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  1. joshnosh

    Commission to location

    I pay net after deducting Cost of Goods (55%) and sales tax (7%)
  2. There is no reason to NOT have card readers on any machine that can handle them.
  3. joshnosh

    Vend Purchase Group

    I have been getting checks for the last three quarters..not much, but I don't see any downside.
  4. Some bill boxes have pristine bills in them and some are totally mangled! Is this the bills they are using, something in the path that is wrecking them, or the bill box itself?
  5. joshnosh

    Displaying USAT fee info ??

    I don't think it's the states, it is the credit card companies that don't allow you to charge more to use their cards. That is why you see "convenience charges" at cash registers or minimum purchases
  6. joshnosh

    Displaying USAT fee info ??

    Yes, this
  7. joshnosh

    Displaying USAT fee info ??

    The majority of people under 40 do not carry cash and do not think twice about paying the extra 10 cents. Our sticker reads: Prices displayed are for CASH discount. Actual prices are 10¢ more per item.
  8. joshnosh

    Starting a Vending LLC

    I don't know the laws in Texas, but as far as I can tell, the only reason to set up an LLC is for liability purposes or if you are having other people invest in the company. There are no special "vending" reasons.
  9. joshnosh

    Vend Purchase Group?

    I got my first check this month from purchases through Vendor's Supply. Not much, but I wasn't expecting anything.
  10. joshnosh

    Two Tier Pricing

    Two tier is the way to go. Most people paying with credit cards are not going to bat an eye about it. I don't suggest this, but I have said to more than a few people... "You don't have a dollar in your pocket? How come you left the house?"
  11. joshnosh

    New Machine company - anybody know them?

    I bought 8 Jofemar machines from a Healthy vending guy for .20 cents on the dollar in 2013 because he couldn't get any repair support. Four years later, I have two left, both with bad compressors that I am using as snack only machines. They definitely have all the bells and whistles, but they are not easy to repair. (Check out some of the videos they have online...the tech guy doing the videos has trouble) They are also hard to load compared to the Crane machines I have
  12. Anyone have experience with these?
  13. joshnosh

    2 tier pricing

    This is an AGE thing. Anyone under 40 doesn't event think twice about using a credit card, even if they know it is going to cost more
  14. http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/pecan-pie-vending-machine?utm_source=Atlas+Obscura+Daily+Newsletter&utm_campaign=b3c1b94e2c-Newsletter_2_20_2017&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f36db9c480-b3c1b94e2c-63272505&ct=t(Newsletter_2_20_2017)&mc_cid=b3c1b94e2c&mc_eid=b2ba654ae2
  15. joshnosh

    Machine ID?

    Thanks for the good info