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  1. vendbend

    What are you selling?

    It is a very small neighborhood bar probably doesnt even fit 40 people all at once. I stuff the condoms in a 2" capsule and vend from a tomy gotch machine because it is a double stack I vend condoms in 2" caps on top and single tylenol packs in 2" caps on the bottom for $1 each. Any 2" capsule vendor will work. No it is not in the bathroom it is right out on the floor and the condoms bring in about $50-60 a month.
  2. vendbend

    Protocol condom machine

    Well, you can get all the free condoms you want at planned parenthood.
  3. I think it is a great idea I started with 1 vending machine in a small hotel and even though the hotel gave out free shampoo and soap, etc.. I started selling tylenol, sunglasses, and various other items in my snack machine they did very well but the hotel saw my success and then started selling the same items at the front desk so I moved on to other vending ideas. So, yes give it a try.
  4. vendbend

    .7 Vends vs 1.2 Vends?

    I can not help you with projections but that is exactly the way I started my vending business. I wanted to get in to vending so I bought a few machines and was having trouble placing them and I also have a full time job so I started looking for a building to rent to create a vending machine convenience store 24/7. In my town there are several 24/7 convenience stores but they are all up on the highway not within close range of the neighborhoods or bars so I rented a building away from the highway and within walking distance to the neighborhoods and bar. Also, after I decided to rent a building and put all my machines in one place I did not have to drive to stock machines or pay commission BUT there is more overhead because of electricity, heat, and rent. I am very glad I decided to do this because the number one compliment about my place is that it is 24/7. Since then I have added arcade, bulk, and redemption machines and now I own an arcade. I do not have any employees (except my son who has learned how to repair machines when problems arise) I do not have it open 24/7 anymore because it was not cost effective but business is good and growing. So, I encourage you to give your idea a try but I also suggest you add some bulk machines and maybe a couple games. I also have a ice cream machine that I vend frozen hot pockets and white castle burgers and I have a microwave on a timer you can use for .25 cents. I believe the info you quoted about micro markets making more money than vending areas is based on micro markets offering more products or more variety then the typical vending area that is why you should think about frozen food, microwave, games, bulk, in other words more variety. If you pursue this idea and make it a reality I hope you will share your experience with us on this forum.
  5. vendbend

    Looking for revenue share in Chicago area

    Hi I am NOT the vender you are looking for but when you find that vender I would be interested in the machines you will be getting rid of. So, when that time comes let me know what you have available.
  6. vendbend

    What are you selling?

    It is a very small neighborhood bar probably doesnt even fit 40 people all at once. I stuff the condoms in a 2" capsule and vend from a tomy gotch machine because it is a double stack I vend condoms in 2" caps on top and single tylenol packs in 2" caps on the bottom so any 2" capsule vendor will work. No it is not in the bathroom it is right out on the floor and the condoms bring in about $50-60 a month.
  7. vendbend

    What are you selling?

    I sell fortune cookies in 2" caps I make up confetti in 1" caps sells like crazy I also stuff 1 balloon in 1" caps does well and of course bouncy balls and I sell condoms in 2" caps at the bar $$$ and I can hardly keep up with the eggs I got one of those old lucky egg chicken machines wow the poor chicken is always clucking. Vending is FUN
  8. vendbend

    Sports arena question

    I have one I really like it it makes good money anyway typically you should put prizes on every other hook because I have seen one prize knock a second prize off the wheel from being too close and that is what the book suggests also there is a setting on the machine for when a prize is won but does not fall you can pick you can set it to either give another credit/turn OR it will spin a prize off a different prize wheel (this is the better choice because the game is hard to win by spinning the other wheel they still get a prize but if it is set on getting a credit you may not win) people would rather get a prize instead of another turn you can print the manual online for all the settings if you bought it used it is probably already set for that
  9. I saw your ad on craigslist you have good prices I live in michigan and might plan a trip soon
  10. vendbend

    Different Skins of the Same Machine

    I just bought one of these I think it was a football theme bt when I opened it up to clean it there are 8 different playfield pictures yo can change the theme like golf soccer skatebord basketball football and baseball mine is called sports zone
  11. vendbend

    Welch’s Fruit Snacks

    gordons food service carries them at a decent price do you have one near you
  12. vendbend

    puzzle balls, other 1" balls

    I have 5 BB machines in one place they all do well because everyone young and old like BB they are fun but I also have 1 jawbreaker machine it also does very well even though no one finishes jawbreaker they all end up in the trash AFTER they pay the quarter for it my jawbreaker and all my BB machines are small and interactive so I think it is the interactive part that gets the quarter not neccessarily what comes out as a prize
  13. vendbend

    french fry vending machine

    wow this french fry discussion is getting hot haha good suggestions BUT my arcade does not have an attendant, all machines because they are the best employees so vending machine food is what I serve hence the reason to buy a french fry machine. I know they seem to be a rare thing but I can not believe that there isnt a vender sitting on a few somewhere I just wish that person was ready to get rid of one. My freezer and drink machine all have visible temp gauges that also prevent the machines from vending if temp rises above a certain temp so that is the safe guard that makes it ok for health dept as many of you probably know. I will continue my search until I find one OR until something else grabs my attention. I hunted for a long time for the old chicken lucky egg machine finally found it, I searched for a Shaq Attack pinball-got it, I wanted a foosball but hard to find a reasonably priced coin op so now I have a mini bouncy ball foosball and surprising enough people play it, I also put in a jukebox for me but it gets a lot of play. I like hunting for weird machines and I get obsessed until I find the one.
  14. vendbend

    french fry vending machine

    curiosity kills the cat BUT I will explain I have a small arcade in a bigger town that has lots of eating places but on my side of town there isnt much so I have a snack, a drink, and frozen food with a micro wave and when people come in to play the games they eat and eat so my vending does well and I strongly believe hot french frys will do very well especially since i am next door to a bar that does not sell food. As far as parts and support I am not worried about because this machine is a mini freezer, and a hot air convection oven hooked up to a coin mech and vending shoot so I feel confidant enough to say I can fix or replace a freezer and a convection oven and the vending parts can also be kept going just like other vending machines you figure out a way to repair or modify to your needs. I am a new comer to the vending and games business and I dont have a big budget so all my machines are old but my son and I put a lot of effort, blood, sweat and tears to make our machines clean and operational so for a decent price I want to give this machine a try. We have learned alot over the past 2 years and thru trial and error, you tube videos, reading manuals, AND all the awesome advice I get from the venddisscuss experts we are proud of our accomplishments. And I have an obsession that drives me to find the most different and quirky machines to throw into the mix to make it interesting. ROCK ON VENDERS
  15. vendbend

    french fry vending machine

    Thank you scott1963 I have extensively googled mccains and ore Ida French fry and all I get are old articles or shifted to foreign sellers of hot oil machines I want a a hot air machine like the picture you posted but you give me hope if in deed you get them now and then please contact me i will probably buy one from you. Anyone else out there ever see one posted or know where I can get one please let me know