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Found 15 results

  1. At our school vending machine, whenever I restock it, I notice that there are multiple drinks that have fallen from the spirals of the combo machine because of people shaking it. Any suggestions on how to stop people from being able to shake it?
  2. Hello Everyone! Me and my husband are just new to vending machine business. We currently have 2 combo (snacks and drinks) machine that is ready to be shipped out as soon as we secure a location for the machine. With that being said and as a new in the business i think we are going to hire a Vending locator to help us find locations for those 2 machines. As me and my husband are currently has a fulltime job too. Anyone who have use www.ablhome.com owned by Richard Campbell. He charge 600/machine. The other locator i was planning to hire is www.qualityvendinglocations.com by Peter (i dont know his last name) but when i did some research it looks like Peter is the also the Peter from Prime Vending locations which has tons of complaints from ripoff site, BBB. as well as here in vendiscuss. Anyone can recommend a trusted locator? We are very excited about this business as my husband is somehow mechanically knowledgeable and very interested in venturing this business. I would greatly appreciate all your inputs.. thank you in advance!
  3. How difficult is it to win a bid for a school district (public)?
  4. Can anyone tell me what causes my USI Futura combo machine to leak water through one of the back legs and out onto the floor? The machine is level and the condensation drain line is not clogged.
  5. Hi all! My fiancé and I are new to this business and are currently in the works of selecting our first machines. We are doing "healthy vending machines" and are looking for the most reliable drink and food combo machines to start with. Right now we have our eyes on the Selectivend Commander Combo Machine. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much in advance!
  6. We are currently taking limited orders for full size snack and soda. The process is a little different, but still you don't pay until the date is set for the installation! This is only being offered until we have the slots filled that I am comfortable with. I believe in quality service first! If anyone has any questions, you can either ask here or call me at: 541-979-5474 I will be posting this in our section later today!!
  7. Hi guys, I'm from Top Vending Systems, and we have very affordable packages that include new combo snack/drink machines, +high traffic locations, +leading brands refills, + maintenance and vandalism insurance. We also have a 90 days money-back guarantee. We are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but our services and locations are all over the country. Best deal in US, guaranteed! Call us toll free: 1-888-980-9640
  8. Ok, we are testing the waters with locating full size equipment again. This will be a trial run! We are taking Rack bulk jobs as well. We are only taking on about 12 machines worth of work or so to test the waters. If it goes well, we will continue to do it on a regular basis. If you want to try us out, let me know and we'll take any area. Obviously, if your in a tougher area it will take longer! You are looking at a pretty good time line right now.
  9. I am new to vending and am in the process of obtaining my license now. I know a guy who has given me access to 5 of his businesses right from the start. I am a complete novice and am wondering what is truly the best rout to go starting out. I will be working with about 5-$700 starting out. Yep, this is a complete from the ground up beginning for me so I am reaching out to you more experienced players in the game. What is truly the best way to start? Drinks, combo, snacks or bulk? I will be placing my machine or machines in a place where it might be a good idea for people to eat something before they have a procedure done so I was thinking a combo machine but I am not sure if I need to invest such a low amount one 1 item. Pretty much ebay is looking like they have either cheap used machines or the expensive well made good operating machines which I can't afford right now. I am aware I can look at used machines locally but don't want to start that until I at least have my license and permit. So what do you say guys? Also, any good verified places on the net to obtain decent priced used machines that I won't have to start spending money on as soon as I get it? Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know a good locator for combo snack/drink machines? I am looking to have about 3 machines located in southeastern Wisconsin.
  11. Hello, I'm new to this whole vending machine thing and I'm not sure whether to start off with a snack machine, soda machine, or a combination machine!! I'm leaning more towards the combination machine, since I would like to place it in an office building where they currently have no vending machine, but I would like input from people that have more insight on this than me! Snack machine? Soda machine? Combination machine? Why? PLEASE HELP! -Nathlye (I currently have a 5' gumball machine that was given to me for free. I was considering selling it to help pay for whatever machine I decide to get. I have no children, I'm unmarried, I'm 25 and live at home, so there isn't much standing in the way of me getting whatever machine would end up being most profitable in the end. Also, I would like to use healthier snack/drink options, whichever kind of machine I invest in.)
  12. I am fairly new to vending. Recently I obtained my first account, which is about 400 kids a week at a dance studio. The owner wants snacks - in addition to beverages. She does not want two machines (snack and beverage separate). From research and other topics posted in the forum, I realize I want to stay away from combo machines I was told my best solution for this would be a cold food machine, where items such as cup of noodles and 20 oz bottles can be accessible. I want this to also be some what profitable and want to be able to find a happy medium for both the client and myself - considering she is asking for 10 percent. Any thoughts? Do I convince her to put in two machines? Cold food machine? What type of machine does anyone recommend? Thanks! KK
  13. Big ups! ...seems as if my business model mutates or morphs every so often. Gotta keep the mind fresh, the motivation high & the ambition strong! I've been setting out USi combo II (3155B & 3516 models), Bevmax 4, and Merchant 6 models for the past couple of years. The USi combo II models are no longer in production, but i've been picking them up off of CL. My current focus of account type is office building common areas, although i will set other account types too if they appeal to me. I currently run 55 accounts by myself (that's been about my average for the last 10 years), so there's not much room for growth. If a prospective account comes up and i want it, i'll close out my smallest or least desirable account on the route, usually passing it on to another fellow vendor. In new accounts, i'll set a Bevmax 4 along with a Merchant 6. If the numbers for the account don't appear to hit my gross sales target zone for a Merchant / Bevmax set-up, $200+/ week, then i'll pair up a 3155B and Bevmax. I only put bottled soft drinks, no cans, in the Bevmax, along with lots of different types of beverages...juices, energy drinks, cold coffee products, teas, water & flavored water. The 3155B is a true 3 wide snack machine conjoined with a 312 can or 156 bottle beverage section. I usually stock it with can drinks in order to relieve the Bevmax of product demand and depletion. On the snack side of the 3155B, i replace the factory stock 8 count chip augers with 10 & 15 count. Shelf A i leave the 8 ct. spirals for LSS size chips & large vend products. Shelf B i replace all selections with 10 ct. Shelf C i replace all with 10 ct. Shelf D i replace all with 15 ct. Shelves E, F and G are left with the factory augers. I've been putting USAT c.c. readers on all machines that i set out. I've got some accounts that barely use the readers, and some that hammer them. It's definitely the point and click generation, the youngsters, that's pulling out the plastic! I've got most of my machines equipped with Mars 7512i coin mechs w/ dollar coins and either Currenza SMV-4117 bill acceptors or Coinco BP4SX valis. I've got them set to accept $1-$20. I like the hypnotic appeal of the Currenza's blue cascading lights along with the sequential flashing blue lights on the c.c. reader. I don't have any recyclers and i don't plan on using them. I feel that technology is advancing so quickly, sooner than later it's gonna be mainly credit / debit cards and mobile wallet purchases. I do have miscellaneous mechs & valis on the route, but over time i'll phase those out. I've been using a Mercedes Sprinter van for my route vehicle for the last year and it's a huge difference (space-wise) compared to my Chevy Express 3/4 ton van. With my Chevy van, i had to dig and move things to find stuff. I thought i would eliminate all of that with a bigger vehicle, but seems as if whenever i get more space, i want to stuff it with more product too! And so i'm still digging and bending, twisting & turning! And through a lot more stuff! There are some accounts on my route that have parking garages that i could drive into with my Chevy van but not with my Sprinter. So now i gotta stand out in the rain when, before, i was shielded from the elements. It was nice to be able to re-arrange the day's run and go to the parking garage accounts on rainy days. But with all of that said, i love the Sprinter van! Anyone have any experience with the Crane Merchant Media? Is it comparable to the Merchant 6? Cheers to your business!...
  14. Pops


    From the album: My Machines

  15. Pops


    From the album: My Machines

    I'm giving this machine to my kids to manage and help service in hopes that they learn something about the value of a dollar and hardwork
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