixed to the cam (all me attempts to remove it by twisting or pulling have failed). I tried my local locksmith, but they said it appears to be custom made. Any suppliers or hints for alternatives appreciated. I'm in Australia, but willing to look internationally if shipping is reasonable.
  6. I think it depends on the lease and the location. How much is the monthly lease? I am mulling over this very decision with a different machine. All my other gear is percentage based, so costs are proportional to sales. With a fixed lease and large investment in the machine, the investment is a lot more geared to how well sales go, which will depend on the location.
  7. I would think the novelty would wear off pretty quickly. After all, it is still a ca. 40 year old game, just bigger, and there are plenty of more interesting games in people's pockets for free.
  8. It is location dependent, but I had an account where it was outselling coke. They would go through over two cases a week in my combo machine there, and it was priced at AU$3.50 versus coke for $1.60. Energy drinks seems to be a personal (and perhaps regional) taste.
  9. How could you modify a $5 USB cable to do this? I thought the problem was that MDB is 9-bit versus USB/RS232 which is 8-bit, so conversion is required.
  10. Condensation soak pad they are called here: But, I was cheap and used yellow dish sponge: But most of the time though, I had nothing but the drain pan without any problem. There was enough heat from the compressor to evaporate the liquid without them.
  11. They are to aid evaporation from the drain pain by increasing the surface area. I found I could usually get away without them, or sometimes used dish sponges instead. It may be different in colder climes. YMMV.
  12. I didn't think 440s came with SII-D. All the ones I have seen and heard of are single price. Others will probably know better than me, but I think it could do bottles, but only a single one deep, so you lose a lot of capacity.
  13. Last week, I worked out what was giving me the error messages. I got the homing switch errors again, and this time they weren't clearing with the remote reset command. I was going past the venue the next day to visit another site, so I called in along the way and found the claw stuck to the air conditioning duct. (I had noticed in testing that the claw when engaged attracting itself magnetically to the metal duct.) I unstuck it and went on my way. On Thursday night, I got error messages again, and went out again to find the same thing happening. I rang the manufacturer, and he said to put rubber stoppers on the top rails so the gantry doesn't go back as far. I looked and they were already there, but perhaps not thick enough to stop this happening. I found I could bend slightly the brackets holding these rubber stoppers and was getting better results. Over the weekend, I had an idea for an improvement. I have been playing with 3D printing, so decided to print a collar for the claw to cover the bits sticking out and getting stuck. I have not yet installed it in the field to try it out (but have also not had any more errors yet either). The machine did over $150 in sales over the weekend, so this SMS alerting is paying for itself in avoiding lost sales. (The other account I visited this week had two machines out of action from someone trying to stick a steak knife into the coin mechanism and breaking the mounting plates in the mean time. The manager had been away, so I wasn't called straight away. Who knows how long there were out of action and how much income I lost from that?)
  14. Here's a thread about making up a cheater cord in place of the coin mechanism.
  15. Don't ask, don't tell? And yet you are telling the whole world right here?
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