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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I recently purchased my first vending machine, an AP 113 in good condition. It accepts a single $1 bill at a time and multiple coins after that. Problem is I plan to sell products up to $5 and the accepter won’t take a $5 bill. I’ve tried all the switch configurations I can from the manual. It has a mei VN 2512 u5 and an mei TRC-6000. From what I’ve been able to find out the machine should be able to take $5 bills. Am I missing something? Can anyone help me?
  2. I just switched out two spirals on my AP123 to 6 count spirals. They were previously 10 count spirals. My issue is the new spirals (6 count) are vending 3 rotations/items when they are selected. Is there something I missed? Do I need to change the spiral count in the setup menu somewhere? If so, where is it? I couldn't seem to find it.
  3. I am purchasing a refurbished snack machine. Originally I had wanted an AP 113 but have recently been made aware that the vendor is out of stock. He is willing to sell me the AP 123 for the same price. Should I take the deal and run? or do I wait for the AP 113 to come into stock again?
  4. Hey Guys, After rebuidling a Vendo i’m now working on a AP CS15 which was almost scrapped. I’ve got the machine almost working again except for the NRI G10 with Changer (NRI G26.4000 it seems). I’ve found a German manual for the G26.4000 but even though i’m a neighbour of the Germans i’m having a lot of trouble understanding the works and programming bits. Might anybody have an English version of the G26.4000 system so that i can get it to fill the return tubes etc etc
  5. Hey guys, I mentioned in an earlier post that I was buying 2 AP Revision Door machines. Anyway, I did get the 2 machines and put them on location. They are both 111 machines I believe, 5 wide. I have one that has 2 selections (110 and 118) both on the top shelf that are not working currently. Everything worked fine when I placed them. The VE board homes all motors when you open the door, but these 2 remain out of home and continue to say "not available". I haven't taken out the tray and switched it with another one yet, which I do plan on doing soon, just to start somewhere. Any ideas? Or has anyone run into this problem before? I have other VE boards that are not on revision door machines that never had this problem. I'm assuming it has something to do with the drop sensors? Also, these are dual spiral machines. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  6. I recently came across, what I feel, is a good deal for 2 AP 113 snack machines refurbished with the revision door. I do like the AP 112 and 113's a lot as they were originally. These new ones will be ready for credit card readers also. Anyone have experience with this series of machine with the revision door? If so, I'm curious if you guys like them. Wondering if they are just as reliable with the door as they were factory original. The only problem I ever had with those AP machines was having to replace the harness that goes behind all the trays. Other than that, great machines!
  7. I have a AP Lcm3 with a faulty circuit board, does anyone know where abouts in the uk I could purchase a replacement
  8. Hello I have an AP 7600 that I am repairing and when I am setting prices or running a test, selections show that are not valid such as selection A6 when there are only 5 rows. I am assuming that the shelves were switched at some point but switching the shelves does not fix my issue. Is there a way to reset to factory settings? Any help would be great. ThanksHow do I delete these phantom selections.
  9. I recently purchased my first vending route so I'm pretty new to this. It was a total of ten machines with one heavy traffic site that I think could benefit from installing CC readers. I'm having a little trouble finding out if they're MDB, if they are what I need to buy, and if theyre not what exactly do I need to make it work with CCs. The snack machine is a AP Snackshop LCM3B. I don't know what Main Board it uses or where to find it. The soda machine is a Narco Dixe can machine, I cant seem to find the model number anywhere. But what I can see is that it has a CoinCo Bill validator Model #BA32R and it seems to take $20 bills. The Coin Mech is a MEI Coin Changer Series 4000. The previous owner didn't feel like bothering with any real maintenance on the machines but since this is an investment for me id really like to see what these machines can do. The location is a train station so it has some good foot traffic. some pics https://imgur.com/a/x6x6CPp?s=sms Any input will greatly be appreciated.
  10. I bought a Dixie narco 386 single price a 276 single price. Also a ap snack shop 6600xl and a usi 2038 for 1200 dollars is that bad
  11. Greetings from A&M Equipment Sales. In the next couple of weeks, A&M will be having a parts liquidation from brands like AMS, AP, GPL, National, Dixie Narco and Vendo. Stay tuned for more information.... Meanwhile, please visit our website www.amequipmentsales.com
  12. I see this machine on craigslist. I'm looking to move to CC readers in all my machine and I'm assuming will take it w/o a board change out since it was manufactured in '07. Any experience with it? Any advice is appreciated.
  13. Someone here is selling three machines in hospitals that I am considering buying one or all of. The closest machine and the one of the best site is an AP 121 C. I already have a couple of AP LCMs that have InOne upgrade boards. This machine looks like it has the original board and I couldn't see a DEX plug, so wondering is there a harness or would it also need a board upgrade? I would be looking to add Nayax telemetry and credit card reader if I acquire it.
  14. Hey y'all, Im looking into purchasing a AP 112 with a coinco BA32SA bill acceptor. I believe the board is MDB but not entirely sure. Just curious, if I upgrade the bill acceptor, will this machine be able to accept 10s and 20s? I couldn't find anything in the machine manual regarding this.
  15. Since I am simply no fan of coffee vending machines, someone awhile back posted on vending K cups out of their snack machines. Could they post a pic of the type of the coils used to vend the k-cups? I have an account that wants coffee, and I was thinking about just buying them a commercial Keurig machine, and vending K cups... K cups run anywhere from 0.45-0.65 each. My questions are.. 1. Do K cups sell well? 2. What do you sell them for 0.95, $1.00, $1.25? 3. Do you fill water yourself? 4. Any issues with theft of machine, or is it company machine? I would rather buy a $199 Keurig that actually brews a very fancy cup, then a $2,000 National or RMI. Thanks!
  16. Hey everybody. Had a quick question. I recently moved my AP CS12 to another location. I bumped and banged the machine a few times whilst moving it. Once I plugged it in, everything worked ok but selection A2. I have it set for 0.75, and when I put money in, the display simply flashes, and fails to vend for me. Sort of like the machine not sensing that I want a product from A2. I haven't had this problem before, and am wondering if there is some damage I may have done during the move??
  17. Looking at the AP UltraFlex and GPL Fusion on Crane MS' website, they appear to be identical. It looks like Crane MS is offering them as low-cost alternatives to the high-end National Merchant series. So, are there ANY differences at all between the two? Why would Crane MS sell the same exact machine under two brands? Might as well drop the GPL brand and focus on the National, Dixie-Narco, and Automatic Products brands.
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