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Found 14 results

  1. For some reason my bill acceptor will only take one bill at a time (per purchase)? does anyone know of a setting or why this is happening? Example: If an item is $1.50 you can only put in one dollar bill and the rest has to be coins it won't take 2 one dollar bills.
  2. I replaced the bill acceptor with one I bought online. Still won't work. Am I missing something else?
  3. Pkcustomscreations

    Replacement for mag32sa

    Good afternoon, I'm new to vending and was curious what bill acceptors could replace a mag32sa with the least extra parts required. The machine will be used mostly outdoors under cover and moved inside while not in use. I also need the new bill acceptor to take new 5$ bills and preferably be one with a high bill capacity of at least 500 bills. Some extra info about my machine: it is logic interface and currently uses a coinco 9302-LF coin changer with a 15 pin connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Patrick
  4. Hi, Has anyone ever added a MEI machine that takes credit cards on their Crane Machines? If so, can you explain how and what was needed to accomplish this. I currently have a MEI series 2000 and would love to put an MEI 4-1 instead. Thank you, cLAW
  5. I have an API SNACKSHOP 4000 with a bill acceptor I cant seem to get working. I've decided to buy a new one instead and I was wondering what model or makes will work with this machine? Im pretty new to these machines so sorry if this is a really basic question.
  6. Hi everyone! I'm a little new to this and I'm having trouble figuring out what's wrong. I have a Snack Shop 4000 machine with a Coin Co BA50B bill acceptor. The coin acceptor works perfectly but the bill acceptor won't take any bills and the red power/diagnostics light isn't on which makes me think it's not receiving power. I've attached a couple images of what I believe could be the problem. There is one broken wire but that seems to be connected to the coin acceptor and then there's a white pluggish type wire that can't reach the bill acceptor. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read this.
  7. Greetings. I have done some searching on this site, and have not found any results on my topic, so I am hoping somebody can help. I am working on a Gaines VM750 vending machine, with an ICT P70 bill acceptor. The vending machine had this model of bill acceptor in it, but it has failed. I ordered a new P70 bill acceptor, but I cannot get it to function properly. I believe the issue is with the dip switch settings on the bill acceptor itself. I have the bill acceptor dip switches set to the defaults according to the instructions sent. When you put a bill in it, it takes the bill, but it does not count the money in the credit counter (pardon my terminology, I am new to this vending machine subject). If you put in coins, it counts the coins, but if you put in bills, it does not count the bills. I fear that the board that the bill acceptor plugs into may be malfunctioning as well, but I hope that is not the case. I have spent a few hours aimlessly searching the web for into on the Gaines Vending machine, but have had no luck...until I found this site. I would greatly appreciate any information. Thank you.
  8. Good morning guys. I am having an issue with one of my machines. So, I have replaced the Coinco Mag50B 3 times now in my machine. I am beginning to realize that it's not the bill acceptor that is the problem, but it must be the wiring? I get almost constant jams. So the question is. What could be happening? I notice that when I put a dollar in, it sounds very weak, almost like the acceptor is not getting enough power. I suck at fixing my own machines as I'm new to this, but constant jams are killing me slowly! I called the company where I bought it from, and they wanted me to test the power, but I am no electrician! Please help guys.. Hope everyone had a great new year!
  9. EagleEntrepreneur

    How to troubleshoot bill validator?

    I have a back rubber on location. And the owner says that the bill validator acts up sometimes, and needs to be unplugged to work again. I have practically no knowledge of these machines. What should I check when I visit the machine to troubleshoot?
  10. laip51

    BA 32R

    I have a Coinco BAQ32R that is working fine but spontaneously decided to not accept fives, both old and new Ones still vend. I cleaned the lenses and checked the dip switches as set ok. Does anyone have such experience, and is there a cure other than replacement? Possible update reprogram?
  11. Hi. I would be greatly appreciated if someone can help me out. I have a ICT bill acceptor (V7E), coin acceptor (CC6100), and a small coffee vending machine from Korea (DSK-C10-FA). The coffee vending machine originally had a very simple coin mechanism without any change giving function, so it just get an 'ok' signal from coin mech. The coffee vending machine doesn't have a industrial standard VMC. I need to connect these up to make it into a proper 'vending' machine. I am thinking of using Arduino to act like a VMC. So the Arduino communicates with the bill/coin acceptors and after it's done its computations it send an 'ok' signal to the vending machine. So to sum it up, basically I need to connect the ICT bill acceptor (V7E) and coin changer (CC6100) to Arduino to coffee vending machine. example: bill/coin acceptor <-------> Arduino ---'ok'-------> Coffee vending machine Any thoughts, suggestions, tips and possible solutions would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hey Guys, I have a couple ICT bill acceptors that are having trouble accepting bills. They only accept perfect dollars. In the past I have just bought new units but that gets expensive. Does anyone know what the most common issue is that causes that? I wanted to attempt to repair them myself. Thanks
  13. Looking for a Bill Acceptor / Recycler that is MDB compliant. What has your experience been with the various brands? Coinco, MEI etc Looking for reliability, value, service and support and any other info you may add. Thanks
  14. Does anyone have a coinco bill valitator compatability chart? They used to have something on their website but it's been taken down. Thanks