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  1. We used order online all orders and I think that hurt now. They used to call me every week to take orders.
  2. We have not received any deliveries from Coke Bottler in 6 months. They are simply giving excuses week after week. I have stop ordering from them completely.
  3. Sam's club shipping is just awesome. I don't think you will have any complaints.
  4. I have not seen that, I will check it out tomorrow.
  5. Hello all, I have a AMS 39 snack machine with sensit 3. It used to have 3g credit card and since USA tech stopped supporting 3g we upgraded it to 4g card readers. Now card reader is just showing offline and when we contacted USA tech technical support team, they told us we need to change the control board. Is that true? Thank you again for all your help
  6. Thank you for your help. All I did was change 3G card reader with 4G card reader . 4g has two antennas. I will try to reset to factory default but I am afraid would I do something completely wrong.
  7. I have a coke Bevmax 4 too which we serviced yesterday. It was working fine but after refilling the machine and swapping the card reader to 4g Canteloupe. It stopped vending when I was doing test vend after the refill. First port door won't open and on second attempt product was not getting picked. I called Crane, he asked to me enter 93800 in Set Hook Offset option and then it started missing the port. He then asked me disable Port sensor. Now it is just going back and forth without picking the product opening the port on second attempt. He then asked to me replace Cup assembly and port sensor then call them. Any ideas what could have been the problem. All I did was change card reader and refilled the machine. Our Coke Bottler is completely under staffed and is not even having enough drivers to make deliveries., I have no idea if they will come and fix the machine. Thanks again for all your help.
  8. Thank you for feedback. I was worried I made a big mistake as I just ordered 30 new Eport 10s this week.They were on sale for $199 for all upgrades. I did speak Crane Regional manager today. He said each unit is 300 which we have to buy from Betson and monthly fees is $5.95 paid monthly to Crane and 5.95% transaction fees paid to Heartland.
  9. Coke has not delivered to us for last two months. When I called bottler, they are saying they simply don't have drivers to do the job.
  10. Hello All, Somebody told me that Crane carders have no monthly fees and is 4% transaction fees. I tried calling Crane and Betson, they were not able to give any information on Crane Card readers.
  11. Thank you for your help .You mean to say there is loose product sitting on evaporator and blocking airflow. Once all the ice melts I will check that out also.
  12. I called Vendo technical support, they are saying it air gap somewhere or putty problem around copper tubing. They asked me to check inner doors to see if there is any gap or gap around harnesses. He is 100% sure it is not relay issue .
  13. Thank you again for your help. I have unplugged it so it can thaw completely. I went to check it today , in the temperature setting it was showing 54F .Unit is shutting off when we open the door and looks like fan is running when we close the door. Where can we buy the relay. I checked Betson part , I could not find it.
  14. Thank you for your reply. This is fairly new machine only three years old, Will compressor go bad that soon.
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