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Found 10 results

  1. I live in California and have decided to start a vending machine business. I have done a lot of research already but could use some tips if possible. I know that I need a license to have a vending machine in California. Also how much do you need to pay to allow your vending machine to stay at a place? Is it a percentage of your monthly sales where your vending machine is located or a certain amount? Do I just contact owners and ask if I can leave my vending machine there and then offer him a business deal? I am new to the business and would appreciate anything you have to say.
  2. Hey guys, I just joined this forum so its nice to meet you all. So I'm a college student and I currently own one toy vending machine that does 2" capsules for .50. I had it in my apartment for about a year because I just couldn't build up the courage to go locate it until a couple months ago. So now its in a mexican resturant and has been doing what I think is pretty decent. I check it every 2 weeks and it averages about $14 every two weeks but one time I got $30 so it varies a good bit. Last week I didn't have a chance to check it so I checked it today (3 weeks since last check) and it had a lot less quarters than I expected. How likely is it that someone in the restaurant (either owner, manager, or employee) has purchased a key and is stealing from it? Aren't the keys and locks for the machines very generic? I'm new to this so sorry if these are stupid questions. Also how much income is average for a .50 capsule machine per month? Thanks guys!
  3. Hello, I'm doing some research before committing to one brand of machines. I would like to manage my route with some sort of stock management software. All machines will need CC readers. Which brand would you recommend and which one would give the most flexibility? I also see some companies selling KVM brand machines made in China at a much lower cost. Is that something to consider? Thanks, Daniel
  4. Hello, New to this forum. Vending machines have always been of particular interest to me. I had a friend in middle school whos father owned a vending machine business. Found myself a frequent buyer of vending machine products and was always intriqued by the machines as if they were calling to me. Below Id like to put down some components of my business plan (before I develop it fully) and see what the members here think! A little about me: I grudgingly went the college route and got an AA, continueing to get a BA in marketing. I do real estate (appraisal and sales), which Im just starting to really get going. Im looking to soon get my foot into a side business. I am young but dont party, I enjoy browsing forums and reading. I will soon dive through 5 years worth of forum posts+. My position allows me flexibility as Im on commissions and traveling throughout my county (this could be beneficial, but theres no fixed route in my business, though maybe I could do some kind of monthly checklist system). I have some business education being self studied and formerly owning a LLC that I did little with. My plan as far as business components would look something like this: Im definately looking to get good at crunching numbers and such sooner rather than later so Im not losing too much money through inexperience. An option to a fast start seems to buy an entire route which occasionally come up for sale on Craigslist. They seem to do price reductions until someone makes a move. I do my research, for example theres a machine that was listed $1700 (ha) then now $1200 and soda machine plus location arent worth that since I know the area is a ghetto. Numbers count to me so before any purchase I would want to see an operating income statement or some such info instead of word of mouth. Different components Im thinking will help better ensure success: -LLC/DBA/Necessary permits (Sellers permit?) (Some general name for the LLC incase I wish to put another DBA under it) ($1000+ in CA!!!) -Vending machines (with a focus on soda/snack machines) (25 workers or frequented establishments being prime) (these machines seem like less hassle and servicing than honor boxes/small niches, for example owning a bunch of triple heads seems like much more driving which is a pain even if better margins) (If Im to compare it to real estate it seems like owning single family houses VS apartments) -On Call repair person -Location service + $100 placement ads on Craigslist (Do not have so much time for prospecting) -Prepaid legal (Why not, its inexpensive and I can ask many questions...) -Insurance -A good friendly bank to handle all the currency/Coins -Items supplier (Sams Club/Costco a viable route?) -Website/Phone/Business Cards (+car and other necessities) -Myself to service machines when possible and the sales/customer service skills to keep business owners satisfied -A process to appraise locations by traffic and type of customers (Rather go this route than trial and error, there must be a way) Ill be sure to browse through the forum for any tricks of the trade. For example if there is some trick say to fix bill validators without the use of a tech and save my $%^ bucco bucks then Ill do it without outsourcing. Love this business model despite the hassles because it seems more passive than the work Im accustomed too. Ideas, thoughts, etc? Thank you, Brandon Kyle Clark Aspiring Millionaire
  5. Hey all, I've been a lurker reading these forums for a little while, and I wanted to access some of the downloads sections so this post is part due to wanting to access those. But I just wanted to say hi, and see if you guys have any starting tips, or pitfalls that a beginner can avoid getting into the bulk vending business. My background: I'm currently working as an airline pilot, and that gives me a lot of travel freedom and some good chunks of time off in certain spots of the month. So I've decided to start a vending business on the side. I've recently bought 38 vendesign vending machines in bulk in the Phoenix area (none of which are placed because they had to be transported from Tucson). I got a really great deal on the package at a whopping $26.31 per machine cost to buy them all. I'm going to store them for a while at my dad's place so i'm not in any time rush to place them, but I'm very excited and motivated to start. I'm planning to form an LLC to work the business under, and I'm signed up with a charity who just sent 10 stickers and the legal forms for using their name is placing the machines. I plan on making my first trips out to local businesses to locate these machines next week by visiting locations with a flyer of the vending machine and information on the charity that we're supporting through our labels. I've cleaned 5 of the machines so far and they are ready to place and get me going. I'm doing this entire process with my lovely wife as well, who is supporting me and wanting to help locate as well. I'm really excited, and I'm prepared for a lot of rejection as I go out and place these machines especially for the first time, but I'm very motivated and determined to succeed so I'm not worried. Any tips on beginning things that startups have run into along the way would be greatly appreciated.Such as on cleaning the machines, servicing, business related tips, locating tips or any thing that hopefully I've not considered. Thanks for taking the time to read this too, I'm hoping to be a successful vendor just like many of people here are.
  6. Guest

    Starting a New Business

    I am interested in setting up a few gumball machines in local businesses. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what steps I have to go through to start a vending business. Is there a specific license I have to obtain? Thanks in advance.
  7. Well, as some of you know, I started small with a couple bulk vending machines for my minor son to learn. As it turns out, an old friend noticed my son's picture with a machine on Facebook and he comes by my office this past Friday and it was a "GOOD FRIDAY" INDEED because he offered to sell me his bulk vending business at a price that I could not refuse or I would have be stupid to let it go because when opportunities like that come a knocking, you must answer the door and let them in. Now, rather than only having 4 heads working for us we now have 35-Double Head V-Line machines working for us with 23 already placed and stocked locally. Words cannot express how blessed my son and I will be with this opportunity and for this man's kindness and help for he started the business with his Grandson and he really liked that I was doing the same with my son. He not only stocked the already located machines for us but he also left us all of his leftover product. My son and I are very excited and we expect to get our ROI really quick....worst case probably within 2-3 months (Yes, that good of a deal). If anyone else has a route using V-Line Double-head candy machines, we appreciate any advice and support on this forum. I hope everyone had a blessed Easter holiday. God Bless, MrKentuckian
  8. HELP!! Newbie to vending machines and I want to start small with one honor box. I need advise what type of business would let me put it in their location and how to go about that, Do I just go in and say can I put my honor box here or should I make them sign a contract? Also who much money could I excpect monthly? Dont mean to sound crazy or something but dont know apple suace about this. More on the business side what kinda of business licence/permit do I need (if any). And do I have to pay taxes on this, and how do I do that (BOO taxes ) Thanks in advance
  9. Just wanted to post that I have my first 2 locations on the board. Both machines are NW Triple Plays. One was placed in busy pizza place in a college town. This place is open til 4a.m. on the weekends and is a favorite late night spot for drunk college party kids. The owner of the pizza place allowed me to screw the base of the machine into the concrete floor in the lobby because the kids break things and take things if they are not literally bolted down. I was thinking Giant Lag bolts but the contractor that came in to install (because I do not have tools to drill into concrete) just used some 4 inch screws so I hope my machine will be ok. The other machine was placed in a local instant oil change. Probably unlikely that many customers will get out of their car to buy the treats so I hope the employees like to snack. Also any advice on something I noticed on my first day of locating. The local Lions have a blue NW super 60 in almost every business I walk into. They sell these tiny little gumballs and have apparently been there for years. Almost every business I talk to points to their little blue machine and says "we've had that for years, and that is plenty". anybody have experience/advice going up against something like this? If it was a few places it wouldn't bother me but it is literally 90% of the little mom and pop places in my small town and its for the local Lions and appears to be 100% operated by the Lions?
  10. Hillbilly

    How I'm doing

    I have posted very little about my business on this forum. Numbers and things. I've certainly talked a great deal about working it though. With the help of Andy and this forum, I am finally getting close to being cash flow positive. While I have made money all along, you just can never seem to get ahead. There is always something you need to purchase. About August of last year I decided to try a different approach to my purchasing habits. I wasn't buying enough product to get any discounts. I started putting all my charges on a credit card (instead of my debit card) so I could order more and get the cheaper price. This is a zero % card until August of this year. Equipment and parts I still use my debit card. The discounts are about $1.50-2.00 per bag I took a hard look at my gumball usage as well. I dropped my Sams membership and started ordering 1080 and 1430ct gumballs with my toy orders. Keep in mind I was driving 90 miles to the nearest Sams Club. The small amount I pay for shipping and the higher count gumballs more than offsets the fuel and membership fee's I used to pay. Every time I'm out now I look for empty capsules around other machines. I also visualize if some things will fit inside capsules to go in my mixes. Just yesterday I purchased over 1000 toys for $4.75 If you watch your pennies, your dollars will take care of themselves. By doing these 3 things, I am getting really close to being in the black overall in my business. Hopefully by mid summer I will be there. Thanks everyone for all your help!! Hillbilly
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