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Found 12 results

  1. I guess this has been out for over a year but this is the first I can recall seeing it. Lighting ballasts on older (not LED) bev max units may have a bad ballast, Crane will replace it for free on owned or bottler machines if you do the request form... https://mycranems.com/sites/default/files/2020-11/BevMax-Machines_Product-Notice-from-CMS_0.pdf
  2. Hello, We have a bevmax 4, 5800-4 that has a random recurrent issue with the picker cup seeking and going too high by an inch or so. . The whole building suffered a power outage awhile back due to a electrical accident/short circuit. We immediately changed the picker cup and the port door as they were malfunctioning afterward. Then the problems moved to the machine randomly cause the cup to travel to the port door then back home. The machine has to be power cylcled three times to restore functionality. Then after a few successful vends Randomly the picker cup will miss the mark with the Plunger 1 or so inches high. It will do it with all columns and rows. We have changed the homing switch, and the board twice. Changed x/y motors for new ones. Though maybe we got a bad one(?) still the issue persists. Power cycling the machine three times works fine for a few vends then it starts hitting high with the cup plunger assembly then subsequent non vends and the picker cup afterward will move from home to the port door like it thinks a product is in the cup when a selection is made. setting the shelf offset looks appropriate, D2 = 700 though I am not super savy with the offset settings. any ideas or reccomendations that we should attempt? Thanks!
  3. Hello, To start out, I’m fairly new to the vending machine world but I do own 2 machines which are used in our hotel. My background is more involved in IT security, so I feel pretty comfortable working on these from a technical standpoint. The machine I would like to discuss is a BevMax 4 5800. Problem 1 - The drink dispenser door/opener is not closing correctly. When an item is purchased it’s brought over to the door (forgive me if my terminology is off) and dropped into the “port enclosure?”. Then, the clear plastic door that rotates will open and allow you to grab the drink, after which the door rotates shut....and after 5 seconds it rotates back open and then starts closing again stopping 3/4 of the way open and remains stuck open. Manually forcing the door shut will then allow another transaction to be made on the machine. Any suggestions for troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated. Please be specific on the steps! I do have the service manual for reference. Problem 2 - The coin return button does not work. This one took a little time to narrow down since I didn’t have any understanding of the Conlux CCM5G coin changer or pictures to reference. However, I did eventually identify the plastic “Gate Lever” as the culprit with the help of a YouTube video as it appears the bottom half of the plastic is broken off and not reaching the flap to trigger the coin return. If I manually open/close the flap with my hand the coin return works fine. Now my question is which of the below part numbers are correct (they came from the service manual) and where can this replacement part be ordered from? Conlux CCM5G / “Gate Lever” Part # 384421 Part # 6C21108010 Thanks in advance! Ry0
  4. I order new xy motors for my DN 5800-4. Any tips or suggestions? Is it just a simple motor swap?
  5. Hey guys, I found a guy selling this machine, he says it's a Bevmax 4. Anyone know if that's what this actually is? Price is 2900 which actually sounds low to me for a 4, any input is much appreciated, thank you.
  6. Long time vendor with a few bevmax 4s. I just converted a 3 that worked most of the time to a 4 with a kit from XYZ company. (big distributor) Anyway, getting it ready for a new account. New picker cup, extended height, new delivery port, new red bevmax 4 board. The cup comes too high for the a shelf. Settings 5800-4, build 1118, extended cup enabled, D2, 700, port sensors on. I tried taking the 700 down to 0. Still too high. Then I realized row E doesn't respond at all . When I close it up and try to vend E3 the display says OOPs HELP
  7. Hello, My bevmax 5800-4 picker cup will not move at all and the display is reading picker cup home switch error. It's in the home positron, but was about to eject a can into the purchased product retrieval cup on the door when it just stopped. I've cleaned the home switch, it had a bit of soda on it, and I've tried looking through the settings, but i really just don't know what to do. Please help if you can.
  8. Hello, I have a dixie narco bevmax 5000 (coke branded) drink machine and it's having issues that I can't figure out, please help if you can. This model has a shelf that moves vertically and delivers the drinks by conveyer belt on the shelf. However the shelf won't move. I have checked all the connections, then Iz replaced the door switch thinking that maybe the machine thinks that the glass door is open, but that didn't work. Then I removed and tested the motor, and the motor ran fine when plugged into another bevmax I have on hand. The machine will accept money, and after you select a drink the screen reads "vending". But the shelf just stays at the bottom of the machine and after about 30 seconds the machine returns the money. What could be causing this. I have been trying to fix it for weeks and I'm now at a loss of ideas. Please advise if you can.
  9. I just bought a used bevmax 3. The previous owner seems to have removed a piece of the triteq lock on the inside and installed a locking hasp. He also removed the locking bar. I would like to remove the triteq lock entirely and install a t handle lock on it. Anybody have experience with this or seen it done? I have heard bad things about these locks jamming up and would rather not deal with it at all. I assume I would have to purchase a different door panel from dixie narco with the cutout for the T handle lock, because this particular machine doesn't have one. Any suggestions would help.
  10. I purchased a brand new Bevmax Media machine with the credit card reader. Unfortunately the manufacturer forgot to put in the instructions for the credit card reader account set up. I have talked with Crane to figure out what I need to and all I have been given are instructions on how to create an account for the credit card processing. I submitted the application for the credit card processing account. I am going on a week now and am tired of having to keep calling them to ask where in the process they are with the setup. They arent the best communicators and it is driving me nuts. Have any of you been through this process and could help me understand the time frame on how long this takes as well as what I would need to do to get this set up?
  11. I am needing to order some nylon bushings that go on the under side of the tray on my old glass front bottle drop machine. It goes on the center screw to my gate and allows me to slide the solenoid on and secure it with the final two screws. If anyone has any laying around or has ordered from someone please let me know. Thanks
  12. Big ups! ...seems as if my business model mutates or morphs every so often. Gotta keep the mind fresh, the motivation high & the ambition strong! I've been setting out USi combo II (3155B & 3516 models), Bevmax 4, and Merchant 6 models for the past couple of years. The USi combo II models are no longer in production, but i've been picking them up off of CL. My current focus of account type is office building common areas, although i will set other account types too if they appeal to me. I currently run 55 accounts by myself (that's been about my average for the last 10 years), so there's not much room for growth. If a prospective account comes up and i want it, i'll close out my smallest or least desirable account on the route, usually passing it on to another fellow vendor. In new accounts, i'll set a Bevmax 4 along with a Merchant 6. If the numbers for the account don't appear to hit my gross sales target zone for a Merchant / Bevmax set-up, $200+/ week, then i'll pair up a 3155B and Bevmax. I only put bottled soft drinks, no cans, in the Bevmax, along with lots of different types of beverages...juices, energy drinks, cold coffee products, teas, water & flavored water. The 3155B is a true 3 wide snack machine conjoined with a 312 can or 156 bottle beverage section. I usually stock it with can drinks in order to relieve the Bevmax of product demand and depletion. On the snack side of the 3155B, i replace the factory stock 8 count chip augers with 10 & 15 count. Shelf A i leave the 8 ct. spirals for LSS size chips & large vend products. Shelf B i replace all selections with 10 ct. Shelf C i replace all with 10 ct. Shelf D i replace all with 15 ct. Shelves E, F and G are left with the factory augers. I've been putting USAT c.c. readers on all machines that i set out. I've got some accounts that barely use the readers, and some that hammer them. It's definitely the point and click generation, the youngsters, that's pulling out the plastic! I've got most of my machines equipped with Mars 7512i coin mechs w/ dollar coins and either Currenza SMV-4117 bill acceptors or Coinco BP4SX valis. I've got them set to accept $1-$20. I like the hypnotic appeal of the Currenza's blue cascading lights along with the sequential flashing blue lights on the c.c. reader. I don't have any recyclers and i don't plan on using them. I feel that technology is advancing so quickly, sooner than later it's gonna be mainly credit / debit cards and mobile wallet purchases. I do have miscellaneous mechs & valis on the route, but over time i'll phase those out. I've been using a Mercedes Sprinter van for my route vehicle for the last year and it's a huge difference (space-wise) compared to my Chevy Express 3/4 ton van. With my Chevy van, i had to dig and move things to find stuff. I thought i would eliminate all of that with a bigger vehicle, but seems as if whenever i get more space, i want to stuff it with more product too! And so i'm still digging and bending, twisting & turning! And through a lot more stuff! There are some accounts on my route that have parking garages that i could drive into with my Chevy van but not with my Sprinter. So now i gotta stand out in the rain when, before, i was shielded from the elements. It was nice to be able to re-arrange the day's run and go to the parking garage accounts on rainy days. But with all of that said, i love the Sprinter van! Anyone have any experience with the Crane Merchant Media? Is it comparable to the Merchant 6? Cheers to your business!...
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