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Found 141 results

  1. Can you guys help me out here? I moved my AP CS-12 yesterday and hit a bump and the machine fell! It suffered very little damage thank god, except for this "hinge pin" in the door. How do I go about replacing it? I attached some photos.
  2. Hey guys. Just landed a nice account. 2 Mexican automotive shops with massive foot traffic. Was wondering, what sells well to this demographic outside of Flamin' Hot Cheetos? Ideas please!
  3. Ok. First off this is a bit of a rant. but I feel it is necessary. Anyway, I have been going at this vending game for a little over 2 years. I have one very good account now that nets me $1,000 a month, and one smaller account that does about $100 a month net. I live in a town of about 80,000 people, plus two colleges with over 25,000 students. I have had probably 25 meetings with various account managers in all types of business's. I have been aggressive with follow ups, explained my pricing structure, discussed commissions when applicable, and been overly nice. I HAVE NOT CLOSE ONE ACCOUNT IN OVER YEAR! I have been very upset as I feel I am very up front with all these locations, and my pricing is very competitive. I am getting to the point where I feel I am too small to compete with these guys. What the hell am I doing wrong? I hate to sound winey, but this is a tough business, and I am a tough dude, as I have been battling Addisons Disease for over 2 years. I just need some veterans to chime in, and maybe wake my golpher up a bit. I don't think I could have been more clear, friendly, and concise in these meetings. I even offer a variety of "healthier" options too. I feel I may be missing something. There really is only 3 other vending companies in my area..
  4. Shopped at Sprinkle in NY today and had a great experience check this out. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2014/03/25/24-hour-cupcake-atm-opens-on-upper-east-side/
  5. Hey everybody. Had a quick question. I recently moved my AP CS12 to another location. I bumped and banged the machine a few times whilst moving it. Once I plugged it in, everything worked ok but selection A2. I have it set for 0.75, and when I put money in, the display simply flashes, and fails to vend for me. Sort of like the machine not sensing that I want a product from A2. I haven't had this problem before, and am wondering if there is some damage I may have done during the move??
  6. I have been searching the forums for a while now and have decided that I want to try amusement vending and more specifically crane machines. I saw this one on Craigslist in my area and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of machine this is and if it is a good machine to start with. Also how much do you guys think it's worth? Thanks!
  7. I'm curious to know how far you guys would drive / have driven to purchase a snack or drink machine. I will be making a 3 hour one way drive this weekend which makes it 6 hour round trip. I will be picking up two USI Snack machines. Thoughts...
  8. Here's the first look at our new 1 inch product- 2 of the 5 characters of our new line of soft & squeezable Fossil Friends! We will reveal the other 3 characters and their bios soon, so stay tuned! We are very excited for this new line of dinosaur characters.
  9. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/calorie-info-coming-to-vending-machines/ The gist of this is that it applies to companies with 20 or more machines. This will offer zero return on investment and may actually cause us to lose money. Wow...
  10. I have been thinking about getting into vending part time. I have also been considering ATM machines since they are much easier to service. Does anyone have any experience with these?
  11. Hi guys..hope all is well. Here is a page I find that list all the private schools in the USA, by state, county, student size, etc. I have been cold calling all day! Have fun.. http://www.privateschoolreview.com/
  12. Hi guys. With the Holidays coming up, I have 3 "follow ups" to do to secure my new locations. I met with the owners and head librarians in my region, and am scheduled to call them this week. I called one last week, and he said "I still need time". As in he hadn't made a definitive decision. I know it's a flaky nation we live in, but how do you guys get your locations after the initial meetings?? I have only gotten 1 location thus far, and I am trying hard to land the library, and dealership. What should I say when I call? I feel I come off too hard maybe? I have a basic script I follow, but I think I need to just let them know that the contract is ready, and I can stop by to have you guys look it over and sign it? If they give me last minute resistance, do I offer the commission? You guys have been very helpful so far. My first post on here was so much info! I wanna get my locations secured before Turkey Day!! $$$
  13. So. I'm sure this a dumb question, but where do you guys buy 20 oz's of Pepsi, Coke, Mt Dew, DP, etc? I called Sams and Costco and they only do can's and I believe 24 oz's? What are my available options here guys? Trying to close some more accounts this week. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving :-)
  14. Hi everyone. This site looks very good. I have just started out in the vending world. I have 2 accounts already at a local train station near my home. Grossing around $500 a month there. I wanted to ask you guys a few questions as I am looking to expand.. 1. What do you guys think about targeting Dr's offices, Chiro offices, Salons, Tanning facilities, Gyms, Nail Salons, Libraries for a "healthy vending" concept? 2. What is the best way to find new locations? Cold call, walk in, buy out old locations, advertise? 3. How much can I expect to make if I put in 40-50 hours a week at this? 4. Do you guys buy insurance for you machines? 5. Is accepting credit cards worth it? Thanks for the help ahead of time! -Patrick
  15. I'm starting into an article writing exploration and have a new one up on bulk vending. Let me know what you think! http://www.infobarrel.com/The_Truth_About_Making_Money_in_Bulk_Vending
  16. From the album: picnmix vending

    please see a link to this wonderful product we have spotted .very quick vend hygenic and theft free http://youtu.be/ZGgj4WBtoEw
  17. Greetings- I'm new to the forum, and looking forward to learning as much as I can from this knowledgable community. I'm interested in vending a variety of small music related items, catering to working musicians in my community here in Brooklyn. Items such as guitar strings, power adapters, etc. It's a small personal enterprise, but I want to make sure I do it right. So- 1. any advise on vending maching models condusive to selling products of varying shapes and packagings? Also that take CC and bigger bills ($1's-$20's) 2. Buy vs lease? Any other info is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  18. I was wondering if any has had experience purchasing an existing snack/soda route through a business broker. If so, which companies are recommended? I came across this listing, (without too many details) seems like 2 years profits + equipment. (Profit seems low for the # of machines.) What does everyone think? COKE / SNACK VENDING nets $400 PER WEEK IN JUST 4 HOURS PER WEEK.....ONLY....$65K total Service ONLY 2 Commercial Stops and net after all operating expenses $400/wk! 100% All Cash Business. Includes 13 Machines (8 Soda Machines, 4 Snack Machines and 1 Combo Machine). Equipment is only One (1) years old and approximate value $25K. The 2 Stops are right across the street from each other. Great area and GREAT start up business. Can easily be expanded. Full training provided by Experienced Seller.
  19. I'm mainly putting this here to say go check out my app review blog at www.seeiapps.com and let me know what you think/subscribe BUT aside from that, has anyone come across any vending apps? I'd imagine one that is business oriented would work well, wonder if there is one out there? also, what do you use your smartphone or tablet for as far as vending goes?
  20. Hello everyone. Please forgive my ignorance, but I am just trying to learn a new field. Is bulk vending the easiest and vest way to start vendning? I always thought that vending soda or snacks was the way to go, but it seems that that would be left to a more sophisticated vendor. So is bulk vending the best way to start? I have been reading as many threads as I could and I have devoured the ":bulk vending starters guiide", which I think is great. However, some of the information is dated, going back as much as 2008 or 2009. I am sure that things have changed in the last few years. I would love to revive some of those threadys, if it is not considered stealing the thread. I am interested in knowing what the best used machines are? What are the best candies, toys, and stickers/tattoos that are selling? Those threads are very old. I am not knocking the thread, as it has been very informative, I just don't know if it is relavent to today's market. I would love some feedback and I am thinking about reasking some of the questions, just to get the current feel for the market at hand. I want to be a successful vendor and I think the field is very interesting. Could anyone tell me what an average (1 head operation) expected income would be monthly? Just trying to get a feel and I'm sure that information would be usefule to newbies. Thanks for the help. Mario P.s. The Title says "buld bending" when it should of said "bulk vending". Sorry about that.
  21. When most operators decide they need new machines are they more likely to buy new machines or do they look for used machines? If new, are machines from China viewed as inferior? If buying used, what search engines are best to use? Thanks
  22. I have over 40 Jukeboxes for sale. Floor and wall boxes. They all worked when we took them out of service but Im sure they could use tune ups. Table top Megatouches as well. Photo hunt, Card games, Etc. Jukes are mostly NSM CD boxes These sell in our showroom for $600 to $1500 a piece Cleaning out the wearhouse and letting them go starting at $200 each. Located in CT Dave 800-648-2636 Will not hold. Can ship. Everything sold as is. First come first serve.
  23. Fellow Texas resident here- (North Dallas area). New to the forum and vending in general. Started out good, I think, by buying almost 60 Vendesign and Ashland triples for about $450, including Uhaul rental and gas! After piecing them off through Ebay, Amazon and locally, I have about 28 vendesign and 1 Ashland triplevend left, with a TON of extra Vendesign parts. Made up my mind last week, after dealing with a bunch of nutcases on Scabslist and screwing with Ebay's ourtrageous fees and commissions, to place the machines and am going through a Houston based locator by the name of Eddie Bauer. I bought 13 locations to start off with and looking to place the others within 30 days or less. My goal is to get to about 150-200 lcoations by teh end of this year. Too aggressive? I like this forum a lot based on the reading I've done so far. Any tips on locating my own locations? And do a lot of you guys use professional brochures, business cards, and other literature, etc when you approach these businesses? Also, what are sme tips on finding cheap machines? Thanks all. Roger Fountain Plano, Texas
  24. Well, as some of you know, I started small with a couple bulk vending machines for my minor son to learn. As it turns out, an old friend noticed my son's picture with a machine on Facebook and he comes by my office this past Friday and it was a "GOOD FRIDAY" INDEED because he offered to sell me his bulk vending business at a price that I could not refuse or I would have be stupid to let it go because when opportunities like that come a knocking, you must answer the door and let them in. Now, rather than only having 4 heads working for us we now have 35-Double Head V-Line machines working for us with 23 already placed and stocked locally. Words cannot express how blessed my son and I will be with this opportunity and for this man's kindness and help for he started the business with his Grandson and he really liked that I was doing the same with my son. He not only stocked the already located machines for us but he also left us all of his leftover product. My son and I are very excited and we expect to get our ROI really quick....worst case probably within 2-3 months (Yes, that good of a deal). If anyone else has a route using V-Line Double-head candy machines, we appreciate any advice and support on this forum. I hope everyone had a blessed Easter holiday. God Bless, MrKentuckian
  25. hello guys, I have been looking around to find any vending machine which offers similar functionality to alula vending machine. If you dont know what is alula? They are new giftcard vending machines from Coinstar. Pic==> (http://www.alula.com/) I have been looking around to find anything like that, but have not had any luck so far. Also I have though of outsourcing it to a custom vending machine manufacturer, Do you know any good custom machine designer and what would I have to pay roughly for a kiosk like that??? Thanks James
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