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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, Im trying to find CashFlow Programming Module but so far my attempts are hitting a wall. I live in BUlgaria and there's no one able to fix the NRI coin mechs and my stack of bugged ones is getting significant :D Please help a girl out!
  2. Does anyone know anything about this company MyKbrew? They are out of Wyoming and have a route package they are selling 12 locations for 12,999. All locations are provided through a locating company and gaurentee satisfation. I have looked all over and can’t seem to find that much info on them I️ did find the info where they incorporated with the state of Wyoming in June of this year. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. Looking for experience with Keurig 155 commercial K-cup brewer. Can it handle 30 cups per day for months on end? How often should it be cleaned and descaled? Should I put a water filter on the back?
  4. I have the option to buy a coffee / hot drink / soup vending machine. At this stage I know very little about it as it belongs to a club and they only go there weekly so am waiting on more info. the question i have is how many people use these type of machines and are they worth the hassle? As in, how much time is involved in cleaning etc vs profit made? I like the idea of snack and drink vending as you only need to give it a little bit of a clean and top it up, but if these need hours of cleaning to keep them going I am not sure if it is viable. thanks in advance.
  5. I am thinking about getting into coffee vending in Office buildings. I have experience with traditional vending, but am intrigued by coffee machines. Starbucks style coffee drinks seem to be so popular, why aren't there more specialty coffee vending machines out there? Has anyone tried it? What are the pros and cons? What are the biggest lessons you learned? What type of locations did you place them at (we are looking at office buildings, but other ideas are appreciated). What type of profit margin do you have? Are they difficult to maintain/keep clean? As an FYI, we are looking at the Jofemar Coffeemar G-500 or S-500. Any thoughts are appreciated. I did a search on the forum for coffee but most of what is discussed is coffee service and that is not what we are looking for. Thank you!! Christine
  6. Hello All, This is my first post - awesome resource here! I'm about to close on a new account.. ok it's just my 2nd account ever but I ran a large factory for 5 years in the past. I've never sold coffee. New account details: Tech/ manufacturing 120 staff 60 white collar upstairs (engineering) 20 white collar and 40 blue collar down (manufacturing) I already have the Snack/ Soda negotiated and expect $1000/ month + There is free coffee upstairs and down (staff has to make it. Folgers, coffee mate etc..) I'm leaning towards providing a Keurig on each floor and Vending K-cups. I doubt the company will stop providing free coffee, so this would be just as an alternative. I'll already be on location doing the snack soda so it's very little extra effort to add.. What are your thoughts? Do I offer coffee at all? Is the K-cup vending idea a good one? Is there profit to be made? Estimates? What if I could have them remove the free coffee? I've seen machines like these but have never seen much vendor feedback: http://www.uselectit.com/Vending_Machines/Coffee/CTop/ http://koffeekarousel.com/ http://www.amsvendinginc.com/microvend/ Any input would be helpful nvb
  7. At first I was going to put this in the coffee forum, but as I can't fathom any OCS operator in their right mind touching one of these with a pole, I'll leave it here in the bulk section for your enjoyment. While perusing Craigslist today, I ran across this. I don't even know where to begin... I think it goes without saying that this is an odd way to sell coffee, and that the $9,995.00 price tag may be just a little exaggerated for 6 specialized 2" cap machines on location, so what more is there to say? Well, I am curious what sort of machine that is. It looks like something from Deer Vending, but I'm not sure. I'm also curious how the "selector" works inside the cabinet. It indicates that there's a knob on top for the selection, sort of like the old Tic-Tac machines (pictured). An remnant from days gone by... The Kelco thing is a jumbled mess, but it is to my knowledge it's the first time I've ever run across a 2" cab set up for user selections like this. I'm not sure if the concept has any real merit behind it, or if it would ever be useful on a route, but it is interesting to see that the Chinese are still thinking outside the box. I dunno, what do you guys think about this one?
  8. Please take this survey for our team's design http://goo.gl/forms/f8a8j2e2aQ
  9. http://www.gourmetgiving.org/franchise.html Anyone operating the Gourmet Giving Robotic Barista coffee machines? If so, how are they doing?
  10. Hi All, My customer just asked for a coffee vending machine. I heard in general that coffee vending machines are things to stay away from due to numerous things that can go wrong. Any stories or recommendations? I am currently looking at AP213 and AP223.... Also, is there any gourmet coffee vending machines?
  11. Hi, i'm trying to find a representative of Saeco vending branch in Canada, who could offer me one of the newest vending coffee machine like Atlante or Diamante. I've been looking for a possibility for long enough but still didn't manage to get any.. Please can someone advise on how and where to buy Saeco Vending machine in Canada (Calgary) Thank you for your support.
  12. I just recently got an account with a mortgage call center for one of the major financial institutions in my area. I placed a vendo 721 and ap 122 at this location. There are currently 60 people working there, but they will eventually grow to 150 employee's. I was servicing my machines yesterday and one of the employee's ask me if I could offer coffee because they have nothing. I told her I would look into it and share some ideas with her manager. It's never been my intention to get into the coffee business, but I don't want to miss out on this revenue, as well. What are my options?
  13. So I've got a new site with 300 employees.. Looking to buy a coffee machine. I bought a klix 900 for another site and I've had nothing but problems with it. I don't know if its just luck with that specific machine. I'm debating to buy a klix machine as its so easy to stock and maintain and has such a range with soups etc. however stock is EXPENSIVE! What kind of mark ups do people make from other machines? I've heard bean to cup is good? I'm new to coffee vendors so was wondering if anyone could help me out and maybe recommend a machine. Reliability is crucial as we are a small company and don't have an engineer etc. Thanks in advance! Nick.
  14. Who does coffee service? What are your thoughts? I have the coffee at my bank that I deposit at and coffee at two other locations. This is a great way to get new business. I lowball the coffee to get the vending and I have 3 accounts where I give them free coffee service in place of commission.
  15. Mission Vending suggested I see if members here had an interest in a separate discussion link for Office Coffee Service (OCS). As this is my complete focus now after 29 years doing both vending and OCS, I would certainly find it very valuable. Alternatively or in addition, please let me and other OCS members know if you have run across a forum that focuses directly on OCS. I believe we can all benefit from more knowledge and community for each aspect of our businesses. Currently, I am actually looking for more info on the higher end automatic espresso equipment and that niche of the OCS world. a side note... In the mid 80's I was offerred the coffee service at my largest account. I was afraid of coffee because I knew nothing about it. My vendor friend and mentor said unequivocally: "YOU WANT COFFEE SERVICE!" Yes, it is a different animal than vending, but the margins are actually better for less time invested. Thank you for reading this, Dave
  16. Greetings, I recenlty aquired 3 coffee machines and have some questions before I decide whether or not to venture into this business. These are self grind type with creamer,sugar and choclate dispensers. One thing I don't like is the fact that they are only coin operated and I think they would sell more coffee if they had a bill/card acceptor. I've seen these acceptors online and was wondering if they were difficult to retro fit? These machines were made in China and communicating with the company has been...well...interesting. Any advice? Thanks Mike
  17. Since I am simply no fan of coffee vending machines, someone awhile back posted on vending K cups out of their snack machines. Could they post a pic of the type of the coils used to vend the k-cups? I have an account that wants coffee, and I was thinking about just buying them a commercial Keurig machine, and vending K cups... K cups run anywhere from 0.45-0.65 each. My questions are.. 1. Do K cups sell well? 2. What do you sell them for 0.95, $1.00, $1.25? 3. Do you fill water yourself? 4. Any issues with theft of machine, or is it company machine? I would rather buy a $199 Keurig that actually brews a very fancy cup, then a $2,000 National or RMI. Thanks!
  18. I have a Crane 627 coffee machine. I put a VN2501 validator and VN4010 coin mech. At first it worked fine, accepted $5 bills and gave change, something happened and now it says "use exact change" when a $5 is put in. Wont accept $5 bills or give change for $5 bills. I tried a different coin mech (trc6010) and same problem. I have gone through every setting on the machine and not finding anything that is set wrong to not take $5's. I appreciate any help on this one.
  19. Hey guys, just wanted to pick your brains for a minute. I usually use either a pod machine or a crane cafe' 7 in my industrial accounts for coffee, due to their ease of instalation and because they are cheap to purchase and simple to fix. This has allways worked for me but recently a new and very good account has requested that I install an inclosed vendor ( long story! ) I know that most of the cranes ( 637 and up ) use the same basic parts as the system 7 ( valves, brew head ect ) and I am familar with those machines. I don't think I can afford a MDB machine right now, but I have noticed alot of AP machines on the market for cheap.... maby I can get a newer AP for the price of an older crane.... If you were in my shoes what would you look for or avoid?? I personally am not a huge fan of crane ( for their service dept ) , but they are generally more common and seem to use similar parts for many years... and i already have at least 3X system 7 parts machines.... any input???
  20. Hi, I am interested in opening a coffee vending business. My question is, what sort of contract do I need to have in place with the office that I am going to put the machine in to limit my liabilities? My fear is that an employee may complain that he got sick from drinking coffee and may claim that it is due to bad beans, water, etc. If possible, can somebody PM me a sample of their contract/agreement with the customer? Thanks!
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