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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I have a vendo 511 and one of the columns sells Monster and it takes 2 cans. Due to slow sales, I want to change that to regular pop and that column can take 3 cans. When I removed all the Monster and put the regular cans and increased the length of the column, the machine will spit out 2 cans on the first purchase then 1 can after. But I need it to spit out 1 can at a time. So how can I reset it so that it recognizes I have 3 cans and needs to spit out 1 at a time?
  2. I figured i would come straight to you since you helped me on all my other posts in the past. #1 i have a machine that has a circuit board for one of the soda slots that just doesnt work. do you know what part i would need to replace it with? here is the picture http://imgur.com/gallery/KIraMTP #2 - one of the levers in my DN501E machine that clicks up to stop broke, what part would i need? here is a picture as well http://imgur.com/a/SmPmG thanks for your help i really do appreciate it! Still trying to learn the in's and outs of my machines, you guys are my heros! thanks again.
  3. I was looking up the details for my local Amtrak train station. It currently has about 21,000 visitors a year, which means approx 58 people a day in the station. Does this sound like enough to justify a Pop and snack machine? I was thinking of getting 2 separate machines, possibly both glass front (something about those just interested me ), and having credit card options on both. Anyone every service a train station? Any benefits? pit falls? Thanks, Abram
  4. I have a Soda Machine location in Little Rock, AR 72117! If your interested, let me know! This won't last long! Rodney
  5. Ok. I should have taken a picture, but I'll explain as best as possible.. On one of my narrow columns, the rotor is in a position that can best be described as "incorrect" from the other rotors? It looks like the rotor is sort of in a closed position and when I look at it, the remaining columns were all "open". I removed all the cans, to check for a jam, but didn't see anything jammed. I refilled it with my Sprite and it seemed to stay in that closed position? Only reason I ask is when I press the vend button it takes about double the time that it should to vend, and seems delayed? Should I be concerned? Thanks!
  6. Ok. First off this is a bit of a rant. but I feel it is necessary. Anyway, I have been going at this vending game for a little over 2 years. I have one very good account now that nets me $1,000 a month, and one smaller account that does about $100 a month net. I live in a town of about 80,000 people, plus two colleges with over 25,000 students. I have had probably 25 meetings with various account managers in all types of business's. I have been aggressive with follow ups, explained my pricing structure, discussed commissions when applicable, and been overly nice. I HAVE NOT CLOSE ONE ACCOUNT IN OVER YEAR! I have been very upset as I feel I am very up front with all these locations, and my pricing is very competitive. I am getting to the point where I feel I am too small to compete with these guys. What the hell am I doing wrong? I hate to sound winey, but this is a tough business, and I am a tough dude, as I have been battling Addisons Disease for over 2 years. I just need some veterans to chime in, and maybe wake my golpher up a bit. I don't think I could have been more clear, friendly, and concise in these meetings. I even offer a variety of "healthier" options too. I feel I may be missing something. There really is only 3 other vending companies in my area..
  7. So. I'm sure this a dumb question, but where do you guys buy 20 oz's of Pepsi, Coke, Mt Dew, DP, etc? I called Sams and Costco and they only do can's and I believe 24 oz's? What are my available options here guys? Trying to close some more accounts this week. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving :-)
  8. Dixie Narco 501 with SII board. This machine is showing (rrrr) across the display all the time. Gives and takes change perfectly, display harness is in good shape. All cables appear to be plugged in properly. Everything functions correctly except the display. What could cause this?
  9. I was wondering does anybody use a locator for thete Snack/Pop machines? If so who is the best to use?
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