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  1. I am not worried about losing the location but their fire destroyed our machines and they didn't have decency to inform me.
  2. When I talked to them in the beginning of the year, they said building will not ready for a month but some of the employees have told they got machines form new vendor, I am so angry, they won't even let me into the building but they get new vendor.All we did was give them excellent service not one complaint from anyone in last three plus years and they do this to us.Where is fairness in this world.
  3. What happens when you pull out door switches in Bevmax.We were loading the machines so did not lock the machine up.Some customer bought a drink and the door opened and delivery cup did not open completely so we had to give manually open it. Since then all it is doing is going up and down not vending anything. Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks for your reply.Money is not the issue, I can spend money to get the machines ..As you said is there anyway I can get coverage for machines just for this location and general liability for other locations. Will bottler be okay if the machine is lost in fire?
  5. I am so sorry to hear about your experience, I also heard about vending business from Naturals to go only.But I did not buy the machines directly from them. .Try Shermco vending for trouble shooting, they do a good job in helping out with problems with naturals to go machines. Seaga are the most useless machines. FEH b12 at least worked for couple of years. They are only good for parts , I have used the credit card readers , coin mechs along with bill validators.
  6. Happy New year to all, I am yet to go to location as they have not yet said it is safe to enter the building. This location looks like it is fire hazard and has a big fire every few years. It was very decent location , we had it for 3 plus years but even if we take bottom figure it will cost me $4500.00 to replace existing machines with card readers. Trying to figure out what is the best way to approach this issue.
  7. That's what I was thinking, I am just waiting for them to let us in.We did not do anything wrong , why should we suffer on account of their mistake.That is down side of this business we are at the lowest end of the spectrum where everyone can walk all over .
  8. I spoke to insurance company and liability insurance does not cover any property, BOP covers property damage of your warehouse and loss of revenue if machines breakdown. If they have to cover for machines in different locations, they need information on those locations and their buildings and codes that too they were not sure , they will have to talk to underwriters for that after I fill out all details of every location where machines are placed. I have liability insurance from Hartford Insurance.Am I missing anything, The location told me that the building is still very unsafe to enter but are pretty positive that everything got destroyed and are very sorry for the inconvenience. I don't know what I am supposed to do next.
  9. Should I ask the location to cover for my damages???
  10. Hi All, Thankfully nobody got hurt . I need your help in figuring out what I should do next, there was fire yesterday afternoon destroying the whole building where we have 4 machines Two Snacks Crane 167s,Two Vendo 721s. All of them had credit card readers all of them went offline suddenly. I went there in evening but was not allowed in the building, the some worker said all four machines might have burnt down too.I have not spoken to the management of the facility yet. Does liability insurance cover anything like this. Thanks for your help.
  11. I wanted to use Parlevel for offline machines but was not really sure about it.Since all our card readers are with USA tech.
  12. Thanks a lot this is what I need, ADS, where can I get ADS thanks again for your help.
  13. Thanks again, this works for machines with only card readers,The machines without card readers still have to be done prekitting manually??
  14. Thank you for your help, is that DEX telemetry sent by USA tech report or any other service is there to do that? How do you get DEX reading for machines which are not having Card readers.
  15. So how do you prekitt using Dex if you are taking the Dex readings while filling the machine which is near empty.
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