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  1. It doesn't cool freezes that part of line
  2. It does t cool but it freezes that part of line after a while. It does sound like the evaporator fan is running though.
  3. Yes the compressor and condenser fan are running.
  4. All copper was frozen, I'll get another
  5. Yep it's a vendo, I just assumed it only says vendo. Please see pic to help identifying cooling issue. Tried different t temp settings. Not cooling
  6. My bad I can see how my wording wasn't clear. What you have said is correct.
  7. Can this machine vend energy drinks 16oz, and what shim required if possible. Thanks Reed
  8. We sold machine. Red gray two deep 16.9oz bottles Blue gold we set up as is with proper shims I think we copied the can set up for shims. Put monster 16oz two deep and it worked. I'm not familiar with T models. Good luck
  9. Yes that's correct, I see what your saying. Still can't identify issue. If I plug compressor and machine in separately everything runs fine but if compressor is connected to wire harness and then I plug machine in no compressor, following the relay test they turn on.
  10. Ok I'm learning, the pic was max size thought it was a per picture basis. Ive been troubleshooting the past couple hours or so. When doin the relay test of compressor it turns on and the fan tries to run, sometimes runs full speed but then stops spinning. When doin the fan relay test, I could never get fan to spin. Again I'm learning and thank you. I assume this is a fan motor issue yet compressor won't run unless relay test performed or directly plugged in. Following flow chart it says main control board? Help appreciated and where to buy parts
  11. Ok I will check that out, may need help identifying location of that. Thank you
  12. Ok I will check that out, may need help identifying location of that. Thank you Edit: NVM easy to identify
  13. I have a tall Joey Logano beverage machine, no make or model number anywhere. It is a 9 selection machine with slots in back and the front. It is chain dispensing underneath, see pictures. Need help identifying machine so I can buy correct parts. When I plug machine in, the compressor won't turn on, however if I directly plug the compressor in it fires right up. We had this machine off for about 6 months before we put it into a location. Anyhelp identifying machine and problem greatly appreciated, IAM in debt to this forum. Thanks k you all for the help will get pictures tonight they are too big on phone
  14. What is blue and yellow cams for? 16.9oz setup worked thanks
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