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  1. Not sure what this is Quikvend?
  2. Looking to see if anyone has any cardboard and/or acrylic pink ribbon mint boxes they’re looking to sell. Please pm me if you do. Thanks.
  3. verdigirl

    Dum Dum Lollipops for Candy Boxes? - Sale!

    Hi, There are a couple reasons I don’t use dum dums. First, most folks use tootsie pops or blow pops. Dum dums are tiny in size in comparison. Second, they are not as securely wrapped as the other lollipops. Wrapper come off easily and if someone is rummaging around a box they will come off. When you open a bag there are always some whose wrappers already have come off. And that’s a sanitary issue. Just my opinion As far as this sale, if you look at the 500 count bag at Sam’s they are actually cheaper at the regular price than than the 1000 count on sale. Good luck with your new business!
  4. verdigirl

    Building new Honor and Snack Box Routes

    $12 per location. It is supposed to be a pre-approved placement and not a lead. But I think charity vending just sends out old lists or doesn’t bother getting approval because most places they get you are not expecting you or have never heard of the person that gave permission. From what I’ve read in the forum, most people have had a similar experience with them. Sheridan seems to be better. Anyone else who can chime in on this I’d be interested in hearing your experiences. Thanks.
  5. verdigirl

    Building new Honor and Snack Box Routes

    So how is it going? Are you happy with the Sheridan locations and would you order more? I would be interested in the blog you were mentioning. Thanks.
  6. Thank you both for your replies. I live in New York. I will pm you for more info. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I ran across an ad on craigslist for a guy named Harry out of Columbus, Ohio that does in person locating. Bulk and boxes. I called him and he called back and left me a message, but before I call him back, I was wondering if anyone has used him and how he did Also, has anybody ever just put out a search looking for somebody locally to go around and get okays on locations? A college kid or somebody looking to make a few bucks? Thanks.
  8. verdigirl

    Need Pink Boxes

    Thanks. How much?
  9. verdigirl

    Need Pink Boxes

    Are they cardboard or acrylic? I could use some too.
  10. verdigirl

    honor box pricing

    Hi, Sounds like you are doing well with the lollipop boxes. What charity are you working with?
  11. verdigirl

    Mint Box Locator Warning!

    I also got an email from them. I asked him for more info and a website, never heard back. I suspected he got my info through Sheridan. Thank you for your warning.
  12. Hello, Would this be for honor boxes also?
  13. verdigirl

    What to do when questioned?

    I also am leery of people asking me specifics about the money from my boxes. What AMD Snacks says is a great point, in that people who get a salary from working for a charity would never get questioned, yet we do. So would it be so bad to liken the little money we profit off of a box to be considered a small compensatory "wage"? Would it be dishonest to explain (if questioned) that we make a small wage from working for the charity? Isn't that what we are in essence doing? We put out time, gas, supplies, maintenance into these boxes and after hoping there is minimal theft, get some money for our efforts. I know this topic has been brought up on this forum before, but I am interested to hear others' experiences and opinions.