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Found 15 results

  1. hey guys, how do you guys draft up a contract for your machine locations? does anyone have a sample model I can look at? In a world where you have to CYOA (cover your own golpher), I'd like to have my location host sign something so there won't be any discrepancies later. Also... what's the average commission you guys are giving (if any)? thanks!
  2. We have snack machines in 3 local elementary school teachers' lounges. (Just became owners in April 2018). One of the schools recently approached me claiming that the previous vendor had a signed contract with them so that they would get annual commission/percentage of sales to use for their teacher fund. This agreement apparently goes 2 or 3 owners back and there has been no way for me track them down. The school would like to sign an agreement retroactive for this school year (2018-2019) and get a percentage. They don't know what the previous percentage was (principal claims they would just get a check from the owner every June) and I have no idea what is reasonable. Thoughts? Should I pursue a "contract" or yank the machine? (Or something else?) Feedback appreciated, thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm new to this and about to purchase 4 - 3 head LYPC candy machines. After placing them in locations I was planning on visiting/servicing them once a month. 2 questions for you: What other than restocking, getting your cash out, cleaning the machines, and making sure mechanicals are working do you do? Is there anything else? 2nd question, if you offer commission, how much do you offer? I was reading on here anywhere from 5 - 30% (but that was some for full line and some for bulk). I was thinking to offer 20-25%. Is that fair? is that even enticing for a business owner? Thanks!
  4. I started my first and only soda machine at an apartment complex back in July. Originally they wanted commission but I was unsure of amount that I can afford with this being my first machine with no experience. The agreement was the apartment manager to allow me to put machine in for a few months to see how I would do. She mentioned maybe 20% and I hinted around that that was pretty high. She just said main thing is to cover the electric cost. Now they want to start getting commission and get a contract signed. They are still pretty set on 20% but they are waiting utility statement from municipal department. I am getting pretty concerned. Here is my balance Month Sales Expense Profit Balance June 0 -826 -826 -826 July 243 203 40 -786 Aug 343 167 177 -609 Sept 335 187 148 -461 Oct 423 254 168 -293 Nov 282 156 126 -166 As of 11/21 So I just have $166 more to go to break even since I got my machine. So the good news is I'm almost debt free. Question is, is giving 20% of my profit a good idea? I've heard 5%, 10%, but nothing higher than that. Thoughts?
  5. Ok, I feel pretty dumb asking this, but...how do you pay commission? Do you count out your quarters and then break them off their cut? Can you use a scale and they'll trust your math? Do you have to pay while they're there or do most people trust you to be honest? I ask because if I have to make sure I only collect when the owner or manager is around, that might screw with my schedule. And I'm trying to figure out what the norm is? I found this thread: http://vendiscuss.net/index.php?/topic/3278-how-do-you-pay-commission-cash-with-receipt-no-receipt-or-check/ But i'm more interested in the actual procedure. Also I use a cheap $10 scale off ebay to count my money it's pretty accurate, and i'm not sure if the location will trust that i'm not cheating them.
  6. First of all, let me thank everyone for all of the great advice I have read and received! I have been doing part-time bulk vending for about 6 months now. I have about 10 locations currently. I add a new one every 2-3 weeks as I continue to work full-time at another job. So far, I have reinvested everything that I have made back into the business. Now I have a small surplus of extra machines, stands, and products. So, my question is what percentage do you recommend to pay yourself? I know that I am not going to get rich off so few machines, but I would like to put the profits I pay myself into a savings account. Please let me know. Thank you!
  7. OK I downloaded the Vending proposal from the download area!! I really like it so kudos to whoever made it!! However, can someone please expand on this type of offering? It states: "To this end we offer two pricing options. The first option offers low pricing and no commission through the use of subsidized vending. The second option offers commission payouts based on your company’s employee count and monthly revenue." Can someone give an example? Thank you
  8. Locating, Commission & Charity: I am looking to start my first bulk vending business and my first route within the next month or two. I have feverishly been reading and gleaning any information I can from anywhere. Mostly here as there is a wealth of information. I also found some great information from a contributor within this discussion board at I have a few questions I have not been able to answer to my satisfaction from all the research I have done. For self locating what do you do? cold calling all locations, drop in/by or mix? How do you determine Charity vs Commission for a location? offer charity first, commission first, only offer one or the other? Have you ever transitioned a site from Charity to Commission? I appreciate all your wisdom and experience with this. And I know that each location is unique but would love any detailed advice (even if you have some example stories). I am looking forward to working hard and doing something new. My apologies if this topic has been asked many times before. I used the search but did not find an answer that matched my question. Although along the way I learned many other things. And Thank you all for teaching and sharing your wisdom.
  9. Hi everyone. This site looks very good. I have just started out in the vending world. I have 2 accounts already at a local train station near my home. Grossing around $500 a month there. I wanted to ask you guys a few questions as I am looking to expand.. 1. What do you guys think about targeting Dr's offices, Chiro offices, Salons, Tanning facilities, Gyms, Nail Salons, Libraries for a "healthy vending" concept? 2. What is the best way to find new locations? Cold call, walk in, buy out old locations, advertise? 3. How much can I expect to make if I put in 40-50 hours a week at this? 4. Do you guys buy insurance for you machines? 5. Is accepting credit cards worth it? Thanks for the help ahead of time! -Patrick
  10. Just got a new location. Office building with 150 employees. No commission discussed. I'm a small fish in a big pond. This would be my 3rd location. It's just me and my father-in-law. I have a full time job and he's retired. We take no money out of the vending business and grow it when we have the funds to purchase equipment. Our 1st location is an office with 40 employees. We are using a Royal 650 and AP 111. Our second location is a private school with 250 students. Royal 650 and AMS 39 with a chiller located in the cafeteria. I would like equipment suggestions for the new office with 150 employees. I like the Royal 650 and I'm familiar with it. I like the AMS 39, but I think it's kind of too big with too many choices. I'm not opposed to trying different machines. I just don't know what's out there that's reliable and relatively easy to maintain. I don't have contracts with any of my locations. I do pay the school 10% of sales. All the locations have been people I know so it's just been a hand shake agreement. Any advise would be appreciated.
  11. So I am fairly new to the vending machine world. I have a couple of small accounts at local businesses that have lots of flow-thru traffic, nothing large. However, I got a referral from a friend who lives at a large gated community that has 4-5 pools, laundry facilities etc, and no one has any machines there (fairly new). I want to approach the manager about putting my machines at all places that would make money (pool, lounge, laundry facility, etc…) what is the best way to approach this? Do I offer commission, what is standard and what is fair? What info do I need to bring ? Any suggestions would be really helpful. Thanks again. What about contracts, do I need them? thanks
  12. Has anyone giving a location owner a flat rate instead of a commission? Does it work?
  13. What's the best way to calculate profit on sales for a specific location? Do I need to be exact and keep track of every stinkin' item I put in a machine, etc? Or....should I just estimate? Example: Snack machine grosses $500 for the month. Do I need to tell the location that sales were $500, but costs were $250 (based on tracking every single item I put in the machine), thus they get their commission on the $250? Or.....should I just do the math in my head and cut them a check based on the markup? Thoughts? How do YOU do it?
  14. Hello guys... I'm new to this but I need a little help. just wanted to get advice or your opinion on what I should do. I have about 250 lollipop boxes out right now. I want to get 750 out total and maybe even 1000. I know it seems like a lot but I'm in a untapped market and I see the profit in these boxes. After all, it's a numbers game. The question that I have is recently I talked to a locator about my plan of getting up to 750 to 1000 boxes. He's willing to help me grow my territory and this is what he's charging. 20 dollars to locate a box. I have to pay for his place to stay while he is here. I have to give him an allowance for gas. I think that's pretty good but let me know what u think guys. Is 20 bucks fair? Now the second part of the deal is slightly different. When I continue to grow and get at least 500 boxes out, he wants to take 30% of what I make from the boxes weekly minus expenses. So it would kind of be like commission to him. He stated that some locaters just put out boxes anywhere and just be done with it. He saying that this way, you know that you will get good locations because its commission. It makes he locator work better for you. My expenses would include, candy cost, monthly cost for stickers, and gas allowance for him. So say I made 1300 in 1 week and expenses were 300. I would get 700 and he would get 300. As we grow, we would both make more money. It would basically be like a partnership. When I talked to the guy on the phone, I had to think about it. I'm actually still thinking about it. Don't really know what to do. I would appreciate it if you guys that's been in the business for a while give me your honest opinion. Thanks
  15. Version 1.0


    I put this spreadsheet together to help me with keeping track of most of the major things taking place i.e. gross, COGs, charity/commission, net profit, notes, keys, locations, etc. I have created some formulas within the sheet so that you only have to enter some information each time you service the machine, and the sheet will keep track of the rest. This is also a book with the final page "Totals" will total up your entire route for you. Fields in Yellow are Auto Fill, Fields in Blue are Manual. When completing the form with information from servicing, enter the requested numbers in the blue fields. The yellow fields will automatically update when you are finished. The "Totals" page is all autofill and will update from the information from across the book. To create new sheets, right click on any of the sheet tabs at the bottom of the book other than the totals sheet and select "move or copy",choose where you want the new sheet to appear and check the "create copy box". You will need to rename the newly created sheet by right clicking on the new tab at the bottom and left click on "rename" When you create a new sheet, you will need to update the "totals" page formulas to include the new sheets. To do this, left click on the yellow field. The formula will appear in the edit bar at the top of the page. You will need to edit the last number before the exclamation mark to the name of number of your newest page. For example: Change =SUM('1:4'!E7) to =SUM('1:99'!E7). Any suggestions on improvements to the form, the book, or my lousy instructions are welcomed. Hope a few people can make good use of this form. I will update once I have received some suggestions for improvements. Thanks


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