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Found 40 results

  1. I have a university that has over 150 snack machines , I have had the account for going two years now and all of a sudden the bill acceptors stopped taking $5. Some of these are Conlux CV1012 U5M and MEI VN 2512 U5 . The MEI BA's can have hard reset done by using the switches rather than using the machine. But the Conlux BA's will not even reprogram from using the Configuration coupon slip. I have tried multiple config coupons and nothing. I thought it was possibly the telemetry devices but being we use USAT, Cora and Altas on board telemetry it has made me think telemetry is not the culprit. Has anyone had any issues like this and if so what did you find out?
  2. Hey guys, I'm (hopefully) going to be locating three new machines in the near future. They're 2" .75 Cent toy capsule machines. I currently only have one machine placed, and it's been doing pretty well. I have a few questions for some of you more experienced folks. 1. Could you give an estimate for your success rate when trying to find a place for your machine? Like 10%? 30%? 2. What kind of locations are best? My machine is in a mexican restaurant, and I'm planning on targeting mexican restuarants primarily. 3. How selective are you about where you inquire about placing your machine? I feel like I'm being too picky when I skip over a place, for some reason or another. They may be too upscale, maybe they already have a machine there, too small of a space, etc. I'm not really interested in hiring a locator as I only have 3 machines to place and I need to force myself out of my comfort zone anyway. I also plan on using the gift card method I've seen in this forum to convince the decision maker to let me place. Thanks!
  3. I'm looking to purchase 20 vendstar, vendesign, beaver or 1800 vend machines, any advice on where to buy these at wholesale prices other than ebay or craigslist?
  4. I got this machine from my local bowling alley called Strike Zone because they were going to throw it out. When trying to find information on it, I discovered that the exact same machine exists under different names and all of them are created by Bulk Vending, now Pro Design and Vending Technologies Inc. What I want to know is if the company actually created custom skins for the buyers or if they just created premade skins to appeal to different buyers like pizzerias or go kart locations. I'm really curious about this because I can't find a picture of Strike Zone anywhere else, so I'm wondering if I have a really rare and unique machine. I'm new to the vending community, btw.
  5. Hello again everyone! Need help and input here.. i am planning to buy (from a local person) brand new beaver machines, 8 single head and 1 stand for $100 but.. the coin mech is set at 0.75 cents and configured to vend about the size of a gumball.. i am thinking to change some of those to .25cents to be able to use as bulk candy machine... or stick to it..but i am wondering what products can i put in if it is set to 0.75cents and configured to a gumball size? thanks! 🙂
  6. Hello all, I just joined the site today. I have been researching honor box vending for the past 6-8 months. I have found a couple opportunities on Craigslist. I wanted to get thoughts - good / bad. My first question has anyone dealt with https://www.charityvending.org/. I found a posting on Craigslist for this organization. They are offering the service of finding 25 locations for cardboard honor boxes. I am just unsure can I trust the company, their location services etc. I have thought about finding my own locations. I would appreciate any advice on how to find my own locations (getting started). I am interested in acrylic honor boxes & gumball machines. Does anyone have an opinion of acrylic honor boxes vs gumball machines? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Justin
  7. I've read many times that you should link with a charity to accelerate your locating process in Bulk Vending, have any of you happened to start your own non-profit instead of buying the couple dollars worth in stickers? If so, do you have any recommendations or advice on where to go? and or cost to do so? Would love to hear from you guys Thanks, Bryce
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a little new to the Vendiscuss forum. Is there anyone in the group that has this thin metal flexible pin for the UTurn 25 cent coin mech? I'm in need of several of these to fix an 8 head UTurn I bought where the original mechs were set to free vend. If you don't install the pins right at the top, the angle tips break & you're up the creek. Does anyone know where I can buy these? Thank you in advance!
  9. My friend Viggo Bauman made a comprehensive Series on How to Start your Own Vending Business this week. I thought some of you might want to check it out. About half of the videos content are on bulk vending and the other half on soda. He does touch upon ATM machines for a bit too. It is 3 parts and the links are below.
  10. Hello all! I'm newbie to this site (found it by googling "bulk vending keys") I recently bought 6 Northwestern machines from a friend and just found out this company is no longer in business.. My daughter (13) has done a bit of research on this type of business and was really amazed by it so now its up to me to contact a lock company that produces these locks & keys... Anyone know a lock company? I know I can buy them from ebay or amazon but we rather go through a lock company just in case if we have any more needs (we have a vending machine her father bought for our garage so it would be cool to work on it as well) *crossing my fingers this post gets seen* Thank you all!
  11. http://www.vendingtimes.com/ME2/dirmod.asp?sid=EB79A487112B48A296B38C81345C8C7F&nm=Vending+Features&type=Publishing&mod=Publications%3A%3AArticle&mid=8F3A7027421841978F18BE895F87F791&tier=4&id=B4DB6798BE324DA7BFF1E037673DCC7C Thought you guys might appreciate this! Kinda cool that you can put Beaver mechs in the NW80's now. Hopefully they come out with more!
  12. Craigslist has an add for 4 almost brand new (whatever that means) U-Turn Terminator 8 selection units with keys fresh out of the box listed for $250 OBO. Most of these parts look plastic to me and I don't think they would last compared to the more durable metal machines. What is your opinions?
  13. When it comes to caring for your gumball machine, periodic cleaning is imperative, not just for appearances sake, but also for good hygiene. First, you want to make sure the machine is empty; make sure to throw away any product that has expired according to the manufacturer’s label. Second, for best results, clean your machine using a “dry clean” method. In other words, do not spray any chemicals or cleaners inside the machine. It can contaminate the new product when you restock. However, unscented alcohol-based wipes are acceptable, along with sturdy paper towels and nylon brushes. Do not use harsh cleaners (i.e. scrubbing powder or scrubbing liquid). Once you clean the machine, give approximately 24 hours for the machine to dry. Be sure to clean the corners of the inside of the machine. They are difficult to get to, but most bacteria and germs fester in those areas. For consistency, clean the outside of the machine utilizing the same method. It is important to clean the outside more often because it soils a lot easier. You can also polish the outside of the machine to remove any grease marks, fingerprints or to reduce the appearance of scratches. What do you use to clean your gumball machine? Take our online poll and let us know. We want to hear from you!
  14. Hi everybody, I posted here before...and decided to purchase 5 bulk vending machines...3 heads. 1 is for my nephew (he is 11 and wants to get into vending) and 4 are for me. I currently run a full service vending company and am doing very well. I am a medium sized company in MA (14 locations, about 45 machines placed and 6 in need of a home) I got these machines to: 1) diversify my business. I want to take over vending in my area in all aspects 2) test to see if bulk vending is a sustainable business. The costs associated are much cheaper than full service so I thought 4 machines is a good start to track numbers, growth, etc 3) shits and giggles. I figured if they don't make money, I will sell for what I bought for ($100 each) What advice can you guys give me about bulk vending? How often do you service? What is the average monthly income for this end of the industry? Where do you buy your product from? What sells best? Basically what do I need to know in order for these machines to grow my bottom line sales figure? Also this will help me get my nephews little business off the ground! (I took him out with me last Saturday...he LOVED IT!) If this works, I would love to grow the bulk end as aggressively as I am growing the full service end, and bulk seems much cheaper to scale. Thanks for your knowledge! Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow vendors!
  15. Jmtv003

    1$ or 0.25$

    Hi. I just bought a couple of U turn vending machines. It is my first experience into this business. I have mechanism that allow to sell for 1$ or 0.25$. Do you guys get better results when you sell smaller quantity at 0.25$ or bigger quantity at 1$? Thanks
  16. After a lot of planning and consideration, I've decided to jump into the bulk vending game. I'm a newcomer to this and I know that my biggest struggle will be working up the courage to make a sales pitch to new locations. That said, I do have a fair chunk of cash to invest, so I was thinking of starting off by simply buying an established route. The fact that I already operate a number of machines seems like it might make the sales pitch a bit easier. I have found one in particular that seems like it might be a good fit. The ad is as follows: The first concern I have is whether an ad like this presents any red flags. Are there any common scams involving the sale of routes? What information should I be asking for to make sure everything checks out? Finally, does buying a route include a transfer of ownership of the machines themselves, or am i simply paying for the rights to service them? Any answers, advice or resources you might have would be greatly appreciated!
  17. Dear all we will shortly introduce our new picnmix bulk vending machine(unwrapped candies) to the market what is the best note acceptor to ise and also advice on credit card acceptors etc
  18. Hello, I am new to the forum and would appreciate any advice, shared experiences, and opinions in regards to starting a bulk vending business by purchasing new U-Turns to start, then possibly adding good condition used as I grow.. thanks
  19. Hi Again, In this new location I think I will put a Crane machine. I have never done bulk vending but I looked at some prices on-line of plush licensed toys and they are from $1.25-$2.00. How do you make a good profit if each toy is $2.00 each? Thanks, Coupe
  20. NEW Free vendingmobile account. no credit card required, just name and email. Create Your Free Account Your free vendingmobile account includes: Unlimited Locations 10 machine limit on free account Manage your servicing, products, locations, machines, routes, and more Update your data on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop, and have your data sync instantly across all other devices Data protection & automatic backup service Upgrade your machine limit at any time, and keep all of your data 24/7 quick email support, & video tutorials Get Started
  21. Hello all: I heard on one of my other threads that the national monthly gross income average is only $7 per machine per location. If that is correct, it will take a very long time to make any profit or a living with vending machines. How can you make a decent living with bulk vending machines? I was thinking of tripples, with one head dispensing gum, another dispensing m&m's or skittles, and the last one dispensing toys, stickers or tattoos. But still, at $7 per head (if that is correct thinking), that is still only $21 per location. How many machines should I have in a location to make enough to make vending profitable? Also, if bulk machines have the highest profit, which machines are the most profitable? I have heard about Chicken and "All American Chickens", but I am not sure if those are bulk vending. i also think that they are very expensive, especially if I am just starting out. I know this is a totally newbie type question, and to some may be dumb, but I really want to start off on the right foot and get into vending without regret. That is why I joined this forum. Any suggestions on machines or strategy would be very much appreciated. Thanks. Take care. Mario
  22. New guy here-Just wondering if the 1800 vending 3 head bulk candy .25 machine is still good today. I bought 30 new/unused machines and wanting to sell some and use some for business. I know 1800 vending quit the bulk machines a few years ago, but are the machines reliable, easy to find parts (from ebay, etc.), and still attract buyers? Like all, there are mixed reviews on them. I have sold few for $90-100 on craigslist, but was hoping they would sell little faster. So wondering what the pros think. Thanks!
  23. What is the best bulk vending counter meter? www.ezcount.com they not respond .pls advise
  24. We have been working with a charity program to help restructure it and get it into hands that are very diligent about how smooth things run. I don't back something unless I believe in it and am willing to take the heat for it, so not many! We have used the charity before and had the best results I've seen from vending charities in general, but the person that ran the site before, wasn't good on communication or on sending items out when ordered as some of you have seen before. For us the locations went quick, better spots and some hard to get ones. We even offer a discount for locating the machines that are signed up with St. Judes and are Vendiscuss members. Any ways, you get the point. I had told a few members I would let them know first and give them a heads up first, and did, so now I'm letting everyone else know that vend2help is under new management and if you use St. Judes for the donations, the locations go in 10 times easier. No, I don't get anything if you don't use us to locate your machines, BUT I have received more from everyone on here that has helped me to restructure my vending business so it will be 10 fold anything I have in the past with less work and more profit, so I thought I would share. If you have any issues signing up or whatever, just let me know and I'll make a call to fix it. Thank you again everyone for your help. I will share anything and everything I can as you have done for me. Rodney
  25. Rick Falcon

    Falcon Vending

    From the album: Untitled Album

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