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  1. la, sorry to hear about your wife 😟. Glad to hear your in the road to recovery, literally ☺️. The EB Mustang is a super fun car and even though it doesn't have the Coyote growl is a performer. I just grabbed on myself a couple of months ago. This is what I do with mine.
  2. The VN can be a direct replacement for the VFM if configured properly. Harnessing, faceplate, voltage and switch settings are the only variables.
  3. The best bet would be to confirm with your credit card reader company. Each supplier may have different requirements so I'm not sure a generic answer would work.
  4. A GFI is a ground fault interrupt. Highly unlikely that it has anything to do with current draw but is more than likely due to feedback on your ground circuit. It could be something as simple as your lighting circuit (ballast) causing this. Since it is erratic it is probably something that is always running. I would test all columns, mech, val, turn off the lights and let them come back on. I would certainly swap the outlets if possible as you aren't blowing breakers which is current draw. PHX1 is dead on that the GFI's do get week.
  5. Just get the Coinco repaired. Not sure about all the Coinco hate on this board but I've had units that have been rebuilt that lasted over 7 yrs when taken care of properly.
  6. There is an interlock switch at the top of the monetary panel. It should be spring loaded and pop out when you open the door. If it is quite and you manually push the switch in you should here a crackling (for lack of better term) noise. That noise is the machine testing and resetting all the motors. Until that switch is toggled and the motor circuit fires, any work done to a motor will not be recognized by the board.
  7. The 159 (GPL) uses most of the same parts as the 157/158. We used to convert the GPL's to the NV by swapping the eprom, button overlay and adding a service switch pad. Depending on vintage the Surevend/posivend where different as well. After swapping the parts the only difference would then be the door. The Glasco was kinda the same thing, kinda.
  8. AMS makes a nice reliable machine. I would go with a 10ct for LSS though.
  9. Hey JJ, After you changed the motors did you toggle the interlock switch to re-index the board so it looked for the new motors? This usually would take care of that issue once motors are replaced.
  10. Depending on which board you have in the machine I would look at the programming. A lot of USI's boards are capable of being used in multiple types of machines. I would double check the default settings and make sure it is properly set up to be a drink machine.
  11. The 720 uses gauge bars and gauge bar clips. Maybe he has some of them?
  12. If your asking if a Vendo 721 is shimless and has a drop sensor, the answer is YES!!!!
  13. Vendnet usually ships UPS. UPS isn't cheap. You also need to figure in the cost of the shipping materials and labor. Any manufacturer that sells parts will probably have charged close to the same and I know of one that would have been more. Honestly, everyone is allowed to make a profit on what they do. Your frieght would have been the sme for that size package if it was a $1000 part if it was the same size. It is part of the cost of doing business. What Angry Chris does is the way it should be done. Or you could have spent an hour going to your local hardware store and searched for the parts
  14. I don't see how these could be related but I've learned never to say never. After you repaired the harness did you toggle the interlock switch prior to testing? This is the only way to reset and scan the motors. When you locked up the machine to go get the replacement changer, if the power was on, this would have been the toggle the machine needed. Then when you swapped the mech....Maybe the coin mech payout got over worked paying out change from the bad connections? Lotta maybes in there....lol...But I vote coincidence.
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