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Found 7 results

  1. I thought that I posted this last night so if there is multiples I apologize. Brand new to this forum and brand new to vending. I am going to be raising money for at least 4 different charity organizations this year because I couldn't make up my mind on 1. Most boxes go to pink ribbon but I have some for National Childrens Cancer Society and Americans For Lost Children. My actual machines will contribute towards American Parkinson Disease Association. I scored a storage unit filled with candy, sticker, toy capsule and gumball machines. Realizing that I need to refurbish my most of my machines to them location ready. I also scored some U-turns that were ready to go so I've put them on location. Also, scored a soda machine and 2 claw machines that I need to fix. So far I have spent about 2 grand on storage, machines, honor boxes and candy. That got me about 40 bulk heads (some damaged, all used), 7 5 column sticker machines, about 5 basketball/soccor/bowling mini pinball/bulk head machines, 2 claw machines (they work but the crane does not move side to side), an 8 selection dr pepper machine with dollar bill acceptor (compressor out), 3 U-Turn Candy machines and Since I had no locations and my machines need work I've started an honor box route 3 days ago. This is my third day and I am about to go get locations. I've added 15 locations to my route since I started on 4/15. I am taking video of everything so I can upload edited clips on youtube and posting them here for you guys and am going to document everything here and on my website bulkcandyvendor.com - expect my first video soon, I am just waiting to be able to show the first collection. Any advice is appreciated because I am brand new. Wish me luck!
  2. Hello all, I have a question. I am trying to get started into the honor box vending. I work full-time during the day 8-5, Monday thru Friday. My plan is to try to find locations in the evenings and weekends. My concern is the people who can make the decisions are not available at that time. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to get around this? Does anyone else work a full-time job and trying to find locations? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Justin
  3. so for most of us, I think we understand the simple concept of, "If its not yours, leave it alone." My parents taught me that when i was a child. I've taught that to my children, and hopefully, one day, my children will teach that to their children. Someone in my area wasnt taught that lesson as a child. So, a while back, someone started putting their number on the back of our pink ribbon candy for a cause box. we saw a few that were far from home, didnt think much of it. But then we started seeing more, and more of our boxes with the same, or different numbers on them. I decided to text the number after we got kicked from a location, to let him know the box was empty (hope you enjoyed the drive, and got the location back!) . he quickly replied, apologized, and then said he would come replace the box ASAP. remember... this was a location i had had for almost 1 year. not this other guy. so time goes on, dont think much of it. today, we are out running our route, and find 2 of our locations in a row, that have this guys number on it. locations we have had for WELL over a year. being pretty disgusted, i decided to call the number. i called, and got the "high, youve reached candy for a cause, blah blah blah". i hung up, called right back. He answers. Long story short, he tells me that he owns those zip codes, and all the boxes in that zip code belong to him, because he bought the zip code agreement. i explained to him that NO, you DONT own ANYTHING. especially things that ive paid for, and spent years putting together. he went on to ask me, " how do we resolve this?" i explained that we "resolve this" by not touching my property. thats it. easy as that, right? no. not that easy. this guy is convinced that everything in the zip codes that he "owns" are his, and that i have to get permission to place my boxes there. i tried to explain that what he is doing is theft, and he justified it by saying, "no, its not, because im putting down the exact same thing. im just replacing it. Ok... look. if someone takes my car, and replaces it with the same car, there's a good chance i lost something in that car, right? point is, by taking my box, and putting yours down, doesnt make it ok. and you DONT own what IVE PAID FOR. i also sent this same guy a text. pretty aggressive i may add, explaining to him i don't like thieves, and it wont be fun for anyone once we inevitably cross paths. in the end, he talked down to me for not being "professional". WTF ?!?!??! PROFESSIONAL?!?!? are YOU F*****G KIDDING ME?!?!?! yeah, about as professional as id be if i caught soemone breaking into my car. get real whatever your name is! in the end, i called Margaret at candy for a cause (thank you for listening and helping). She called the other vendor, and explained to him thats not how it works, and then she called me back, and reassured me, he understands its a gentlemans agreement. if someone else has a box there, leave it alone. i have zero issues with competition, i just wanna get that out there. if someone can get a location to accept a second, third, fourth, 25th box, more power to them! but leave MINE alone. would any of you bulk vendors react with kindness and understanding if your singles, doubles, or racks started getting replaced by someone who claims they "bought a zip code, now everything in that zip code is theirs!"? no. no one would. SO. MESSAGE TO WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS IF YOU READ THIS, leave MY S**T alone. i put in a lot of hard work , money, and effort to perfectly build, and time this route, and you really messing it up. Margaret reassured me everything was fine from here on, and i hope thats true. BUT!!!! i can reassure you also.... especially when youre in SE Portland... you know, the place where the sirens seem to never stop? dont come here, or anyhwere else i have property, and take it. ill treat that situation the same as if i caught you breaking into my car. just a friendly heads up.
  4. I recently placed an order for 24 Candy for a Cause boxes. I received the boxes and some of the 3 for $1 stickers. There was a handwritten note that they were out of the 3 for $1 stickers, but that I would receive them when they got more in. I waited a few weeks and called to check on the stickers. They informed me that they had not received the stickers at that time. I waited a few more weeks and called back. At that time I was informed that they no longer offer the 3 for $1 stickers. Instead, they are now offering 2 for $1 stickers in their place. This will be a hard sell for my product line (Pearson Mints, Laffy Taffy, Airheads, Mars Mix, Tootsie Pops, and Blow Pops). Has anyone else had experience with the 2 for $1 stickers yet? If so, what products are you selling?
  5. Does anyone run the candy for a cause boxes in oklahoma ?? I called the Oklahoma tax commision to ask, but she was lost kept giving me different answers to same question. Finally said to figure it out by looking at their website. My question is : Is there any special you have to do to run the boxes in Oklahoma, first she said I need a sticker for each box (which is expensive ) then she said you didnt. any insight would be helpful thanks allen
  6. Hey everyone! I've been doing a mix of bulk vending, tried my hand at full size honor boxes, and currently using pink ribbon boxes (about 375 on location). Anyone who uses the pink ribbon boxes, knows that eventually they can start to look a little beat up. The coin slots get pushed through, and the sides of the money box can start to bow outward, encouraging theft. The pink ribbon box is a great display, no doubt. That being said, I have a few tips I hope will be helpful to others, and hopefully this will help extend the service life of each display. I've learned so much here, and want to try and share a few things I've learned. Be patient with me, this is all being done from my phone, and I'm going to add a new post, and description for each part. Happy vending everyone!
  7. I just purchased 16 of the Candy for a Cause charity boxes. I have some ideas of where I would like to locate them, but I figured that I would check on here with the experts before I give it a go myself. I already have about 12 bulk locations, so I was thinking of approaching some of them to put a box also. Other than that, what are the best locations for charity boxes? Do you approach the locations as your business or just as making donations to the charity? Thank you in advance for your help!
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