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  1. Food

    We have 2 Bev Max Machines that have 2 or 3 top shelves set up with Coils for Snacks/Cold Foods and the Bottom Shelves are setup for Drinks........If that helps......We never sale enough food to fill up an Entire Machine without throwing alot out. That way you can provide Cold Food and Still not have to provide a single dedicated machine for that.......Just a thought. And it might relieve some stress on your bottle machine. Plus you can put specialty stuff like Monster, Orange Juice Ect. Just a thought. We have run into the same Problem.
  2. Red Bull Vending

    I know it has a limited selection and it would need to go somewhere specific..........But I thought for that price is was worth a try........For $150 he might even come of that. It looks real nice......
  3. Red Bull Vending

    Hey, Has anyone had and experience with the Red Bull machines....? We've got an opportunity to pick one up for $150. Says that it is taking money dollar and change, as well as cooling fine. Said he got if for work and move jobs and it taking up space in garage....... We have a few bigger 24/7 365 locations that it "might" sale at.......Does anyone have one of those machines? And do you think that would sale enough to warrant a machine just for Red Bull ?? Thanks for the input.........
  4. AP 6600

    Thanks guys..........I will check it out and see..........
  5. AP 6600

    Hey Guys .....Need a little help. I have an AP 6600......I know its an old machine. We have it in a warehouse and the guys don't mind the age. We were having change issues assuming it was the changer. (It would only accept Nickels) We replaced the changer with a new refurbed one and now it is kicking what I assume is the Amp Breaker in the bottom left of the machine. Everytime the machine tries to come back on it kicks it off. Is that a fuse in there we need to replace........?? Anyone had this happen before. ? It is in a tough spot to move and would like to just fix it as apposed to bringing in another machine....Thanks
  6. Box truck

    Maybe I m letting my "Newbie" show.......But explain the "Prekit - ing" How does that work and how do you guys know exactly what goes where ??
  7. Vendo V721

    You are the man....I hope it is as easy as that sounds. Thanks....
  8. Vendo V721

    Hey Guys....Anyone got any advise on how to set these up for monster's. We only have 2 and I m not familiar with the machine. It currently has both bottles and cans. So it is a multi price unit. Would it be easier to convert a bottle space or can space.? Thanks for the help.
  9. Hey Guys, I have a couple 3 wide Lance Snack Machines that I got for a real cheap price everything works, except I want to convert them to a newer MEI Validator. I have the wiring harness and I thought that I was getting the correct kit. Either I order the wrong kit or don't know what I m doing........Could be both......But I m having trouble mounting the new validator to the machine and getting it to fit correctly and look right on the front of the machine..........Has anyone done this before ?? Would appreciate some tips.......Loosing Hair by the day.........
  10. Paid Employees

    Thanks for the feed back..........Sorry I asked you the same question on the other Post........Had not read this one yet...........
  11. Advise for Expanding Company

    Thanks..........That sound good........Dr. how do you guys pay employees...?? We are working on the best and most efficient way to do that...? So $2000 gross is your cut off for an account.....That comes out to $ 40 a week........We were going to cut out or sale our smaller stuff to a part time guy if it didn't do $50 a week......How did you come up with $2000 cut off.......?? Just wondering if we were missing profit........Some bigger guys say it should be higher that $50....
  12. Paid Employees

    SouthEast.........What is a good VMS ? Is that someway to track where he is at........?? We have a guy who we trust......And has only been working for 2 months........We were hoping that he would pick up the pace a little, but not really happening. We have been giving him some tips on efficiency. Don't think he is purposefully milking time (Since we are paying by the hour) but A little concerned. He just doesnt work stops at the same rate as myself.........And it could be I ve done it a while and he is only 2 months in. But I was looking for a way to improve his speed..........
  13. Advise for Expanding Company

    We are trying to workout a good price........But like I said it puts us in kind of a bad shape.........He is a friend/mentor early on.....Which shouldn't matter too much, but does a little. Also he is going to finance alot of it at a low rate........So it is kind of hard to haggle too much. He is doing 20 oz from bottler......Where we are they will run you out of town for more than 1.25.......Pepsi floods our area with $1 bottle machines.........But like I said Bottles are only about 25% of his drinks sales most is .75 cans.....
  14. Paid Employees

    For you guys who hire route driver/delivery guys........How are you setting up pay for them? We have heard a number of different ways.......Small % of route gross each day?? So it benefits them for the company to make good $$$. And the less that comes in the less they get paid........By the hour ?? Per Stop ?? But we have guys go and buy inventory at Sam's and can drinks too, so not sure what that would look like for Non-Vending days (Inventory Pick up) So we are looking for best way to be fair to employees as well as best benefit to the company.....Any suggestions appreciated...........
  15. Advise for Expanding Company

    Hey Guys, UPDATE........ I got some more info, we met this weekend. There is 90 machine's total with a handful that are in storage. He is 75% can drinks and 25% bottles. All cans are priced at .75 and bottles at 1.25. Which for foothills of NC is about as high as your going to get away with. Includes 2004 3500 box truck with 1 year old tires (receipt) and all parts, moving hand-trucks, piano jacks, and everything to go with the business. Grossing bw 130,000 and 140,000 a year. Asking 125K and he may finance a portion. Long time friend. I just want to make sure that business end matches up with buying out a friends business.