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Found 13 results

  1. I recently included Bouncy Balls into my arsenal, but I'm having a difficult experience with where to make a good, cheap purchase, with minimal shipping cost. Normally, I could simply go to Sams Club, or other wholesale businesses to purchase inventory, however, Bouncy Balls seem to be the only product I can't find anywhere. Is anyone on here buying them from their local distributor? If so, where do you purchase? Curious if there is a national chain that has them? If everyone is purchasing online, what is the best place to buy?? Can you send me links? Thanks!
  2. New in Yuma looking for a source of supplies in San Diego. Bouncy Balls, toys, etc.
  3. So, Flatline recently unveiled an unusual 38mm bouncy ball mix- the kicker being an inexpensive "insert" to allow 2" machines to vend them. So, intrigued, I picked some up on my last visit over. (Mike says "Hey!") The insert is as pictured- it's a simple little plastic thing designed to fit "most" cap machines. I tested the fit on a NW 80, 2001, LYPC "Master" (80 clone) and a Victor 77. It fit all of them, though the Victor took a little coercing. Installation is pretty quick- the insert is in two pieces, so just pop it in place, rotate, and then lock the other half together. This is a little tricky at times- the pieces are very snug, so I was putting a lot of pressure on one set to get them to fit together. I got the most leverage by taking the front panel off of the machine while I installed it. One thing I was warned about was this- the brush guard. While these are fine for 2" products, the 38mm BB's can slip through the narrow gap created between the wheel and the brush guard. This is most evident in machines like this. In these events, the machines need a little more modification- moving the brush guard from one position to the other. The machines I tested all had this option, though the LYPC's screw holes weren't drilled out (shocker, I know.) taking a little more time. I currently only have these in two of my locations until I can discern how well they sell. The mix is, all in all, very good. I only found four balls in my case that had any flash on them, and even then I doubt it would have affected operation of the unit at all. The display cards are bright blue lenticular cards that cover most of the face of the machine. I can't give this product a good rating yet, as I've only just gotten them out today, but I did want to impart what I was told and what I learned in the field for anyone that might want to try these as well so you don't wind up giving away any product by accident. Good luck!
  4. From the album: Misc. Bin

    A very cool lenticular/holographic bouncy ball display.
  5. Just purchased my first 50 cent machine. Had a box of bouncy balls I would like to fend from it. Problem is that every once in awhile 2 or 3 bouncy balls come out on a single turn. I've tried to move one of the springs over to the left and tuck it under the screw but still am having the same problem. I will post pictures so you can see. Any suggestions? Do I need to use another machine or different parts to vend these bouncy balls? Sorry guys. Won't let me post images.
  6. I am now in my second year of bulk vending. I am going to consolidate some locations and run a single head gumball or double head gumball / bouncy ball. I plan on using some 1800 heads that I have in storage to build these doubles. I plan on using 25 cent mechs for the gumballs and 50 cent mechs for the bouncy balls. My question is what size bouncy ball typically vends for 50 cents? Also, would I be able to use the same wheel and housing as I use for 850 ct. gumballs? Thank you for your help!
  7. While Supplies last in both warehouses------------------- Balls 27mm Bowling Balls- $10.00 per bag of 250 Plush Jumbo Christmas plush - $112.50 / box Goolies - $98.00 / box Gray 50 Bears - $125.00 / box Germies - $238.00 / box Plushees - $96.00 / box Redemption Lil Team Mates ( call in for available teams )- $2.00 each Hanging Iphone Accessory Kit - $210.00 2" Capsules Family Guy figures _ $45.00 In One ear And Out The Other - $ 25.00 Mobile Phone Stands - $23.00 Wrap Pack organizers _ 425.00
  8. Entervending offers wide selection of balls on competitive prices from warehouse in South Florida. Order balls in boxes or separate bags. Local pick up or UPS shipping are available. We provide There's a bunch of colored 25 mm super balls may be find here All types of best selling 27 mm balls are here Bright and attractive 32 mm items order from here 45 mm hot bouncers are here
  9. Hey guys! We'd prepeared new bright superballs sets this autumn for you. Please go here on our website and look through all bright collection of 27 mm bouncy balls. Also don't forget visit 32 and 45 mm sections too! Entervending provides balls both bags and boxes count so feel free compose your own mixes. So here are some pics for seed
  10. Fellow members, just wanted to say that we were surprised to find ourselves written about in the Vending Times magazine. After being in the business for 16 years we are quite excited about the recognition. Here is a link if anyone is interested in reading it online: http://www.vendingtimes.com/ME2/dirmod.asp?sid=EB79A487112B48A296B38C81345C8C7F&nm=Article+Archives&type=Publishing&mod=Publications%3A%3AArticle&mid=8F3A7027421841978F18BE895F87F791&tier=4&id=E80DC018AE4D4D359653085F11AE350A
  11. Halloween is coming and we are ready to treat-or-tricks giveaway! Due to holiday Entervending offers you purchase any 27 mm and 32 mm superballs ONLY on wholesale prices! From now till midnight of 31th Oct just visit us and order. Single bags and whole boxes are available. Check it here http://entervending.com/category/bouncy+balls!
  12. 20 downloads

    High resolution bouncy balls label. This PDF is perfect for direct download and print or can be sent to your favorite print shop for professional results. Includes integrated choking hazard label! Check my other files for more labels.


  13. Dear colleagues, this March Entervending LLC will take a part in NBVA events for the first time. We want to be closer to our customers and work for our common profit in the best way. This year except of well known brands as Beaver and Northwestern we propose new all-mode gumballs machines produced specially for Entervending. They are different forms and capacities, and the main thing is - they have outstanding feature to vend any refill sized 25 -36 mm trhoug the same wheel. Aiming introducing this items to you face to face I've suggested this poll to choose what machines take to Las Vegas! Here are the items: 1. Small Vendor Machine http://farm9.staticf...a949d3f8d_m.jpg 2. Big Mastyer Machine http://farm9.staticf...b082e6ea5_m.jpg 3. Standard SQ Machine http://farm9.staticf...5fe24dae0_m.jpg 4. Big Vendor Machine http://farm9.staticf...396048db7_m.jpg There you'll be able reach Entervending LLC owner Mr. Eugene Yanchik and senior seller Mr. Albert Ivaldi. The "hotline" phone number now and then is 954 769 0510 (To forum administration: please help me, and move this topic to correct section if it's necessary. I'd really confused with its right placement. Thank you!)
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