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Found 15 results

  1. I've ordered double bars, triple bars, 20 stands and 20 machines thus far. I was mistaken and did not ask any of y'all for advice on bulk vending machine stands. They all look pretty much the same. However that was not a good idea with a resource like this.
  2. Hey Guys- My name is Arpit and I am new to the vending machine business. My partner and I plan on buying a route in Dallas. Texas and would love to get some insight into this market. Would anyone be willing to email us privately or get on a quick call with us? Thanks, Arpit Dua arpitduaa@gmail.com
  3. Hi everybody, I posted here before...and decided to purchase 5 bulk vending machines...3 heads. 1 is for my nephew (he is 11 and wants to get into vending) and 4 are for me. I currently run a full service vending company and am doing very well. I am a medium sized company in MA (14 locations, about 45 machines placed and 6 in need of a home) I got these machines to: 1) diversify my business. I want to take over vending in my area in all aspects 2) test to see if bulk vending is a sustainable business. The costs associated are much cheaper than full service so I thought 4 machines is a good start to track numbers, growth, etc 3) shits and giggles. I figured if they don't make money, I will sell for what I bought for ($100 each) What advice can you guys give me about bulk vending? How often do you service? What is the average monthly income for this end of the industry? Where do you buy your product from? What sells best? Basically what do I need to know in order for these machines to grow my bottom line sales figure? Also this will help me get my nephews little business off the ground! (I took him out with me last Saturday...he LOVED IT!) If this works, I would love to grow the bulk end as aggressively as I am growing the full service end, and bulk seems much cheaper to scale. Thanks for your knowledge! Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow vendors!
  4. I followed the instructions on the manual: http://www.meitechnical.com/mei-files/files/access-public/documentation/technical-documents/trc6xxx_operational_service_guide.pdf 1) Set one vend price to the highest programmable price and activate the door switch for machine. 2) Turn the machine OFF. 3) Lower the Acceptor/Gate Assembly. 4) Set the changer option switches as follows (if applicable for your model coin changer): ON U.S./ Canadian Acceptance OFF High 25¢ Sensor ON $ Coin Acceptance ON $ Coin Acceptance w/o 25¢ 5) Short the set of tuning pins by touching both simultaneously with the tip of a metal screwdriver/ tuning plug; MEI P/N 208240001 PAK 5. (See Figure 12 or Figure 13 on this page). 6) With the screwdriver/tuning plug still touching the tuning pins, turn machine ON. 7) Remove the screwdriver/tuning plug when the "normal" message appears on the display of the machine. 8 )Press the Acceptor/Gate Assembly back into position until the spring clips engage. I'm on page 15/21. I don't want to use dollar coins. Is it appropriate to switch the switches to OFF, OFF, OFF, OFF? I don't want to accept Canadian coins or dollar coins so I'd like to not calibrate them, but should I keep them on for tuning settings?
  5. It's 10am on 1/28/15 and at 3:30 pm, I'm supposed to go look at 4 Office Deli machines to purchase. I wasn't given the model numbers. Just the serial numbers and a picture, which I attached here . There are 4 machines total. -2 machines are said to be working just fine and in a business park. (they need to be removed but they work fine) -1 machine supposedly has a bad compressor in the refrigeration unit. -1 machine isn't cooling the sodas. My questions: 1. What questions should I ask the sellers before deciding to buy? 2. Anyone know of anyone in the Ventura/ Los Angeles county areas that can repair these machines? 3. Are these machines worth buying at about $1500 for all 3? I already have a location for one of the machines if I buy, so it can be placed immediately. I was going to hire a locator to place the others ASAP, as soon as they are working properly. Any advice would be helpful!!!
  6. So I just got back from wholesale they were pushing Grow healthy vending any comments would be awesome
  7. I am new to vending and am in the process of obtaining my license now. I know a guy who has given me access to 5 of his businesses right from the start. I am a complete novice and am wondering what is truly the best rout to go starting out. I will be working with about 5-$700 starting out. Yep, this is a complete from the ground up beginning for me so I am reaching out to you more experienced players in the game. What is truly the best way to start? Drinks, combo, snacks or bulk? I will be placing my machine or machines in a place where it might be a good idea for people to eat something before they have a procedure done so I was thinking a combo machine but I am not sure if I need to invest such a low amount one 1 item. Pretty much ebay is looking like they have either cheap used machines or the expensive well made good operating machines which I can't afford right now. I am aware I can look at used machines locally but don't want to start that until I at least have my license and permit. So what do you say guys? Also, any good verified places on the net to obtain decent priced used machines that I won't have to start spending money on as soon as I get it? Thanks!
  8. I have a snacktron 2 / national crane 146. The current bill validator is not working. The coin operations are working. Everything except the bill validator is working. I am trying to make the machine go into free vend but long beeps sound off every time I try to press either free vend or price (to make prices zero) while door open. The screen says coins only. test vend works perfectly fine. I do not need the bill validator. I am assuming that I can not change to free vend because it says coins only. Is this correct? Is there anyway to bypass to either reset the prices to zero or force into free vend? Could we close a circuit on the bill validator control board? Thanks in advance, Cheers
  9. Hi, I've recently acquired a Jofemar Star 7 cigarette vending machine for a home project. The only manuals I can find online are in Spanish, I've also attempted to contact the manufacturers but they never got back to me. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this machine or anything similar ? I'm having trouble trying to set prices, and was also curious if anyone knows about setting the prices to zero ? Or if this is even possible. Thanks in advance !
  10. Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Nathlye (pronounced "Nat-Lee"). I'm 25 and I live in Southern California- Ventura County, to be more specific. I have been wanting to get started in the vending machine business for quite a while now. I was even given a free 5' gumball machine to start out small, but it has just been sitting in my garage. My fear of rejection has paralyzed me quite a bit in the past. But, I'm here to work on that and get started. One step at a time, right? Anyway, does have any advice for a naive newcomer such as myself? Dos and Don'ts? Any advice is welcome, or just saying hello would be appreciated:) -Nathlye
  11. Hey Everyone, If anyone cares to read it, I wanted to lay out my scenario and see if I can get some advice. I acquired my first machine, cleaned it up. Stickers/labels are on the way for candy and charity. Candy is on the way as well and I have a location lined up (restaurant I used to work at when younger). I know the manager well and he doesn't like how the guy in there now services his machines, so all is well there. Here is my issue. The restaurant has been sued before (didn't amount to much) because someone tripped on a machine. So the manager/GM wants an insurance policy. The quote I just grabbed is $400 down, and then $42 a month. That obviously is over what I'll be making with this one (TRIPLE) machine I assume. On the other side, I've also been talking to someone about purchasing 5 machines (on location) for $100 each and taking that route over. It's in my town and close. Those locations have been going for 5 years at least and are in lobbies and breakrooms of various businesses. All vendesigns. The only way I know to pay for the insurance that the first guy wants is to drop over 1k in funds to buy that route and then stock/refill. Then looking at about 16-18 months to pay off investment. I don't know if I need advice, or if I'm more looking for the right way to approach all this. Am I looking at this in the right ways? Thanks.
  12. I have a problem with one of my Saeco Rubinos. It is the Black model, 4 hose, Software Version 14.03. Here goes. When I transfer the beverage setup and programing using the chip, all of the beverages work perfectly except for the bin 3 (soluble). Without doing any changes to the beverage configuration the bin pumps out the soluble into bowl 2 but sends water and starts the whipper in bowl 1. Bowl 2 fills up with powder. Bowl 2 works perfectly with bin 2 (Hot Chocolate). The first thing I tried was to adjust the sequence which was 0 0 0 0 3, I scrolled away from the 3 and tried to come back to it but the 3 was no longer available. It disappeared. I went down to my local Saeco shop, they had never heard of this problem. I thought that my chip had possibly been corrupted so I bought a new one with the factory settings installed. I came back to my shop, installed it, and… I got the three back in my sequence but the machine continued as before to pump the soluble out of bin 3 and send the water and turn on the whipper motor for bowl 1. So now I have run out of ideas, has anyone found a solution to this issue?
  13. Trying to break into the business and I have a million questions. How do I go about getting my first spots to put the machines in? Does anyone have a stardardized contract I could edit and use once I reach and agreement with a business? Whats the best place to get machines from? When I'm starting out with a couple machines should I just get my drinks/snacks from costco/sams club? Any other suggestions you throw my way would be greatly appreciated. I'm starting out in the birmingham area. Just looking for advice from those who have been there before. Thanks for any advice
  14. Hello everyone, My name is Norm & i own Pie in the Sky Enterprises located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am currently involved in Bulk Vending and have the desire to move into beverage vending. I have approached Pepsi Canada about their program for machine use. They provide the machine and maintain it while i am responsible for the product and collections. In exchange for this they have asked me to make a commitment to purchase 15 cases per month per machine & to only use their products. What i would like to know is does this sound reasonable or should i pass on deal and look into purchasing my own machines and operating them independently. Thank you in Advance for advice and time.
  15. So i've been looking into some different ideas for toys to vend and had a couple questions. First of all do you find that gender neutral toys do better than have "boys" machine and a "girls machine, (Hot wheels and princess stuff for example) The other question is on pricing. I have 25cent coin mech on my 1 inch machine, and a 1 dollar coin mech on my 2 inch machine. After reading some posts I have decided that it is hard to make money with 25cent coin mech so I was going to upgrade to a 50 c or a second 1 dollar mech. I'm leaning towards the 1 dollar one, just because I find the cheaper toys just look really junky, but maybe it is better to have two different price points side by side? My last question is if anyone has sold the Marvel Superheroes balls. They look awesome to me, but wondering if anyone has sold them and how they did? Thanks for the help!
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