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Found 5 results

  1. I am surprised to see so many use spreadsheets to run their business, I don't work for them, I just got a problem with them! I have the full version of the software, and believe me, its great, I don't have to guess, or figure out what goes where or worry about lost locations, I put it in once, set it and forget it, until next time. when its ready, itll show up red, and then I can go service the location. but my issue is a simple one, a few years ago I had a full version, but it was the older version, so I figured id buy the new one since it was half price if you already had the program. now back then, I was able to activate the software on any pc, so if I had 2 pc's I can activate them both, one is a steady, and one for backup. a few years ago I contacted them, letting them know that I am upgrading my pc, and that I would like to activate the software on the new pc, after 2 years, I finally get a response that I have to pay for it again, I asked why? they said it was all newly updated, you can get the demo to see it, so I did, no harm, but then I started checking the versions of the program, and it winds up that there was no update, in fact my current software was beyond what they were trying to make me pay for $150 for, now I don't mind paying for newer stuff, but why would I pay for something that's older than what I have? apparently their versions that they so called "updated" are "outdated"! now I also understand they cannot do everything for free, but I made it clear, I'm not paying for stuff older than what I already have! so I asked them to activate my new PC so I can have the full version instead of the demo, and till this day no response! $150 for old stuff, and I thought my software was outdated, its like Microsoft trying to sell you windows 97 in 2018, only $100! ha ha ha, I want to make sure everyone knows about crooks in the vending business, they are all over, the worse thing is, they were very helpful back in the day, why not now, everyone struggles, and that's understandable, but don't give me BS! http://www.softessentials.com/ record your stuff with them! still to this day no response! the most recent one is from 8/17! we have time people, hopefully they will read this and make some real changes!
  2. Hey All, Great site. I have learned a ton from this site over the past year. I got into vending by buying a close friends route as a part time job. Since then I am now weighing out the options of scaling to a very large size. I want to open up the question for vendors that have large routes and need to hire a driver(s), create budget, etc. The primary information I am looking for is a understanding of your gross income and a percentage breakdown of your yearly budget after that(I don't care about your real numbers just want to get a understanding of your pay to employees vs. net income, repair, upgrade etc). For just a snapshot here are some numbers I am playing around with. The route would be roughly 150 stops ranging in cashflow with 330 machines. Yearly Budget 400k Gross (Assuming 200k loan w/5 year payoff - 6% interest) Gross Income - $400,000 COGs - $204,000 Loan Payback - $46,000 Employee Wages/Taxes - $43,000 Van/Insurance/Maintenance - $5,000 Mileage - $10,000 Vending Upgrade - $12,000 Vending Repair - $8,000 Accounting/Tax Prep - $5000 Net - $67,000 Following the 5 year loan payoff and reducion of transportation cost(assuming can save there), I would be increasing the overall take and increasing the upgrade budget. I would likely carry a $1000 month loan forever to expedite those efforts. Can anybody tell me from experience that these numbers are way off(not enough labor cost, vending repair, etc)? Thanks!
  3. All, Does anyone have any creative ways in which they pay their drivers that aligns their interest with the business and insures they do good quality work and visit as many machines as possible a day. Do most of you pay your help by the hr or salary? Views/details on paying labor is appreciated!
  4. Hey Everyone!! I'm glad to be a member because I see there's a ton of information on the site! But......to tell you a short exclamation of my thoughts are: Explain to the wife starting a Vending Business on the side could be a great extra income if not full time. So the questions are: If I have lets say 10,000 to invest in buying a machines...and finding good/general locations how could i figure the profits? (to break it down more- Lets say I have 10 vending machine, all soda....) With a good route and buying I'd say in bulk for having 10 machines... I know this is a real broad question..... :-/ But I'm also talking myself into investing this kind of money into a business i'm not quite sure of? And I've did a good bit of studying online etc. But I've come here to learn new wisdom/examples of owning/building a business in vending and to see if it's worth my while? ...I don't know... I want to be able to be my own boss and make my own hours like everyone else in this world......so I guess i'm quite the enterprenuer as most are and that's why I've heard and read in certain places this could be a great business to own! #Looking for Wisdom :-] ~Tyler
  5. Version 1.0


    I put this spreadsheet together to help me with keeping track of most of the major things taking place i.e. gross, COGs, charity/commission, net profit, notes, keys, locations, etc. I have created some formulas within the sheet so that you only have to enter some information each time you service the machine, and the sheet will keep track of the rest. This is also a book with the final page "Totals" will total up your entire route for you. Fields in Yellow are Auto Fill, Fields in Blue are Manual. When completing the form with information from servicing, enter the requested numbers in the blue fields. The yellow fields will automatically update when you are finished. The "Totals" page is all autofill and will update from the information from across the book. To create new sheets, right click on any of the sheet tabs at the bottom of the book other than the totals sheet and select "move or copy",choose where you want the new sheet to appear and check the "create copy box". You will need to rename the newly created sheet by right clicking on the new tab at the bottom and left click on "rename" When you create a new sheet, you will need to update the "totals" page formulas to include the new sheets. To do this, left click on the yellow field. The formula will appear in the edit bar at the top of the page. You will need to edit the last number before the exclamation mark to the name of number of your newest page. For example: Change =SUM('1:4'!E7) to =SUM('1:99'!E7). Any suggestions on improvements to the form, the book, or my lousy instructions are welcomed. Hope a few people can make good use of this form. I will update once I have received some suggestions for improvements. Thanks


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