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Found 12 results

  1. Hello again everyone! Need help and input here.. i am planning to buy (from a local person) brand new beaver machines, 8 single head and 1 stand for $100 but.. the coin mech is set at 0.75 cents and configured to vend about the size of a gumball.. i am thinking to change some of those to .25cents to be able to use as bulk candy machine... or stick to it..but i am wondering what products can i put in if it is set to 0.75cents and configured to a gumball size? thanks! 🙂
  2. need to find new face for DN700CV as mine kinda got destroyed the other day
  3. http://wnyt.com/news/deran-akullian-jr-man-accused-of-using-cancer-charity-as-scam/4535058/
  4. Craigslist has an add for 4 almost brand new (whatever that means) U-Turn Terminator 8 selection units with keys fresh out of the box listed for $250 OBO. Most of these parts look plastic to me and I don't think they would last compared to the more durable metal machines. What is your opinions?
  5. We are looking for a northwestern 60. We are located in the DFW Texas area.
  6. Do you clean your gumball machine? If so, how often, and what do you use? If not, here are a few tips on maintaining a sanitary gumball machine. When it comes to caring for your gumball machine, periodic cleaning is imperative, not just for appearances sake, but also for good hygiene. First, you want to make sure the machine is empty; make sure to throw away any product that has expired according to the manufacturer’s label. Second, for best results, clean your machine using a “dry clean” method. In other words, do not spray any chemicals or cleaners inside the machine. It can contaminate the new product when you restock. However, unscented alcohol-based wipes are acceptable, along with sturdy paper towels and nylon brushes. Do not use harsh cleaners (i.e. scrubbing powder or scrubbing liquid). Once you clean the machine, give approximately 24 hours for the machine to dry. Be sure to clean the corners of the inside of the machine. They are difficult to get to, but most bacteria and germs fester in those areas. For consistency, clean the outside of the machine utilizing the same method. It is important to clean the outside more often because it soils a lot easier. You can also polish the outside of the machine to remove any grease marks, fingerprints or to reduce the appearance of scratches. What do you use to clean your gumball machine? We want to hear back from you!
  7. We have been working with a charity program to help restructure it and get it into hands that are very diligent about how smooth things run. I don't back something unless I believe in it and am willing to take the heat for it, so not many! We have used the charity before and had the best results I've seen from vending charities in general, but the person that ran the site before, wasn't good on communication or on sending items out when ordered as some of you have seen before. For us the locations went quick, better spots and some hard to get ones. We even offer a discount for locating the machines that are signed up with St. Judes and are Vendiscuss members. Any ways, you get the point. I had told a few members I would let them know first and give them a heads up first, and did, so now I'm letting everyone else know that vend2help is under new management and if you use St. Judes for the donations, the locations go in 10 times easier. No, I don't get anything if you don't use us to locate your machines, BUT I have received more from everyone on here that has helped me to restructure my vending business so it will be 10 fold anything I have in the past with less work and more profit, so I thought I would share. If you have any issues signing up or whatever, just let me know and I'll make a call to fix it. Thank you again everyone for your help. I will share anything and everything I can as you have done for me. Rodney
  8. CandyMachinesPro

    Lypc pro

    From the album: Lypc pro

    Lypc pro set up at salt water fish store. A bit concerned with rust built up due to humidty inside shop as described by owner. I hope the coin mechanism last. Been five months so far and so far no rust built up. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    © Candy machines pro

  9. If you are in Lancaster, PA area, let me know asap! We over located! Rodney
  10. I'm new to the forum and am looking for help in identifying the below triple head candy machine. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  11. Ok, so we've come to notice that there is a real need for a locator on TVF. I've been on here for several months, helped a few members, and been helped. If you need help with your bulk charity machines or honor boxes, let us know. I put an add in the classified section with our contract. I will do all I can to help. I have a bulk vending route of mostly Uturn's. I'm in the process of starting to go more Commission and racks. If you need help with your Uturn's and repairs, start a thread and let me know. I will answer it to the best of my ability. Threads are searchable and that way everyone benefits! Any way's, just thought I would announce "officially" that we will help whoever needs it (currently only in the US). Thank you!
  12. Dearest Clients, Thanksgiving is coming. But for us in Locators R Us, it also coincides with our birthday as a company. Although we’ve been locating for almost 6 years, last November 19, 2011 we started as new company serving different vendors across US. And wow! It’s been a year! I know that we have ups and downs like every other business does, but I want to THANK all our clients for the trust and faith they have in us and for giving us chance to deal with our shortcomings and most importantly for paying us even though we send late invoices. Lol! Thus we inform you that, in gratitude for doing business with us, you are entitled of a $5.00 OFF (for every machine/location) on your first 20 orders starting today until December 31, 2012. The one year is a milestone for sure. But we know we have many more to come. And we look forward to doing business with you guys in years to come! Meanwhile, let’s just continue doing business together. Thank you and Good Luck to your vending business! Sincerely, Gale and Team LRU
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