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  1. putrevus

    disposing of machines

    Crraigslist has become horrible, you cannot sell anything there anymore, there are too many scammers out there.
  2. putrevus

    Bev Max issue driving me crazy

    My Bevmax 3 is nothing but trouble, I have upgraded to Bevmax 4 with new board by certified technician, but still it is giving trouble, every time it is some new problem.
  3. It happened to me once with MEI 7500, There was a 25 cent coin in dollar tube and due to that it was just returning quarters instead of dollar coins as change. Once I took that quarter out of the dollar tube.It was working fine. I can't tell you about Bill acceptor.
  4. putrevus

    Vistar delivery

    storage units allow food items to be stored??? They told me, they don't allow food items to be stored .
  5. putrevus


    all soda machines also need water drained, if yes how do we drain water. Thanks for your reply.
  6. putrevus

    Bevmax 4 issues

    MY two cents if you can get away with stackers, you should never go for glass front..They have been nothing but trouble for me.
  7. putrevus

    Newbie Expiration Questions

    What happens if pastries go bad due to summer even though they have shelf life. Pastries are a pain.
  8. putrevus

    Bevmax keypad error

    Thank you all for your help. when in Test Mode, when I pressed B it was showinng nothing and then it let me press A and factory settings would appear for second and then disappear. This happened for 3 or 4 power recyles and finally it let me enter keyped test where everything worked fine. Then it started working again. I have no idea what happened and why it started working again.Will it happen again also I have a no idea.
  9. Thanks in advance for your help. today I went to location and saw this on E on the display and the keypad was not working or responding. can’t seem to figure out what issue is as I cannot use keypad. Thanks for your help.
  10. putrevus

    Bevmax 4 issues

    I did ask them but they have not given me yet.I am really hoping what he did fix it.
  11. putrevus

    Bevmax 4 issues

    Today coke guy came and tightened one belt and said X is now making home.I am hoping he is right, he was on phone for 35 minutes with Crane tech guy.
  12. putrevus

    Bevmax 4 issues

    Thanks for your help. The problem again happened three times in last one week. The coke technician came in and swapped the X motor. I spoke to Crane tech also, they advised to swap the xmotor and thats what Coke tech did. Machine is Coke BevMax from Coke 5800-4 2018 model. This is what is happening, once we clear the error machine works fine for a day and then it shows "no sales available" and just stops vending. Don't know what to do, this is third interruption in one week. The location is getting pissed off at me. The coke guys are also stumped. Thanks again for your help.
  13. putrevus

    Bevmax 4 issues

    I have issue it is showing no sales available message on the machine. In the error it is showing XHome, The tech from Crane asked me to do plumb the vend mechanism. Bevmax machines are giving most trouble to me of all my machines.I am having at least one issue or other from these machines. Two are coke Bevmax 4 from Coke and one is mine which I had upgrade done from Bevmax three to Bevmax 4. I thought these machines were reliable but they are giving the most headaches to me. Thanks for your help.
  14. putrevus

    Eport Question

    That usa tech sales rep I spoke today did not mention anything about trading it to G10s. I will send him an email.
  15. putrevus

    501E Triteq Lock

    Thanks for info.