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  1. I saw the ad in Craigslist too and called. I am retired attorney, helping my son build a vending business. I talked to Degrasse. He sent a contract that needed to be signed. The contract did not obligate them to do anything or describe what DeGrasse said on the phone the Company would do. About the only thing the Contract did was to require one's credit card number. My conclusion from reading the Contract was that this is not a legitimate company. Also, the name falsely suggests that it is associated with Coca Cola. That shows that the Company's aim is to deceive.
  2. We have a AMS combo, Sensit III combo machine that we just purchased used. The machine was built in 2009. The frost appears on both of the two small wounded copper coils on the copper tubing that attaches to the compressor, but the machine doesn't cool down inside. It seems to me that the compressor must not be the problem because frost appears on both coils. My son tells me that the side fan in the machine is working. What else could it be? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. We are new to vending (18 months) and new to this board. We have a DN2145 that is having this same problem - meaning that it keeps beeping and giving the message "Remove Product." We bought this machine and a used DN5591 from another vendor, but have not yet put either in a location. I replaced the sensor in the DN2145 with the sensor from the DN5591 (both sensors have the same part number). After doing the replacement, the DN2145 continued to beep. But I adjusted the screws in the plate around the sensor and the beeping stopped. I assumed that meant the sensor was not properly aligned and the adjustment straightened out the beam. The first bottle that I tested fell straight down and got stuck. I could not reach in to take it out. So, the sensor started beeping - because this time there really was a product that needed to be removed. I opened up the machine and got the product out, but the beeping did not stop. I unplugged the machine and plugged in back in and the beeping stopped. I then vended a second bottle. It worked fine. I vended a third bottle and it seemed to work fine -- for about 15 seconds, then the beeping started again. I have tried adjusted the screws again and unplugging and re-plugging the machine in, but I can't get the beeping to stop. I am wondering whether the replacement sensor I used could have also have been bad. If I bought a new sensor, should that fix the problem? Or, does this sound like a situation where the board is bad? If the board is bad, would cutting the wires like discussed above solve the problem? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks. Garytvmg
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