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Found 141 results

  1. Hey guys! Been awhile since my last post. I'm going into year 3 and have enjoyed the journey. Another company approached me and offered to buy my route. I have downsized some since my highest peak, anyway what's left did $35,750 gross sales in 2017. It's 6 locations, 10 machines. Total machines and equipment are worth $15,000. All sales are tracked and I have the proper records in place. I read that an easy evaluation is to split gross sales in half and than add value of machines and assets. My selling price would be $32,875.00. Too low? Just right? Too high? Any thoughts and advice is appreciated! Thanks... BT
  2. I am in the ATM business and no have other experience in vending. I recently came across a Franchise while listening to a Passive Income podcast called that markets sticker vending machines to schools. Their business model is to place sticker machines in Schools that vend regular stickers along with school mascot stickers. The benefit to the school is it is positioned as a fundraiser for them as they get some of the proceeds. I think it's around 25%. I do not know what the Franchise Royalties are yet, but I have phone call set with them in two weeks. I know you have to vend a lot of stickers to make money. Especially if you are giving up 25% to the school and some to the Franchise. Perhaps schools have enough volume to make it profitable for everyone. Does anyone have any experience, thoughts, or opinions on this business model?
  3. Hello, I'm doing some research before committing to one brand of machines. I would like to manage my route with some sort of stock management software. All machines will need CC readers. Which brand would you recommend and which one would give the most flexibility? I also see some companies selling KVM brand machines made in China at a much lower cost. Is that something to consider? Thanks, Daniel
  4. I am currently owner/operator of an acupuncture clinic after two years I've decided to add some passive income. I'd like to begin with massage chair vending. I don't know what to expect for general income from the chair. I know location will be key to determining income but in general what should I expect per month after paying the location owner their share?
  5. Happy New Year! We are offering charity vending locations for 39.99 for a limited time! Don't miss this opportunity! This includes commission locations as well! Sorry, no racks. Order now!
  6. So I'm looking to expand my bulk operation, I'm currently looking in: Staten Island Long Island Brooklyn Queens I am also open to New Jersey, Connecticut, and PA call m-f 10am-9pm or text with info 24/7 917-731-3891 9177313891
  7. Hey everybody! First time posting here. Thanks for everything y'all have shared. I hope to contribute someday but I'm more of a pinball guy than anything. That said, I'm about to set a new location that wants a bulk rack and I would like to do it right the first time. I have the rack, it's a Northwestern with four 2" capsule machines at $.50 on top and five 1.1" $.25 capsule/candy on the bottom. Im not opposed to buying some mechs to sell higher priced items if they will work. I would like to do all toys as it is going in a restaurant. Can you guys please help me start out by letting me know what is selling well in your area? Thanks!
  8. I am looking to get a few machines and i need some help about locations. There is a new senior center being built i am considering this even though it is not yet built i think it will get a lot of traffic. I also have my public library, i need help with that because there is a no food or drink rule and the administrator said the machines being outside the entrance might be "tempting". Is there any way i could sell it as something good to change her mind. All help is greatly appreciated.
  9. We would like to thank all of the service members in the United States! Although there are many different opinions and problems that we face, there is one thing that stands true, our service members put their life on the line for us and we'd like to thank you for that! All service members in the military, police, and fire all receive 10% off all of our services no matter the size! When you order, please put in the notes that you are a service member (validation may be needed) and you will receive 10% discount on all services (may not be combined with other discounts). Request Locations Here
  10. Hi everyone! I've been perusing this forum for awhile now, and I feel like it's time for me to make my first post. I'm a new hire at an established vending company who's here to bring the company into the 21st century or something close enough. We've recently started using Nayax card readers and have them on about 15% of our machines. We have over 600 in total in the field at the moment and looking to grow larger and retain our older accounts as well. I've also been working on monitoring them through Nayax's management suite. I'm completely new to the vending business and I want to please the boss who doesn't know much about the software. What are the full capabilities of this software? I've been looking around and talking to the Nayax personnel but they are slow to reply oftentimes and don't have updated user manuals. Those who use Nayax- what are the major things you find useful with it? Also- what are some other things we can do to really update what we're doing here? I'm open to all suggestions!
  11. Hello, well i think i locked my self out of my machine or lost it not shore but dose anybody now were i can get a new lock or a replacement going to need both for the out side and cash box can somebody tell me were i can pick up something like that asp just severe it so i have a week to get this together. thank you i need this asap thanks again Scott Saunders. its a Gaines go 380
  12. Brothers and sisters, Im a rookie at the vending machine business near San Jose and Pleasanton area of California, I'm looking for a reliable and efficient way to get started by starting reasonable and building up. Does anyone know any trustworthy vending machine programs or partnerships that I can join which can hook me up And help me with everything possible and give me some tips that lead to your huge success ?? I'm also looking for reliable low cost wholesellers for snacks and drinks?
  13. Hi all! My fiancé and I are new to this business and are currently in the works of selecting our first machines. We are doing "healthy vending machines" and are looking for the most reliable drink and food combo machines to start with. Right now we have our eyes on the Selectivend Commander Combo Machine. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much in advance!
  14. VendingLocator4u is having a sale on Charity Vending Locations!!! This is for new orders only! Mention this ad to receive 11 locations for the price of 10!!! That's only 449.00 for 11 charity 1-3 head Bulk vending locations!! 649.00 for 11 4-8 selection charity locations! ORDER NOW! Same great service! Same Great warranty! Same great Locations!!! What are you waiting for?? This is the best deal of the year!!! This is for 2 weeks only! Don't wait or it will be gone! Questions? Call me! 541-497-7899
  15. Hello, I am BRAND new to vending, i am self employed and work from home, and i have some money i can dump into this so i figured i'd give it a shot. I started out purchasing 2 vendstar 3000 machines on ebay from ebay for 199. i know nothing about these machines, they haven't even arrived yet, due tomorrow, but i plan on taking them apart and really looking them over. I also plan on using Rodney from vending services to help place most of my machines. My questions are as follows: 1: are vendstar 3000s decent machines? i have read pros and cons.. some people say they are junk because they are plastic, and the mechanisms fail often? opposite that, they say never get metal machines, too heavy, too expensive and you dont want metal or rust near the candy, and it heats up too much. so im not really sure what to do here. 2: Pieces per vend - i see a lot of people talking about 10 pieces or 18 pieces etc, how can you control how many pieces come out? i mean i know there is a wheel with numbers on it, but how can you make sure exactly 10 come out? 3: Gumballs, i see the 850 ct gumballs do pretty well, but is there a special mechanism to get just one gumball? how can i make sure only one comes out? or is there a special "gumball" wheel i need to purchase thats round? 4: Best place to buy? So far i've only seen 2 contenders for good prices per pound, Amazon has most of them, and sams club has 1 or 2, but the numbers i've seen are kind of amazing, Where on earth is anyone shopping to get these prices? the most i've seen is 40 pound bags of runts or something like this. but i have not seen any skittles for anywhere near the price of 2.72 per pound. 5: realistically, how much can i expect to make per month Per triple head machine? honestly i am only expecting like 5 dollars a month, but i know this is subject to location and trafic and tastes of people who come in. 6, is there an app or something that i can keep track of my inventory, cost per vend, profits, margins, or what candy is doing well? or is everyone just old school using pencils? and i mean a free app , not one i have to pay for monthly. 7, what is a good place to buy bulk vending machines? im still researching but what do you think is a good price for a triple head machine? i think 100 is a bit much now that i've looked around. but maybe 75? 8: any candy machines you recommend? Thanks for taking the time to read. Erick
  16. I am super new to the forum, and have been looking for a good place/site to buy a Key Master. I'm aware you can buy straight from Sega & am wondering if there's anywhere I can buy from for slightly cheaper without getting a knock off. I'm figuring I should just buy the real machine if fakes end up spitting out more of your prizes because of calibration issues. Please let me know your guys experiences and what you think I should do. I live in California, Thanks in advance!! Best regards
  17. Hey Guys! I have an account I am selling and I was curious on the best way to transition an account from my ownership to his without stirring to many of the locals, if you know what I mean. I have a great reputation at the place, and almost everyone knows me by name. The gentleman is paying a pretty hefty price for this account so I don't want to mess this up for either of us. Soltuon 1: I could walk in to the receptionist and be like "He will be in charge of the machines from now" and never come back xD Solution 2: I could call the building manager that "*Insert name* has more expertise in vending and will be taking over the account. Here is his number" and leave it at that. Solution 3: Just hand him the keys and let him fend for himself (I feel pretty uncomfortable with this but is it the best option?) What have you guys done in the past? Thank you!
  18. Hey guys, I'm new to this and hoping to rack up all the information I can before I pull the trigger. Anyone heard of this company / have any experience with their product / system / success stories? Thanks!
  19. Hi there! We are new to the vending business and have an opportunity to take over a full-line location within an office building. The location is a high traffic mail room that currently has 1 soda and 1 snack machine. The owners of the nearby cafe in the basement sell similar items to whats in the machines. The competition for customers has caused some price complaints by the cafe owners because they ( vending operators) price their items lower than the cafe. We have never placed in a corporate building before so we are unsure of how the original agreement between the building owner, management , cafe owners or vending company originally was. From what we understand, the cafe owners came into the picture after the vending machines operators. The offer that the cafe owners have given was to match the price of the snacks within the machine and request a commission (amount unknown). They also requested that we contact the building owners ourselves and inform them of the issue, get the old vendors kicked out and get the okay to move ourselves in. Firstly , we feel the vending machine operators are justified in lowering their prices from the cafe owners due to the convenience of the snacks they sell. Though the cafe is only open from 8am- 3pm Monday through Friday, how many people on a given day will walk into a mail room versus those that will likely walk into a cafe each day. While the snack machine is available 24-7 - there will not be many as many people in the building from 3 pm to 12 midnight each day as most often leave early and are not there on the weekends ( except the cleaning crew and security ). The question we have for you guys is would this be worth it to pursue or not ? If it is, how should we go about getting it resolved? Also, if no advice, please share a story of something similar that happened to you. Thanks and Happy Vending!
  20. this is our new picnmix loose candy vendor new concept for the usa.open up new markets with a quick roi product high perceived value please see video. ‪ below a branded cabinet for european use .subject to final licensor graphic approval but very well received
  21. Hi everybody, I run a small-midsized vending company (14 locations, around 40 machines placed and 6 in need of a home). I was wondering what do you guys do to get new locations? I don't have the time right now (nor do I want to) call millions of businesses and knock on doors. Right now I hired 2 locators to help market my business, and I have had decent success through them. I get lots of leads, and currently have converted a few of them, but they are not "huge" accounts. One is a decent account ($40-60/week) and another is going to be pretty small. I also have started a mailing campaign...I mail a flyer and business card to businesses in hope they want a change in their vending service and call me. What do you do to solicit new business? Am I missing something? Thanks for your knowledge! Happy vending! Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow vendors!
  22. VendingLocator4u is having a sale on Charity Vending Locations!!! Mention this ad to receive charity bulk locations for 40.99! (1-3 head) (59.99 for 4-8 heads) ORDER NOW! Same great service! Same Great warranty! Same great Locations!!! What are you waiting for? This will last no longer than December 31, 2016! Questions? Call me direct! 541-497-7899
  23. I'm a toy capsule operator and I'm thinking about putting a five head consisting of 2 2" machines and 3 1" machines. I've had the opportunity presented to me a while back and still chewing on the idea. It'll be at a laser tag building. What do you all think? Good location?
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