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  1. Does Vistar price change from state to state?
  2. We have been selling small chips for $1.00 for last five years. Cans for $1.00.
  3. Maybe I was not clear in explaining my issue. It is not about reading error. I have numerous Vendo 721s. Any time you press service mode, the screen should stay on error. After you read the error if there is any it will take you programming options. But this is different When I press service mode it is not staying on error option. It is just flashing error and then going back to vend mode.I called Vendo technical support team, he was telling maybe it is problem with the door switch which is not turning off so machine can go to service mode.
  4. I am having trouble going into programming for Vendo 721. When I press the service button, it is just flashing error and then going back to vend mode. I tried to press hard the service button but nothing his happening, it feels like that button is stuck. Is there anything I can do ? Thanks for your help.
  5. Thank you , I will put it there tomorrow. What a stupid design of the door from VE. Did you ever face have any problems with its UCB. Today it was showing $9.00 credit and machine was not giving the change back nor it was vending anything. After restarting it was working fine .
  6. Hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe. I am trying to install Cantaloupe credit card reader on this door, it has cutout for credit card Bezel but I am having hard time putting the telemetry device on back of the door. There is no room to put or Velcro it. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with putting Credit card reader on this door. I have left it handing that is the only way the door is closing. Thanks again for your help.
  7. When I spoke to Crane technician and gave the serial number .he said it was original board from AP for LCM3. Mine has 45 selections .
  8. No credit was being displayed. I have removed credit card reader and it has been working fine since then. AP LCM machines even though they are MDB will not work with credit card readers. I have learnt that in a very hard way.
  9. Some accounting people think their company needs to pay for the vending machines.That might be reason they might have asked you W 9 so they can add you to vendor list.
  10. What is best DEX hand held device and what would be best software for it? Thanks for your help.
  11. I never thought, it would have these problems.
  12. The number on the chip is 67061-8 dated 03/15/2001.After taking card reader out of loop it was running fine till yesterday. I will check again on Monday to see if it is still working without getting jammed.
  13. Where do we get latest Eprom for vendo 721s and how do we change it. Thanks for your help.
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