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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! I am renewing my contract with a school district. I was hired through a 3rd party who works within the district system and my contract is with the district. I want to sell my company but have had offers just for this particular route. I would like to add a descrete line of verbiage in the renewal that allows me to sale my business or route that doesn't lose the contract. I've googled lots of contracts and can't find any that say this. If this is not a thing then how do yall get away with selling locations "routes" as you technically don't own the route? Thanks!
  2. hey guys, how do you guys draft up a contract for your machine locations? does anyone have a sample model I can look at? In a world where you have to CYOA (cover your own golpher), I'd like to have my location host sign something so there won't be any discrepancies later. Also... what's the average commission you guys are giving (if any)? thanks!
  3. hi yall thanks in advance for advice, I just bought my first snack machine and I have a location for it now my question do you have some kind of agreement with you sites or just a gentelement agreement new place new to industry,dont want to offend anyone but some thing on paper would be nice they are kicking there guy out and I was told to bring mine in ,but the decision was made by new management and I did not get to meet him yet ,this was done with staff who has authority to make decision and as far as I was told it looks good.
  4. How difficult is it to win a bid for a school district (public)?
  5. Hello all! Just wondering if you guys sign a contract with the location where you place your machines. If so, did you just make one up or can I find a template online? Thanks!
  6. Hi guys. With the Holidays coming up, I have 3 "follow ups" to do to secure my new locations. I met with the owners and head librarians in my region, and am scheduled to call them this week. I called one last week, and he said "I still need time". As in he hadn't made a definitive decision. I know it's a flaky nation we live in, but how do you guys get your locations after the initial meetings?? I have only gotten 1 location thus far, and I am trying hard to land the library, and dealership. What should I say when I call? I feel I come off too hard maybe? I have a basic script I follow, but I
  7. Does anyone ever use (or have you encountered) a non compete contract when you were viewing a potential route purchase? What is the standard on this?
  8. Hello all, An opportunity has arisen to sell my business. Does anyone have a boiler plate sales agreement for bulk candy that I can amend to suit my needs? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, KK
  9. Trying to break into the business and I have a million questions. How do I go about getting my first spots to put the machines in? Does anyone have a stardardized contract I could edit and use once I reach and agreement with a business? Whats the best place to get machines from? When I'm starting out with a couple machines should I just get my drinks/snacks from costco/sams club? Any other suggestions you throw my way would be greatly appreciated. I'm starting out in the birmingham area. Just looking for advice from those who have been there before. Thanks for any advice
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