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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everybody , i seem to have a problem that i cant figure out, wondering if some one here can help me with this. on my go 380 it sounds bad make a hell of a noise and i thinking its the compressor i had a new cooling switch put in a few years ago if it is the compressor were would i look to get a decent one at a far price then i guess i need to find some one who could put one in i don't know much about electricity. or could it be the fans and i also have a problem with black liquid i some times on the floor so if there is anybody on the treasure coast { stuart fl area } that could come out and look at it for me or should i just replace the compressor all together . thank you all for you help scott saunders
  2. I have a pop vending machine that isn't cooling anymore. One day the breaker for the place went off and I had to unplug the machine to get it to work. I changed the outlet cord and it was able to turn on but it no longer cooled. Wondering if it's a problem that I could fix myself or if anyone is known through the Cincinnati area because I have had no success finding anyone that repairs vending machines.
  3. Hi Everybody, So I have a Seaga n2g4000 machine, I came to fill it up yesterday and the machine was not working at all. That means: lights were off, cooling system doesn't work, display doesn't work. Even though the machine was plugged in to the wall - The machine is off, all the lights are out, Air Vend is cash mode. I tried unplugging and waiting then re-plugging, but nothing changed. Its also important to point out that the fan works and the bill vlidator fleshes twice - Which indicates its disabled from the system. So even though it looks like there is no power gets to the machine, these two components are powered on. I really don't know whats the issue is, Any suggestions? Please help.
  4. Hello Everybody, I'm fairly new to this forum and have received a lot of useful info over time. About 2 week ago we purchased a new vending machine which is a refurbished Dixie Narco 501e. Its been in use for about a week and but we might be having issues with the cooling deck. Take a look at the picture I've posted below, as you can see what appear to be snow (ice) is forming around parts of the cooling deck. Is this supposed to be normal? If not and it is indeed a problem, what can I do to fix this and prevent it from becoming a bigger problem. (cooling deck breaking).
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