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Found 141 results

  1. Hey everyone, I wanted to add a review for VendingLocator4U (www.vendinglocator4u.com) I've worked with Rodney for a few locations here and there and I can definitely vouch for his services. From my experience, he was very quick to return with locations and didn't ask for any money until the machine was placed. Not only placed... but I was happy and satisfied with the location. The places were expecting me to show up and in his notification email to me, he included all the details I would require. I knew who had approved the machine, hours of business and contact information for the business. He was very thorough. I can't complain about any of the service. I know we've all heard of these other big companies but I am VERY GLAD that I didn't get sucked into one of those and instead listened to the reviews here on the forum. Rodney is a great guy to work with and promptly responds to any of my inquiries. Thanks for reading...
  2. I keep seeing most vendors are turning away from snack vending... i only see the big companies working the snack vending lines and they do a poor job if that at maintaining the machines. Our company does do snack vending but we are so small in the industry we just cant keep up anymore and wanna hear from fellow vendors what you all think.... Is Snack Vending A Dying Trade?
  3. Hello, I am a bulk candy vendor, but I have a client wanting a soda machine. Can anyone give me brand names for good quality used soda machines? I would consider snack/soda also if price is reasonable. Looking to pay about $1000. Is that a reasonable expectation? There are about 50-60 employees it would service. Thank you in advance. Vending in Atlanta
  4. We are having a spring sale! Starting Monday, March 2nd, we are offering the following pricing: Southern Beaver 16: only $65!!! Round Beaver 16 or Square Beaver: only $75!!! and, our new economy stand, the ES 100 at an introductory price of only $30 for a single or $35 for a double!!! You can purchase a whole single head setup for less than $100 OR a whole double head setup for less than $200!!!! Machines include our New Generation coin mechanism. To place your order, call 905-836-4700 ext. 106 and speak with Nicole or email nicole@beavervending.com. Sale ends when March 31st. Use promo code MARCHVEND. *All additional options are extra
  5. I was looking up the details for my local Amtrak train station. It currently has about 21,000 visitors a year, which means approx 58 people a day in the station. Does this sound like enough to justify a Pop and snack machine? I was thinking of getting 2 separate machines, possibly both glass front (something about those just interested me ), and having credit card options on both. Anyone every service a train station? Any benefits? pit falls? Thanks, Abram
  6. We have started having a lot of issues with contracts not being followed. This is just an FYI people, read the contract! Jeez!
  7. ONLY those with knowledge and experience please respond with your best answers...everyone else learn I make $1500-$1700 monthly. I have bootstrapped my life style and I am completely financially free. All I hear now is I should get a job or go back to school, I get it. (I have 50 donation boxes and 40 more gumball machines to put out and those will be total profit) I work 2 days a month, all my bills are paid and I LOVE IT, people don't like that, but in all my other spare time (instead of building my business) I learn other businesses that interest me. And start them up. I have a marathon mentality am I going about this all wrong? Isn't this the point being a salesman whose commissions continue to pay him? Or an entrepreneur/business owner? 2 days a month! I told that to my baller uncle in law and said he would take my life any day over his high paying full time job. All my bills are paid and I have little to spare but can afford to take my wife out to dinner every now and then. But I totally survive off my own kills. However I am not stacking and saving until I place those 90 units. This is not the ideal marriage for any newlywed I understand, but I DO NOT KNOW MY FUTURE WITH VENDING. It really seems like there is no cap to put on it!!! That drives me crazy to dominate my territory. But then I think I can put the same amount of energy and build something that can effect millions. But I wont be making as much in that time. I will still be in my bootstrap low income zone. Which equals another year of nagging about the things we don't do or have. I wrote this to ask where is it leading sticking and growing a bulk candy/donation box/vending machine route. Do I spend my life trying to get into hospitals and Home Depot break rooms? I know I can take my business to a DOMINATION level with all the spare time I have, but is it smarter to begin something that will earn more or keep building and building a business that has been so generous? I have learned wither I pick up a phone to call a millionaire or my mom it all takes the same amount of energy. Do any of you readers have a 401k? Is this really long term wealth? How do you look at your numbers? What inspires you? Do you have a second job and this is all savings? Vacation money? How much are you earning? What is ideal? What were some of your vending dreams/goals? How far have you gone? Did you veer off into other businesses? Are you the guy at the malls or in the Walmart? If there is any information you need from me to help you better understand something please respond. Again total transparency, it can only help. Thanks for reading and replying. I think just writing this kind of gave me some insight as well. All reading, hope this helps!
  8. Hey guys. So as I have been getting slightly involved in this forum, I feel like I want to give vending a shot. I just have a few questions. 1) What is a good, "cheapish", vending machine. You know the good old starting machine. I have had a few suggestions of the AP 113 and the AP 7600, but those are $1500. Is that going to be the price I need to pay to get into the business? 2) Wholesale/distributor. Where do you go to get the pop at a better price? I live near Brush, CO where there is a Pepsi distributor, is that a good place to start. 3) Pop or snack? What is the best way to start in the vending game? Do you go for a snack machine and a soda machine? What did some of you guys do when you started as I see there are people in here who started in the 80's. Mission's cost to service topic gave some great detail on the cost of operations, but I was just wondering if there are "pointers" for new people getting into the business. 4) Contracts/Stations Those are the right words, but how does one go about getting places to put there machines at? I saw commission so I guess that you offer the owner of the place a set commission on how well the machine does. I look forward to hearing from everyone. Thank You.
  9. Established in 1963 as Machine-O-Matic, Beaver began as an aluminum and zinc casting manufacturer, producing replacement parts for bulk venders. Once established, the company quickly expanded, casting a variety of components for a wide range of customers. Today, Beaver Machine Corporation designs, fabricates and sells a wide variety of innovative mechanical bulk vending and flat line vending machines, while still maintaining our casting business. BMC's mechanical rotary coin mechanisms are known as the best in the industry and are offered in over 100 countries around the world. They are designed to measure the diameter and thickness of each coin, while rejecting slugs and foreign currency of similar size. The NG coin mechanism is used not only in Beaver’s own equipment, but is also presently sold to other equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of several types of vending equipment, worldwide. Beaver Machine Corporation continues to believe in constant improvement. We invest much of our time and energy on research and development for the creation of new products, as well as the maintenance of established lines. Today, with the help of Computer Assisted Design, or CAD models, we continue to research and refine our products to make them work for you. For more information about our products, please visit www.beavervending.com, or feel free to contact us here on The VENDiscuss Forum with any questions or suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!
  10. i am going to buy my first route so what do you think. 3 antares combo vending machines on location. they are selling them for 380 each and make 40-60 per month and no commission. i was thinking it would be a grate price for entry level but the antares machines are terrible from what i have heard should i buy it?
  11. Moved to classifieds... http://vendiscuss.net/index.php?/classifieds/item/783-looking-to-add-to-your-business/
  12. Hey guys getting my first gumball machine in a few days and I was wondering what sites have worked the best for you guys thus far. How do gas stations fare? I know laundromats would probably do well. Any other places that I should be on the lookout for? Secondly is the matter of actually "selling" the business owner on letting me set up shop. Do you guys write up contracts for the (renter?) of the space? Is there any tried and true methods that might make the startup conversation go smoothly? Thanks in advance, -The Jackrabbit
  13. 32 downloads

    This is a price sheet from Eagle Emc. Current as of July, 2014.


  14. Came across this posting - http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/bfs/4595246739.html I have asked for the specifics, but any feedback is appreciated.
  15. Hi everyone, I have the opportunity to buy 10 land a quarter games at ten different location for $1695. To me this seems like a good idea and that It has the potential to make money. The locations do not take a fee and the prizes only cost me $1 with 1 in 460 odds of winning. Is this a good business idea?
  16. This question goes out to all you industry veterans out there. I currently have a small Amusement / bulk vending operation going and I'm looking for the best way to expand my business rapidly in terms of revenue. My intuition (and many previous posts) tells me that high-end redemption games like Keymaster, Winners Cube, Barber Cut, and Prize Transporter are the best way to go. I've read through the vast majority of the posts in the Amusement Vending section and the wisdom here is vast. Thank you to all the big contributors like Bill Nuts, Dogcow, Roostyr, Ronsidney, Havending, Mainor5251, Jayhawk22, will.vend, and many others I'm sure I'm forgetting. I've already learned a ton from you guys before learning things the "hard way" and it is sincerely appreciated. Specifically I'm curious about the following items which I have not yet seen in other posts: What is the "lowliest" type of location you would put a Keymaster like machine in? Obviously malls, movie theaters, & other similar locations work great, but what about say a busy restaurant, or a 99 cent store? Related to #1, going after the big accounts like Malls, movie theaters, etc goes without saying but since those can take some time, what would you consider the "average" type of location where you might be willing to put one of these. What is the low-end monthly revenue at your lowliest locations (before prizes and splits)? What types of locations are these? What is the least acceptable monthly revenue number in your opinions on a Keymaster or similar? For every $1000 in revenue monthly, how much of that normally goes towards prizes? I know many of these settings are built into machine just want to get an idea. For these types of machines what splits are you usually offering locations? 25%, 35%? On Gross or Net? Anyone out there using the Impulse Industries Prize Transporter? How does it compare to Keymaster, Babercut, Stacker, etc. This seems like a great machine but I haven't seen anyone mention it yet. For those in CA, does anyone know if there are any important Legal & license considerations to take into account in California for these machines specifically? I've seen many posts complain about the strict laws in GA for example, just curious if there are any similar concerns in California. What is the best way to find and buy used or refurbished equipment of this nature besides Ebay & Craigslist? Is there a good universal way to install CC readers and remote monitoring on these machines? Seems like this would be very useful to optimize collections and down-time. I feel capable and ready to move into this high-end arena for many reasons not the least of which is that I'm very comfortable around computer internals and electronics. Thank you Bill Nuts for driving that point home in previous posts! I'm sure I have a lot to learn but I'm a quick study and hungry to get going. If you have any other important pointers which I might have missed please do share. Thank you in advance for your responses.
  17. Me: My name is Scott. You all: "Hello Scott!" Newbie, in a sense of the word. My uncle was for quote some time in the vending business...candy, gum, snacks & cigarettes. I've taken over his operations as a side project, so consider me a noob I suppose. Looking forward to some good hearty conversations! Please introduce yourself if you feel compelled...would mean a great deal to have some veterans in my corner!
  18. I have secured a few good locations for my Wowie Zowie machines. These locations (as I expected) Require me to carry insurance. Does anyone have any suggestions on companies that cover this sort of thing that have reasonable rates and preferably can do it all online. Thanks
  19. Hi everyone. This site looks very good. I have just started out in the vending world. I have 2 accounts already at a local train station near my home. Grossing around $500 a month there. I wanted to ask you guys a few questions as I am looking to expand.. 1. What do you guys think about targeting Dr's offices, Chiro offices, Salons, Tanning facilities, Gyms, Nail Salons, Libraries for a "healthy vending" concept? 2. What is the best way to find new locations? Cold call, walk in, buy out old locations, advertise? 3. How much can I expect to make if I put in 40-50 hours a week at this? 4. Do you guys buy insurance for you machines? 5. Is accepting credit cards worth it? Thanks for the help ahead of time! -Patrick
  20. Does anyone know where I'd be able to purchase a single Tomy Gacha dispenser? I want one for a personal art project of mine so I won't be using it in stores or anything. I've seen an offer on ebay recently but they don't have the keys and the coin box is missing which makes its pretty much useless to me. Unfortunately I haven't found anyone who has an affordable price that also does shipping. There is a guy selling his 2 dispenser set for 50$ for local pickup but I'm too far away to drive to his location so I'm trying to convince him to sell me just one dispenser for that price if he ships it. If anyone could help out that would be amazing.
  21. Hi I plan to start the vending business and am new. Would appreciate guidance from experienced vendors. Regards Devi
  22. Hi, I am looking for best Digital Vending Machines which can be used for soft drinks dispensing. Can anyone please assist. Thanks, Richi
  23. http://rt.com/usa/usda-ban-junk-food-schools-048/ Glad I don't have any school accounts at the moment. Are companies going to follow suit??
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