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  1. I saw a talking joke machine a few years ago on ebay and I wanted it, but I missed that auction. I have been hunting for one ever since and have not seen another for sale. I still want one so if anyone out there has one for sale please contact me.
  2. jawbreakers for me do well the adults buy them but the kids dont like them
  3. the item dropping in a whirler must be round not an odd shape I have bought the 1 inch filled ROUND toy capsules and they work fine
  4. you can find one here in the states every once in awhile they are called chocolate factory i have one everyone really likes it BUT it is so frustrating because it picks up a lot but then it has to get past the pusher mostly just falls right back in the showcase. They also come in 2 models refridgerated to keep chocolate cold or not refridgerated. I do not have the fridge one therefore in the summer when it is hot and the chocolate was melting I renamed the treasure factory and put toys and other stuff in it. You can sometimes find one on craigslist or ebay for about $1000 it makes me $$$$
  5. Hi I use tomy gotcha machine for the condoms because they have $1 coin mechs you can buy quantities of condoms all over the internet for about 33 cents each and I just learned that you can buy condoms with custom printed packages with your logo design on them I am going to get some HAHA When people first see the condoms in the 2" caps they are surprized, skeptical, and are stunned BUT they sell like crazy so..... go for it. I also stuff fortune cookies in 2" caps and sell them for 50 cents each everyone likes a fortune. Just be creative stuffing your capsules it has paid off for me I buy bags of 24 count balloons at the dollar store for $1 thats 4 cents a piece and put 1 in a 1" cap for 25 cents they buy them up so good luck and be creative
  6. that is an awesome machine I love the hunt for odd quirky machines I hunt and buy the odd ones because that is what I like to do but at the same time the odd ones do very well that is an awesome find
  7. well I can tell you 3 about this blog 1. reading this made me happy and satisfied 2. you are an amazing writer 3. "Always be happy, never be satisfied" is a fantastic motto to live for
  8. I bought 2 of these probably from the same person selling them now they are battery operated, digital readout, it even talks if you want it to. I had to do alot of cleaning and battery pack repair because they sat outside. It is a great little machine no maintenance other than change batteries, there is a push button programer to set time, a message, and zero out scale. It is a tough little machine, works great, and brings in about $20 a month. No I do NOT have it in a bathroom I have it sitting right next to my snack machine.
  9. when I had the "live" display and a product was out people would sometimes tell me "it can't be sold out I can see one in the machine right there" ohh when you think you've heard it all
  10. It is a very small neighborhood bar probably doesnt even fit 40 people all at once. I stuff the condoms in a 2" capsule and vend from a tomy gotch machine because it is a double stack I vend condoms in 2" caps on top and single tylenol packs in 2" caps on the bottom for $1 each. Any 2" capsule vendor will work. No it is not in the bathroom it is right out on the floor and the condoms bring in about $50-60 a month.
  11. Well, you can get all the free condoms you want at planned parenthood.
  12. I think it is a great idea I started with 1 vending machine in a small hotel and even though the hotel gave out free shampoo and soap, etc.. I started selling tylenol, sunglasses, and various other items in my snack machine they did very well but the hotel saw my success and then started selling the same items at the front desk so I moved on to other vending ideas. So, yes give it a try.
  13. I can not help you with projections but that is exactly the way I started my vending business. I wanted to get in to vending so I bought a few machines and was having trouble placing them and I also have a full time job so I started looking for a building to rent to create a vending machine convenience store 24/7. In my town there are several 24/7 convenience stores but they are all up on the highway not within close range of the neighborhoods or bars so I rented a building away from the highway and within walking distance to the neighborhoods and bar. Also, after I decided to rent a building and put all my machines in one place I did not have to drive to stock machines or pay commission BUT there is more overhead because of electricity, heat, and rent. I am very glad I decided to do this because the number one compliment about my place is that it is 24/7. Since then I have added arcade, bulk, and redemption machines and now I own an arcade. I do not have any employees (except my son who has learned how to repair machines when problems arise) I do not have it open 24/7 anymore because it was not cost effective but business is good and growing. So, I encourage you to give your idea a try but I also suggest you add some bulk machines and maybe a couple games. I also have a ice cream machine that I vend frozen hot pockets and white castle burgers and I have a microwave on a timer you can use for .25 cents. I believe the info you quoted about micro markets making more money than vending areas is based on micro markets offering more products or more variety then the typical vending area that is why you should think about frozen food, microwave, games, bulk, in other words more variety. If you pursue this idea and make it a reality I hope you will share your experience with us on this forum.
  14. Hi I am NOT the vender you are looking for but when you find that vender I would be interested in the machines you will be getting rid of. So, when that time comes let me know what you have available.
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