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  1. putrevus

    Eport Question

    That usa tech sales rep I spoke today did not mention anything about trading it to G10s. I will send him an email.
  2. putrevus

    501E Triteq Lock

    Thanks for info.
  3. putrevus

    Eport Question

    I have one Snack machine with Edge which i know I have to replace in couple of years but I was getting establishing connection message on the eport and when talking to USA tech they told me I might have to send it in to repair. Is it worth repairing ??
  4. putrevus

    501E Triteq Lock

    Did you ever had to call Pepsi to unlock the key or change the key for these HVVs. Other than this Lock , I have had zero issue with Vendo 721 or vendo 621s.
  5. putrevus

    501E Triteq Lock

    I spoke to Triteq in detail, I don't think they have any T handle.
  6. I might be wrong but landscape in my experience has changed a lot in last few years.You just cannot walk in to locations anymore , you need prior appointments and for that you need to have a calling team calling to get appointments.
  7. putrevus

    Kick Start

    Vending industry has bad name due to unscrupulous people like these.
  8. putrevus

    Eport Question

    what did you do with all edges? When G9s came in/
  9. putrevus

    501E Triteq Lock

    I recently had the problem with Vendo HVV, the lock would not open, it is long and expensive process to deal with Triteq. I would love to know if these locks can replaced with regular T handle locks???
  10. putrevus

    Bevmax Issue

    It was upgraded to bevmax 4 by Betson but last month we changed the cup.
  11. putrevus

    Bevmax Issue

    Thank you
  12. putrevus

    Bevmax Issue

    The cup was changed by a local technician less than a month ago, now I have my doubts on how good he is?
  13. putrevus

    Bevmax Issue

    how do I check for hook swipe and also how do I check X-Axis belt tension.
  14. putrevus

    Bevmax Issue

    I have BevMax with blue Bevmax 4 control board by upgraded Betson. recently it had cup problem so I replaced the cup. Yesterday got a call from location that Machine was not vending and it was returning their money. I tried to vend , it was straight going to delivery bin couple of times and giving the money back. I tried to do positioning test but I couldn't understand what it was doing , I turning it off and started it again, it was vending properly. The machine is Bevmax three but board is blue color board with Bevmax 4 on it. Any ideas what is going with the machine.Thanks for all your help.
  15. putrevus

    Vistar Distribution

    You are locating in NJ??