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Found 142 results

  1. I'm a toy capsule operator and I'm thinking about putting a five head consisting of 2 2" machines and 3 1" machines. I've had the opportunity presented to me a while back and still chewing on the idea. It'll be at a laser tag building. What do you all think? Good location?
  2. Hello everyone! My new National 158 has developed an intermittent bug, I think. Though the machine has operated without any other issues to my knowledge, the location has called twice now mentioning that the display light inside the unit has gone off on them. However, when I go to check it, it's on and I can't find anything wrong. Is there perhaps a power save feature I'm unaware of, or something else entirely? I'm optimistic it's something simple (if not something I've done by accident), but I'm not entirely sure. I've only had this unit for a little while, so I haven't quite learned it all yet, so I may truly just be missing something here. Thank you all in advance for your time and assistance!
  3. So, while perusing Craigslist in search of more snack machines, I ran across a curious ad showing THESE machines. I know they're old, and I've no interest in buying them, but I am curious what they are. I've never heard of "Fawn Sales" and I've never seen machines like these before. In short, I'm curious as to what they are, and roughly when they might have been manufactured, if anyone knows. Thanks in advance for any info! Weird soda maybe? Not. A. Clue.
  4. I'm not sure what columns are doing this but I know one in particular is doing this because it actually happened to me. I always vend each flavor when I restock to make sure everything is working properly. 9 times out of 10 they all work fine. But then the other night I put $0.75 in and select Pepsi, which is in a single column, and nothing happened. I tried to get my change back and it wouldn't return my change. I figured that's because the machine thinks it already gave me my drink. I put another $0.75 in and it gave me 2 Pepsi. I did it 3 more times and it worked normal. I've heard this happening to other people. So something's off. What's going on?
  5. From the album: Misc. Bin

    A rack at the Wausau Wisconsin mall, tucked into a hallway off the food court. I stopped to grab a photo as the displays were rather unusual.
  6. From the album: Misc. Bin

    A very cool lenticular/holographic bouncy ball display.
  7. hey everybody! I am new to the vending world.. figured I will start with bulk vending to start learning the ropes... I found what seems to be a good deal on craigslist for a route and types of machines... I would really appreciate any feedback, tips, questions to ask... honestly anything helps... If you have 5 minutes to talk on the phone to help me out, EVEN BETTER! I would really appreciate it! I will be meeting up with him tonight to talk about the route... The add pretty much states the following (the post expired or I would actually post it)... "$2500 for 12 machines already located... 5 extra machines to expand route... supposedly it grosses $400-$600 a month" Selling because this was a test route because he is in soda and snack vending but lives in another city... this is a commute for him to service... The Gross seems a little too good to be true (but then again I am new to this)... and feel it might be too expensive and says he doesn't have records or anything for poof of what they actually gross... he sent me an email with the type of location and type of machines located there... Here is the list of locations, with the types of machines: Dry Cleaners, Reeces, Bubble, Pnut, Mike&Ike. 4 selection UTurn. Corporate Office, Hot Tamales, Gum, Skittles, Pnut. 4 selection UTurn Dry Cleaners, HT, G, Pnut, Skittles. 4 selection Uturn. Real Estate office, Pnut, Reeses. Two head Oak. Real Estate office, Pnut, Gum. Two head Oak. Warehouse, Pnut, Reg M&M. Two head Oak. Machine Shop, Gum, Skittles, Pnut. Three head Oak. Auto dealership, Gum, Pnut, Reeces, Skittles. 4 selection Uturn. Apartment Complex, Gum, Reeces, Skittles, Pnut. 4 selection Uturn. Machine Shop, Pnut, Gum. Two head Oak. Motel, Pnut, Skittles, HT, Gum, Reeces. 8 selection double stack Uturn. Auto Engineering, Gum, Pnut x2. Two head Oak. There are also five additional machines as follows: 1x 8-selection double stack Uturn. 2x triple head oaks. 2x 4-slection Uturns.
  8. All i know about these is they are somewhat old and that they are beaver, i wonder how much they would be worth they all work perfectly, if you can give any info on these anything is helpful i'm completely in the dark on these
  9. I own a Savamco Mac-22, which I've also seen listed as a Fro-Mac Snack/Drink Vending Machine. Mine is Grey/Black and it seems schematics for the machine are lost due to the company no longer existing. It's intermittently not accepting cash and sometime will only accept up to 2 dollars. It has worked completely at various times. I've got an electrical engineer friend who offered to look at it, but documentation is really hard to find. We've already replaced the coin-co bill acceptor, checked the DIP switches, made sure change was in the reserve.... at kind of a loss unless we could get our hands on some more info... Is it going to be possible to find schematics? Is there a solution we might be overlooking? Should I bite the bullet and buy a new control board on ebay? There is one currently listed for 350 Should I totally scrap the machine and purchase something different? There is an AP snakshop 112 on my local craigslist that the person is asking 750 for but I probably could talk him down a bit.
  10. I just picked up a Lektro Vend VS99 with a location...my problem is the Bill Validator [hopefully not the machine.] I have a MEI VN2311 with a Maka to MEI harness. Coin mech takes coins well, all motors works, board seems to function properly. Here is the problem: The BV accepts the dollar but doesn't show a dollar credit on the display board. Can anyone give me some suggestions thank you .
  11. I just came across an FSI / USI 3039 The Bill Validator takes a few bills then has trouble with the next. [$1 insert then vend, $1 insert then vend & repeat - then stops] Make: Nippon Conlux Co., LTD Model: NB2-16A-400 I want to change the whole BV all together. Looks like a single price soda machine harness - not too sure. Can the forum please help me out in this situation I am up against. Happy Mother's Day - Mothers!
  12. Can anybody help me figure out Mississippi sales tax? I'm trying to start full line vending, not bulk. I used to do bulk but want to do snacks and drinks. I don't get it, the state website says full line operators selling snacks and drinks are exempt from sales tax. Why is vending specifically excluded? Do I still have to file a sales tax return? Do I buy product exempt? If so, what is the wholesale tax? Is that how vendors pay, through the wholesale? If so, does that mean Coke and Pepsi pass along the tax to me and I pay them or do they pay the tax? If I pay them then why do I need a sales permit number at all? Help!
  13. Hello, New to this forum. Vending machines have always been of particular interest to me. I had a friend in middle school whos father owned a vending machine business. Found myself a frequent buyer of vending machine products and was always intriqued by the machines as if they were calling to me. Below Id like to put down some components of my business plan (before I develop it fully) and see what the members here think! A little about me: I grudgingly went the college route and got an AA, continueing to get a BA in marketing. I do real estate (appraisal and sales), which Im just starting to really get going. Im looking to soon get my foot into a side business. I am young but dont party, I enjoy browsing forums and reading. I will soon dive through 5 years worth of forum posts+. My position allows me flexibility as Im on commissions and traveling throughout my county (this could be beneficial, but theres no fixed route in my business, though maybe I could do some kind of monthly checklist system). I have some business education being self studied and formerly owning a LLC that I did little with. My plan as far as business components would look something like this: Im definately looking to get good at crunching numbers and such sooner rather than later so Im not losing too much money through inexperience. An option to a fast start seems to buy an entire route which occasionally come up for sale on Craigslist. They seem to do price reductions until someone makes a move. I do my research, for example theres a machine that was listed $1700 (ha) then now $1200 and soda machine plus location arent worth that since I know the area is a ghetto. Numbers count to me so before any purchase I would want to see an operating income statement or some such info instead of word of mouth. Different components Im thinking will help better ensure success: -LLC/DBA/Necessary permits (Sellers permit?) (Some general name for the LLC incase I wish to put another DBA under it) ($1000+ in CA!!!) -Vending machines (with a focus on soda/snack machines) (25 workers or frequented establishments being prime) (these machines seem like less hassle and servicing than honor boxes/small niches, for example owning a bunch of triple heads seems like much more driving which is a pain even if better margins) (If Im to compare it to real estate it seems like owning single family houses VS apartments) -On Call repair person -Location service + $100 placement ads on Craigslist (Do not have so much time for prospecting) -Prepaid legal (Why not, its inexpensive and I can ask many questions...) -Insurance -A good friendly bank to handle all the currency/Coins -Items supplier (Sams Club/Costco a viable route?) -Website/Phone/Business Cards (+car and other necessities) -Myself to service machines when possible and the sales/customer service skills to keep business owners satisfied -A process to appraise locations by traffic and type of customers (Rather go this route than trial and error, there must be a way) Ill be sure to browse through the forum for any tricks of the trade. For example if there is some trick say to fix bill validators without the use of a tech and save my $%^ bucco bucks then Ill do it without outsourcing. Love this business model despite the hassles because it seems more passive than the work Im accustomed too. Ideas, thoughts, etc? Thank you, Brandon Kyle Clark Aspiring Millionaire
  14. Hey guys my first time posting on the forum and I am glad this site is online you guys always give great information...I was wondering if you know of a good locator or if someone would be willing to place some prize vendors for me? I had a mall account but they needed the space so I have 4 pieces of equipment that I need to put out ASAP..I would do it myself but I don't really have the time. I need to place the following pieces of equipment: Barber Cut Lite Movie Stop Deal Or No Deal (Street Version) Hole-N-Win (Smart Ind) I've also pondered the idea of selling these as well. Ruben
  15. Hello all: I heard on one of my other threads that the national monthly gross income average is only $7 per machine per location. If that is correct, it will take a very long time to make any profit or a living with vending machines. How can you make a decent living with bulk vending machines? I was thinking of tripples, with one head dispensing gum, another dispensing m&m's or skittles, and the last one dispensing toys, stickers or tattoos. But still, at $7 per head (if that is correct thinking), that is still only $21 per location. How many machines should I have in a location to make enough to make vending profitable? Also, if bulk machines have the highest profit, which machines are the most profitable? I have heard about Chicken and "All American Chickens", but I am not sure if those are bulk vending. i also think that they are very expensive, especially if I am just starting out. I know this is a totally newbie type question, and to some may be dumb, but I really want to start off on the right foot and get into vending without regret. That is why I joined this forum. Any suggestions on machines or strategy would be very much appreciated. Thanks. Take care. Mario
  16. From the album: Misc. Bin

    I was making a "short" reply to a thread in the bulk section when I used the phrase "Beaver Clones Attack!" and immediately the Star Wars movie came to mind. A few minutes later, and this amateurish photo is the result. It's dumb, but it made me smile, so here it is for the rest of you! Enjoy!
  17. Please take this survey for our team's design http://goo.gl/forms/f8a8j2e2aQ
  18. Ok, so I have someone that has offered me a route in payments, minimal down (200). It's up my alley and the machines I'm used to. Yes, I understand there are people that don't like U-turn's but I'm looking at the whole picture and still plan on building racks, but wanted an opinion on if it's worth it or not. There are 20 on location, 5 being tall 8's, the other 15 are 4's. They are newer style and in good shape. The route currently is grossing 640 and change for the 20. After talking with him, it's not set up right. I could pull half that out of one of the locations, but that's besides the point. There is another 50-4 selection machines in the garage also in great shape, with about 2800.00 of spare coin mechs and parts. Gross net after product is about 410 on the low side. So in total there is 70 working machines and he wants 10,000.00 for it in payments over 2 years. With 200 down, it would be 400 a month for 24 months no interest. The locations are established and have been in place for 5 years. Is it worth it? That leaves 50 machines to put in place for the profit and whatever else I could make the current 20 go up.
  19. When is it a good time to jump in bed with the bottling companies, such as Coke, Pepsi, 7up? Can you guys tell me about the experiences you've had or are currently going through. Good or Bad. Do's and don't, pros and cons, etc. Thanks in advance.
  20. From the album: Performa Vending Machines

    This is a very tight space in the entryway of a Mexican restaurant a short ways from the Interstate. Just because there isn't depth for a rack doesn't mean certain product options are off the table- you just have to get creative!
  21. ok Say you have a vending machine that holds chips and such. Can that vending machine be adjusted or is it automatically adjusted told hold whatever you put in it???
  22. Hi, i'm trying to find a representative of Saeco vending branch in Canada, who could offer me one of the newest vending coffee machine like Atlante or Diamante. I've been looking for a possibility for long enough but still didn't manage to get any.. Please can someone advise on how and where to buy Saeco Vending machine in Canada (Calgary) Thank you for your support.
  23. Klutch

    Vend level?

    What level do you guys vend at? If any of you vend skittles, how many comes out per quarter? A little about me, I just purchased my first machine. It's an Ashland triple head. I'm opening an office the middle of next month, and I'm looking forward to installing it in the lobby.
  24. So I just got back from wholesale they were pushing Grow healthy vending any comments would be awesome
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