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  1. Yep..just upgraded an 1800CE last week with a new EMV reader. They are most definitely upgradable. Shop around, there are plenty of upgrade kits out there for a 1800CE. Good luck to ya!
  2. The company is ATM Repair Services. Their website is atmrepairservices.com I haven't sent any Hantle/Genmega keypads into them yet, but I just had 4 Hyosung 6000k pinpads repaired by them. Turnaround was right around the 10 day mark that they claim. No complaints, as they all work great. Hope this helps..good luck!
  3. Shad, no I haven’t been contacted; I never ended up using ATMEquipment for repairs. I haven’t heard anything about the lawsuit, but I’ll keep my ears open and report back here if I do. Best of luck to you with it!
  4. Thanks for the reply and recommendation yunsun. I guess if doing this myself isn't possible, ATM Repair Services is the best option. I was a little leery about a 3rd party doing these, but your experience with them puts me somewhat at ease. If you ever figure out how to do this ourselves, please let me know! Thanks again!
  5. bailor

    ATM Route

    More than happy to help as well, in case you have any unanswered questions. mbailor@yahoo.com Best of luck to you!
  6. Hey yunsun- thanks for sharing your scam by ATM Equipment. That's messed up! I've contacted them on numerous occasions regarding tech questions and they have always been more than helpful. It's a shame to see that they would stoop to this level on the repair end! I contacted them to see if I could purchase equipment/ knowledge to fix these myself like shake, but they said no, and pointed me to their repair department. Glad I saw your post first as I probably would have sent my EPPs to them! Anyway, you mention that you found someone else to send these 6000k EPPs to for repair. Were you pleased with their work? Would you mind sharing who you sent them to? I found a guy on Ebay, who has a regular website (atmrepairservices.com) that claims to do a full repair for $129.99 each. It sounds like the guy shake mentions in the OP. I like the idea of helping out the small businessman, but I just want to make sure that they're done right and not just some shoddy patch job like you experienced. And again, if this guy can do it, there's gotta be a way for us to get the equipment to do this ourselves! But for now, I'll settle for someone reputable. Thanks in advance for any info yunsun!
  7. Shake- ever figure out how to flash? I read your post and you and I are on the exact same page! Just wondering if you came up with a fix. Changing the battery out is a no-brainer, but not sure about flashing the EPP. I'm only looking at the Hyosung 6000K pad. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Robert- I myself am in EVATMS's shoes as well. I have a few locations and am looking to expand. I'm trying to keep costs down by buying used ATMs when given the chance. I prefer the Hyosung 1800SEs or Hantle 1700Ws, mostly because I'm familiar with those models and they're not too outdated. I like the newer Hyosung 2700s or Halo2s but cost is a concern there since none of those are floating around for sale at a good used price. I'm located in Northcentral PA. I see you're in Philly and thought you might know of someone dealing in used at a good price. Thanks in advance.. Mike
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