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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys, I've been talking to Betson a little bit about the new AMS Steeley soda/ beverage machine. It's fairly new so I can't find a whole lot of information on it, as far as reliability goes. Anyone have any experience with one of these? I have several AMS snacks and combos on the road currently and I'm pretty happy with them. The Steely looks pretty nice cosmetically. Was hoping I could vend 16.9 oz bottles out of it.
  2. I have an AMS 39-vcb drink / snack combo machine at our school that has been making abnormal sounds and shaking. When I looked inside, there is an insulated tube, that has melted into itself. I'm not sure what it is or what to fix. Any help?
  3. I have an AMS 39-Vcb combo vending machine. In the drink rows, we have a broken spiral motor that won't turn on or move. Does anyone have any info on easy or maybe harder ways to get this fixed?
  4. At our school vending machine, whenever I restock it, I notice that there are multiple drinks that have fallen from the spirals of the combo machine because of people shaking it. Any suggestions on how to stop people from being able to shake it?
  5. Hey guys, I'm having a problem with 2 AMS machines. Every time I go into either location, there is a decent amount of water coming from under the machine. The hoses that go into the pan are connected just fine. There is never any water laying in the pan, just seems to be coming from an area I cannot pinpoint. I put a little stack of paper towels on the inside of the cabinet towards the front of the machine on the right, just in front of the coils, and the next day, it was already soaked in water. Just wondering, has anyone come across this type of problem? The delivery bin door is not stuck open. Compressor doesn't seem to be running over time and nothing ever frosts up inside. This is one of my best accounts and I would hate for the guy to get mad at me about this. In the mean time, I put pans underneath the machine, but even that doesn't catch all the water sometimes. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  6. All, Trying to simply replace a motor on a AMS 39 machine. For some reason the machine won't recognize the motor count when I config. I don't see any crossed wires. The ground wire is on top and selection wire on bottom plug of the motor. The motor will test vend (has power) but when you config the machine motors it oddly just turns this one motor and the motor count doesn't change. When you remove it completely the motor count displays and no other motor turns. When the motor is attached....you are able to vend from the line 1 time but the second vend tells you to select another item. We also get a HOME error. Am I missing a step on this machine? Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Hey group, Thanks for allowing me in. I'm looking at getting our first location with my 9yr old daughter , it's a hospital that currently has 1 snack and 1 drink machine stocked by a large vending firm. I got into the location with a promise of better service and healther choices. Looking at going with a brand new machine as i have no idea how to fix a used unit should issue arise and after reading post on here it seems issues are many. Shipping seems to be an costly due to weight i see that costco sells AMS & Crane machines has anyone ever dealt with Costco? Any other places i should look for new mahines? As well as any other hint, tips or trick would be greatly appreciated Father daughter team
  8. Hey guys I need a little help with an AMS 639 machine that accepts money, coins and bills, then displays remove product on the display and will not allow any products to be dispensed but it will return your money if the coin return button is pressed. Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. Greetings from A&M Equipment Sales. In the next couple of weeks, A&M will be having a parts liquidation from brands like AMS, AP, GPL, National, Dixie Narco and Vendo. Stay tuned for more information.... Meanwhile, please visit our website www.amequipmentsales.com
  10. Hi fellow snack folks, I have had 3 AMS Visi-Combos for about 3 years. The compressor on one machine is not working. I bypassed the machine and plugged the compressor directly into the wall. The compressor starts running for 2 seconds and then cuts off. I plugged it into a surge protector and after the 2 seconds, it pops the surge. The distributor I bought the machines from says I need a new compressor, but to me this sounds like an electrical issue. I've tried to find someone to work on it, but I can only find a couple of folks who are talking in the $1,000 range. I'm a very technical person, so I'd rather just learn how the compressor works anyway. I found a very useful section about removing the compressor (linked below) which I plan to try. I'm hoping I'll be able to see if something looks fried on the electrical that I can replace or at least get a sense for how to install a new compressor if that's what's needed. Basically, I'm looking for 2 things: 1. Does anyone have any pictures of the AMS Visi-combo 39 compressor so I can get an idea of what I'm going into before I get there? 2. I'm open to any advice or suggestions here. If you know reasonable repair people in Philly, I wouldn't be adverse to that either. Thanks muchly!
  11. I am looking at purchasing a route consisting of two locations: Location one has 1 AMS snack machine with a card reader. Clean working condition. In a high school with verified gross annual sales of 7000. Location two has 2 AMS snack machines with card readers. Clean working condition. In a high school with verified gross annual sales of 12000. Profit margin at both locations is 65% before commission is paid Neither location has a contract, but a long standing relationship Both locations pay 8% commission Both locations have additional snack machines from other vendors. Asking price is $10,500. Is this a solid purchase and what would be a reasonable valuation? We are just beginning to build our business so it is one of our first couple of purchases. Appreciate any input or feedback
  12. I got my first NEW AMS snack placed last week at the local airport. Not doing spectacular, but everyday I check it, it seems there's a little more traffic than the day before. I think more people are finding it (I hope). The second machine that I have the questions about is a refurbished AMS 35 Combo (don't rant, it is what the customer asked for and I hope to talk him into an upgrade). The machine pretty much looks new, and most everything looks new, except I have 4 positions that won't test vend and show up as "MISSING" when I do a Config. I have checked the wire and swapped them temporarily with it's previously working neighbor and got working results. That rules out bad motors. Is it something I am missing to initialize or setup? The machine is fresh out of the clear wrapping and is still sitting in my shop. I hate to place it, without the 4 motors working. I have checked all the connections and don't know any way to check further... Second question is for the Nayax CC reader I put on it. I hooked it all up and everything seems correct, it shows up on the website as working, but it says "TEMPORARILY DENIED" on three different credit cards. Is there something special or magical I need to do to get it 'kickstarted'? I wanted to place this one tonight, but 4 missing motors and CC reader not working, I was going to wait until Monday for tech support, but I hope someone could help me with what I hope is just a simple problem. Thank you for your time.
  13. We have a AMS combo, Sensit III combo machine that we just purchased used. The machine was built in 2009. The frost appears on both of the two small wounded copper coils on the copper tubing that attaches to the compressor, but the machine doesn't cool down inside. It seems to me that the compressor must not be the problem because frost appears on both coils. My son tells me that the side fan in the machine is working. What else could it be? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Having problems with my AMS 39 w/chiller. I haven't been to the location yet, but my partner has. I have a Royal 650 there, as well. Both machines not working. We've had a lot of rain and lightening recently. He unplugged the Royal 650 and plugged it back in. It works now. He did that a couple times with the AMS 39 w/chiller with no joy. Display reads "out of service" What are some things I should be looking at once I get to the location?
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