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Found 141 results

  1. JVending


    From the album: Logo

    This is the logo that I designed in Photoshop. Includes the 3 basic things my company does. Place em. Fill em. Fix em.

    © 2013

  2. I am thinking of buying Futura Snack/soda combo machines.Does anyone have any comments about that brand.I have spent the last 8 hours reading all the comments on all types of vending machines, as well as all of the other great advice and ideas.Thank you.I havent seen one pertaining to this one machine.Other than capacity which seems good compared to others in this class what specifically would stop you from purchasing.
  3. I was talking with one guy who has an account with Coke. They lend him coke machines to place for free. In exchange he can only load coke products and he has to purchase directly from Coke who delivers to his warehouse on a regular basis. Does anyone know if it is worth setting up an account with Coke? Is the product as cheap as buying from Sam's Club for instance? Thanks, Ryan Mid-State Vending www.MidStateVending.com
  4. ?By way of introduction, my name is Martin and 7 year old son Seth are just starting out in the bulk vending business in Frankfort, KY. We have purchased 2 machines with 1 single head gumball/candy and 1 3-head machine. The single head I had mistakenly assumed it was a commercial machine but it accepts all coins but I'm going to place it in a friend's auto insurance business and put a 25 cents sticker on the globe in hopes of preventing scammers. However, I let the business owner in on the secret since he is allowing us to place a machine with no commission fees. The 3-head I found a great deal on Craigslist for $90 and my sister is moving her car dealership to a new and better location next weekend which should get sizeable traffic and we are excited about the opportunities with this location. It is about a 40 minute drive but it gives us an excuse to go visit family more often too. I have found 2 gumball machines on Craigslist for $75 and it is near my sister's business and considering purchasing these machines after I get more descriptions from the seller. From everyone on this forum: What is a good number of machines to have when starting small? Is it advisable to start strictly with double or triple head machines for better ROI?
  5. Does anyone know where I can find a template of a vending machine route card?
  6. I am starting to transition my business to full line. I am still adding 25-30 bulk/honor box accounts per month, but it is time to try soda vending. I talked to Coke yesterday and I think I will start with them. Looking for guidance as to what I need, i.e. Business license, tax id number etc. I live in Florida. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hi, I am interested in opening a coffee vending business. My question is, what sort of contract do I need to have in place with the office that I am going to put the machine in to limit my liabilities? My fear is that an employee may complain that he got sick from drinking coffee and may claim that it is due to bad beans, water, etc. If possible, can somebody PM me a sample of their contract/agreement with the customer? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I'm new on the forum, this is my first post. (My main language is french so I may make some english mistakes) I was searching a way to invest around 10k and I didnt know where to invest it to get some good returns. I did some reasearch and found that vending machine business could be a good way for me. I went on craiglist and local websites to find some used machine for sell. I found a guy selling 29 pringles/candy/peanuts with a supplier for 11.6k. The only problem is that they don't have any emplacement right now. The machines are working perfectly. With this supplier, I can buy each item in them for around 0,70$ and sell them for 2$. I think these are pretty good margins. I called the guy to see if he could sell me less machine. He said that he can sell 15 of them for 6k so half the machine for half the price. Each machine are worth around 1k and he is selling them for 400$. Is this a good investment? How hard is it to find emplacement for 15 machines? Thank you
  9. Hi, I would like to know what is the best way to talk to the manager to offer vending machine services. Is it by cold calling, email, publicity or other ? I started by cold calling but it takes a lot of time. I would save time if I would email them instead. Are email good or it's better to call them direclty? Thank you
  10. I am relatively new to vending. I have 40+ triple bulk candy vending machine and 30+ mint/honor boxes. I am looking to expand into full line vending. Currently I have the opportunity to put soda machines in 3 very good locations. I am thinking about going wth Coke and using their products. Any thoughts and how do I get in touch with the right person at Coke in my town.
  11. Just read this e-book it is full of good info and it was free. It did not sell anything else or try to get you to buy something just good info and thought I would pass it along. http://www.scribd.com/doc/95823329/Vending-Machine-Business-Guide
  12. Hi all. I am new to vending. Just started this month with a few triple head bulk vending machines. I want to start a few honor boxes to get more b ang for my startup buck. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  13. Hey I am new to the vending industry and just recently secured a location at one of the top law firms in the area. There are currently 60 employees. It has to 2 kitchens and they want a snack and drink machine in each. The office manager sent an email out to everyone with the inventory and prices and received amazing feedback. The reason they're changing vendors is because their last vendor couldn't provide a healthy option and I can. They said I could put a small drink and snack machine in one kitchen that provided less options but they wanted to be able to provide more options in the others. What machine types should I consider to be cost effective and still meet their needs? Also, what would be the max amount spent on the machines to still make it a feasible location? Thanks.
  14. I need help.Ive recently purchased about 10 grip testers.I want to place them in bars ,but i have a hard time contacting the owner and the owners that I contact keeps shutting me down.I need any help on how to approch these people should i call ?What should i say? how to I go about getting my machines placed.I really dont want to hire a locator because I feel like i can do what they do. if anyone have any tips contact me @ brent@vendunited.com this has been going on fo the past month......I NEEEED HELP
  15. As many of you know my love for the vending business is rooted in the snack box business. But today I have a full line vending meeting with the largest account I have ever sold. I have been working on this account for the last 4 months. I have been through the giving away of the brownies, to the first in person meeting, to the meeting that the presentation of the proposal was made. Today is the follow up meeting to the propasal. If an account is not interested they normally will not give you this meeting so my hopes are high as I write this post. The account has 850 employees, 4 break rooms of which 2 are upstairs. They run 7 days a week and will be a very demanding account, if I land it. At the end of the day I will be very happy or a little diappointed. I have heard many more no's than yes's when selling accounts of this size. The one thing that will not change is tomorrow I will get up knowing, I am the same person I was the day before and life will go on. Fingers crossed and here we go!!!
  16. Has anybody ever had any of those table top (mechanical) snack and pop machines? I am thinking about buying like 11 of these machines and placing them in smaller accounts.
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