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Found 14 results

  1. For some reason my bill acceptor will only take one bill at a time (per purchase)? does anyone know of a setting or why this is happening? Example: If an item is $1.50 you can only put in one dollar bill and the rest has to be coins it won't take 2 one dollar bills.
  2. Anyone have a coinco mag 50 that’s flashed to take $5 that they would sale for cheap
  3. Hello, Ive recently purchased a fsi 3132 with a coinco ba32sa validator, i want to upgrade the validator to accept the new 08 $5 bills. I think my unit is MDB. from what i understand any mdb validator should work. However would i need a harness and would it work with the coin mech i currently have. The coin mech is a coinco. Also any recommendations on bill validators im currently looking at a mei ae 2451. Would i need a special harness and would it work with my coin mech. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Good afternoon, I'm new to vending and was curious what bill acceptors could replace a mag32sa with the least extra parts required. The machine will be used mostly outdoors under cover and moved inside while not in use. I also need the new bill acceptor to take new 5$ bills and preferably be one with a high bill capacity of at least 500 bills. Some extra info about my machine: it is logic interface and currently uses a coinco 9302-LF coin changer with a 15 pin connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Patrick
  5. Does the coin Coinco mag50b take $5.00 bills ? the guy on eBay is telling it does but I can't get it too after buying it
  6. What are my options for this machine? Currently it has a Coinco Vortex which is a replacement for Coinco 9302GX. I'd like one that dispenses $1 coins since I have some items at $2.50 in this machine and it accepts $5 bills. I really like the MEI cf7512's as shown here: Can I do the MEI in this machine?
  7. I need a Coinco ba30b replacement that will take the new fives witch one should I look for
  8. I have been having a few issues with my cinco bill acceptor. It works fine but every other day a bill gets stuck halfway. I've noticed it flashing 5 times so I cleaned my sensors and it seems to be doing fine. However, I would like to replace it with a Mars 2000 Bill acceptor what do I need to accomplish this?
  9. Just wondering if anyone could help me with a problem vending world is all new to me. I have a Coinco BA32SA Validator that jammed a bill some one ripped bill out of machine. Now it will not accept any bills and light is flashing 7 times. I have cleaned validator and bill storage are and have used air to blow any dust out. still showing error is there something else I am missing? this is the second validator in 4 months that I have had this issue is there a simple fix or just buy a new one? Thanks for any help
  10. I ran into a problem a few weeks after I got my soda machine running. Now it will not accept any coins. There is product in it, and there is change in the coin changer. The machine is a Dixie Narco 276M, with a Coinco acceptor. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be the cause of this problem?
  11. Ive been having problems with my snack machines bill acceptor. The issue is that it accepts the bills but at times the pull won't be as strong therefore it is not accepting with the ease it should. Can this be belt related or what am I looking for? The bill acceptor is a maka and is being used for a snacktron 1 Also I tried to swap it out with a cinco ba30b, it accepts but automatically rejects the bill as if it were not compatible. It goes halfway then sends the bill back, is there anything I can do about this?
  12. I have a Coinco MAG50BAB validator in a DN single price machine. It is currently throwing me a 7 blink error code. Does any one know what the cause or fix to this is? I have checked all connections, cleaned it to the best of my ability (Including the optical sensors), and checked everything on the inside which looks almost brand new. Any help or suggestions would certainly be appreciated.
  13. Looking for a Bill Acceptor / Recycler that is MDB compliant. What has your experience been with the various brands? Coinco, MEI etc Looking for reliability, value, service and support and any other info you may add. Thanks
  14. Does anyone have a coinco bill valitator compatability chart? They used to have something on their website but it's been taken down. Thanks
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