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Found 23 results

  1. Mars DBA AL4-R1 I can’t find any information on this one particular item I got it with a machine and it said works on it. I hook it up via 9 pin and leds are steady red but it won’t recognize a bill in the bill path?? Help??
  2. I have three older vending machines that are not MDB compatible. I would love to have card readers but since that is not an option, I would like to upgrade my bill validators. Currently, my machine only accepts ones. Can I simply buy a new bill validator with the same voltage & upgrade to one that accepts 5's, 10's, and 20's? When doing this do I also have to upgrade the coin mech? Would love to know if this is possible and if I can just do this myself vs. hiring somebody to do it for me. Thanks!
  3. Hello have a customer with a FSI 3076 Their old bill validator is a old conlux mB2-16a-400 27 volt. it is no longer taking bills but it is taking coins. There is an upgrade path from usi/vendnet for a coinco ba32f bill validator both 117 and 24 volt model (buying the data and power cable from USI/Vendnet) but the question is this, will a mei 24 or 117 volt validator work on this machine at all? Thanks for the help!
  4. I just bought a Dixie-Narco DNCB 501T/MPC-8 for $150. The previous owner said the machine just stopped charging people for the soda, and dispensed them for free. But the first issue I’m having is that I can’t seem to go through the menu how I’d like, and it seems to do what it wants. After plugging he machine in the display screen started going up in .50 increments non stop up to $99 and then seems to go trough all the menu options for a bit before doing it all over again. I followed the instructions from another member of the forum who replied to a comment asking about how to operate and set the prices of this machine. (Link) https://des.az.gov/sites/default/files/media/dn_501_e_and_t_operators_manual.pdf After pressing 1&2 at the same time to try to get the menu to appear, the display seems to react as it stops going through menu options or increasing the price by .50 so fast but that’s all it does. It doesn’t seem to go through the menu when I hit the buttons but just slow or pause it for a couple seconds. But it did change the price a little as the display was increasing from $1 to $1.50 to $2 etc. But after messing with the buttons it’s now jumping from $1.14 to $1.64 to $2.14 etc. But I can’t seem to get the machine to react like this and change the prices again, unintentionally or not lol. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  5. I have a Snack Shop machine that has the following issue: Customer A purchases product with a $1 bill. Customer B makes a purchase immediately after customer A and when the purchase is completed, the machine thinks that $2.00 has been put in, dispenses the product and $1.00 in change. Any idea as to what causes this and how can the issue be corrected? The bill validator is a Mars VN 2502.
  6. I replaced the bill acceptor with one I bought online. Still won't work. Am I missing something else?
  7. I'm working on this AP snack machine. Most of the time it works fine. But then it'll take your dollar but wont give a credit. The screen doesn't change. It wont give it back. Nothing, I put a new door switch on it but that didn't help. Thanks in advance!
  8. So, I appreciate all your guys help. I have a Coinco MAG50B bill acceptor validator mdb 24 volt 117 volt and I keep getting dollar bill jams. Here is my question....so I have a refurbished MAG50B Do I have to keep buying the same kind or can I upgrade and purchase a Brand New one? If so what do I need to make sure about when selecting the new one? Any suggestions on the Bill Validator. I only accept 1.00 and the machine is a Dixie Narco 501E Thanks Again
  9. Hi everyone, I am pretty new on the business and I am now learning how to operate my machines. Our USI combo has some issue with the note reader which is not working and not accepting notes at all. It is our best machine even working only on coins, so it is really important to fix it asap. Power is ON (I can see a red light inside), and the green led bellow blinks 7 times. The description for Errors Codes goes from 1 to 6 blinks, so I have no idea what 7 means. I have already filled the change that was quite low (about 40% in one of them), but it didn't help. I am wondering if it is just the case of cleaning the sensor? Any other clue I could investigate? Thank you everyone! Thais
  10. Hi Everybody, So I have a Seaga n2g4000 machine, I came to fill it up yesterday and the machine was not working at all. That means: lights were off, cooling system doesn't work, display doesn't work. Even though the machine was plugged in to the wall - The machine is off, all the lights are out, Air Vend is cash mode. I tried unplugging and waiting then re-plugging, but nothing changed. Its also important to point out that the fan works and the bill vlidator fleshes twice - Which indicates its disabled from the system. So even though it looks like there is no power gets to the machine, these two components are powered on. I really don't know whats the issue is, Any suggestions? Please help.
  11. My old machine has a Dixie Narco one dollar bill validator in it; I think it is a USA 15 Stacker, after it takes a few dollars the stacker goes into to an error of three led flashes and will not longer accept bills. The error code is for Vending - Credit/Empty. Can someone tell me how to clear this error or fix the problem.
  12. Just wondering if anyone could help me with a problem vending world is all new to me. I have a Coinco BA32SA Validator that jammed a bill some one ripped bill out of machine. Now it will not accept any bills and light is flashing 7 times. I have cleaned validator and bill storage are and have used air to blow any dust out. still showing error is there something else I am missing? this is the second validator in 4 months that I have had this issue is there a simple fix or just buy a new one? Thanks for any help
  13. I'm having issues with people using my snack machine "USI 3090" for just change without purchasing. How can I set this up so that people can't get change out of my machine without making a purchase
  14. I have a machine that has a Ardac USA 15 that I'm wanting to update. The coin mech is a Coinco 9300 DEX. I was told I could use a 2511 or 2501 model, however I'm not sure which harnesses I would need to make a new bill validator work. I can't find info on this exact set-up nor any information on harnesses. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Hello, I'm a noob when it comes to vending. I have this old Polyvend snack machine and I decided to put it to work but it has no bill validator. I bought one from eBay but of course, it's never that easy... I got the wrong validator. What validator would work for my machine? Model number: PV5524m
  16. I have a snackshop machine that when a dollar is put into the validator, the machine indicates .90 was put in and another dime has to be put in if you are attempting tp purchase something for a dollar. It also returns change as if .90 was put in if purchasing something for less than a dollar. Does anyone know why this would be occurring and what I can do to fix this?
  17. I am a new vending operator and would like to try and do as many repairs as I can myself, especially while I have the time. I have a drink machine where the bill validator doesn't work. According to the guy I bought it from it hasn't worked for years and hasn't been a big deal. If I remove the validator and bring it home to repair it, will the drink box still function normally without it?
  18. Thank you for the welcome, I am new to the vending machine venue. Im not sure if you can help me but i am a firefighter that was recently put in charge of the soda vending machines at the stations. The issue is that we have a coinco ba30 with a bill validator that is not working. I have no error message on the LED the coin trays are full and the bill accepter is empty. When i try to put a bill in the machine does not reconize it and does nothing. Does not try to accept the bill. The coins work fine. The bill accepter does cycle if i do open and close the door to empy the validator. I am at a loss. Any suggestions?
  19. I received a call that a bill validator was down on a brand new machine and validator. Found this jammed inside of it (see attached pic). I am glad the unit prevented this trick from working (insert bill with tape and then pull out in reverse once the bill registers with the machine, youtube is filled with the videos of this). It was a conlux cv1000 and happened in a factory. How have you all been ripped off before? What you you advise? Thanks.
  20. I have a Maka 11NB-400 and it is not accepting dollar bills. i tried and replaced the belts on it as this seemed to be the easiest and cheapest fix. It doesnt even attempt to accept bill. When I reset machine, the dbv cycles through. not sure what to do.
  21. I have a back rubber on location. And the owner says that the bill validator acts up sometimes, and needs to be unplugged to work again. I have practically no knowledge of these machines. What should I check when I visit the machine to troubleshoot?
  22. I went to cash my paycheck on Friday & they gave me some of the new 100 dollar bills It made me start thinking about a MEI VN2511 validator I had that said it took 5's but would not accept them whenever I put one in. It took singles just fine but it made me start thinking about weather government had any plans to make any of the smaller bills in the funny money format similar to these. Can anyone answer? Do some bills not work in some validators because the validators were made prior the bills came out? Is there anything that can be done to remedy this if so? If you have a validator refurbished does it get upgraded to take new bills? My validator had a sticker that said $5 2008. What exactly does that mean? I am sure there are also things that I am not thinking of so if anyone can think of anything regarding this subject please share.
  23. I am very into preventative maintenance and want to make sure I do everything I can to make sure my machines are well-maintained and kept. I see a lot of issues with bill validators and saw that there are cards you can use to run through the machine to keep it clean. My question is this... Are they worth it? are other products used? what is the frequency of cleaning bill validators. thanks for the help. -John
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