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Found 40 results

  1. I guess this has been out for over a year but this is the first I can recall seeing it. Lighting ballasts on older (not LED) bev max units may have a bad ballast, Crane will replace it for free on owned or bottler machines if you do the request form... https://mycranems.com/sites/default/files/2020-11/BevMax-Machines_Product-Notice-from-CMS_0.pdf
  2. I'm wondering if anyone knows how many cashless vending machines there are in the U.S, and maybe if anyone has noticed more machines using E-Port's.
  3. Have two Coast to Coast Challenger cranes. On both claws, the voltage will not increase over 35v, even though there's plenty of room left to turn the knob. In test mode, the VR3 shows 45v, but on this crane, it's a default max setting and I cannot alter the VR3. I measure these at the terminal above the claw during test mode. The analog meters in both games work and match my meter readings. The coil and pots have been changed on one, but not the other (since there was no improvement). The power supply also reads 49.6v at the power supply, and drops to 44.1v when activating the VR1 in test mode. I'm at a loss on this. Especially since both claws are doing this. Please advise?
  4. Hello, I have several crane national 797 combo from 2003. As of today, one machine started having a problem. Whenever a sale for a selection is made, the right selection is "pushed" but also the 1 selection of the same shelve is pushed. For example, if someone select B3, B3 will be pushed but also B0. If i pick A5, A5 will be sold as well as A0. C8, it moves C8 and C0 etc. Basically, it sells the right product plus the one of the same column. Someone told me it could be the controller board issue. I tried another board i had and it gives me the same issue. Does anybody ever experienced the same issue? Any solution? Right now i just removed all the products from the 1st column so the machine can be used but i am losing 20% of the space! Please help! Thanks
  5. I had all my game keys stolen out of my vehicle and I'm in the process of having to break into all my machines. I was going to do a lock replacement that afternoon and had my box of spare locks and keys on me, which also was taken. I had about 30 keys for my 47 machines. As I'm still a one-woman business, this has been a pretty devastating blow. I have over 40 Beaver locks that used only 3 keys and I've yet to find anywhere with Beaver locks less than $13 not including shipping. You guys can do the math... I am unsure how to proceed with breaking into a few of my machines. First question, should I attempt to drill out a lock on the glass door? They're Coast to Coast Challenger cranes. Can the top possibly be removed? For my 6 mech Sticker machine (pic attached) , there's a lock found under the top 3-mech assembly after you lift the assembly out. Unlocking it allows you to remove the bottom 3-mech assembly. Does someone know what type of lock it is? There's also one on top that lets you take the first 3-mech assembly out. I'm pretty inexperienced in locks and types and best places to get them. Same with power tools haha I learned yesterday to lubricate the bit to keep it from getting too hot... I'd appreciate any tips offered on this situation.
  6. Hey group, Thanks for allowing me in. I'm looking at getting our first location with my 9yr old daughter , it's a hospital that currently has 1 snack and 1 drink machine stocked by a large vending firm. I got into the location with a promise of better service and healther choices. Looking at going with a brand new machine as i have no idea how to fix a used unit should issue arise and after reading post on here it seems issues are many. Shipping seems to be an costly due to weight i see that costco sells AMS & Crane machines has anyone ever dealt with Costco? Any other places i should look for new mahines? As well as any other hint, tips or trick would be greatly appreciated Father daughter team
  7. Hello! I was informed yesterday by one of my locations that my Crane model 158 isn't taking dollar bills. Or rather, it's taking the money, and not crediting the customer. I ran a few bills and cleaned the mechanism, but it seems to be running fine- it's just not signaling the board for some reason. I did power cycle the machine, but that didn't seem to affect it. The coin mech is a coinco, the DBA is a Mars, not sure of the model offhand, though I'll be there again later today to restock. The coin mech is still working fine so the unit is still operational, but I'm rather stumped by this one. I'm hoping I've just missed something obvious. Many thanks in advance for any assistance on this one!
  8. I have a rainbow crane machine model NC30. I had it for about 5 years now and no problems until now. Machine turns on with an error code 10, which is a claw up jam. I have no experience with claw machines so I have no idea where to start or what to look for. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Have a Golden Corral asking for 2 claw machines with cashless capabilities. I don't have any cranes available so will have to purchase new machines as well as readers. I know absolutely nothing about cashless. Can anyone give me any suggestions or advice? Are there any cranes available with readers installed?
  10. Okay everyone, I'm new here, and looking for help. I picked up a second hand Toy Soldier 46 Jumbo Plush Crane. It has a DBA installed and it works, but for more practical application I would like to install a coin mech as well. Does anyone know what type I can Plug and play in this machine? I believe it has special hookups for the harness, not just spade connectors. Any help would be awesome! I can post pics of my wiring if needed, and the door, but everything appears to be stock.
  11. If you want to use a CC reader on cranes or internet jukeboxes, I'm guessing you need to use a dedicated line specifically for your equipment for security purposes? Or can you piggy back off of the location? also, if you have to use a dedicated line from like verizon, can you run multiple equipment off of it if you're using USA tech readers? I'm trying to find out if there is hidden costs or how it actually works in case the CC reader companies aren't filling me in on ALL the costs. I don't like those kind of surprises. LOL My location is minimum 2 cranes, maybe a jukebox. I know the cost of the actual CC readers, just not sure on the cost of communicating from readers and that set up. I know this is ironic, but I don't trust sales people to fill you in on all the details. ( I have to laugh at this) Thank you in advance.
  12. I need advice on repairing the peeling artwork on the front of my cranes. I don't know how to approach it, whether it's repairing, repainting, etc. Or what would it cost to redo the whole theme of the crane? would it be worth it? I haven't found any information on it . Also, how would I replace the rope lights? I haven't figured out how to remove them. I know that they are AC but they seem to be tied into the interior lights also (which are working).
  13. Hello. So I will be purchasing a claw machine just like what is pictured in this post. I have an almost 3 year old daughter that is now almost obsessed with claw machine so i figured I'd be a great father and buy her one for the basement. Currently it is non-operational. The question is that I have not the slightest clue as to where to start to diagnose what may be wrong with the machine. It seems to be an older model machine with fairly simple electronics inside, still not sure where to start. I have a basic to intermediate understanding for electronics and am almost positive if i was pointed in the right direction I could manage most to all for the repairs myself. Also curious if parts for this can even be found anymore? any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated by myself and especially my daughter!!! When I get it home in a few days I can post pictures of the inside to help show what its setup looks like and to help diagnose!!
  14. I've got a Crane 158 Snack machine that has been gradually driving me insane. The unit will work reliably for weeks, then out of the blue stop delivering products from certain selections, until I arrive when everything is fine. To date, only one of the selections has stopped working completely in that it will accept the customers money, and then not do anything when selected. I'm not sure whether this is due to motors, boards, or something else entirely, but I am keen to fix it if I am able. Thanks for any help on this one!
  15. I am getting an error message "make another selection" on a whole shelf? I do not have the users manual only a Main setup guide which is no help! Any help would be great
  16. Hello all first off im new to the forum and new to these claw machines. Ive found interest in the claw machines ive got a shooting star claw machine im working with i need to find a manual for. ive searched GOOGLE cant seem to find a manual. Also i attached some pictures of my anti shock board. My board burnt up where the 250v fuse was at. Probably best that i just buy a new board. the problem im running into is i cannot find the same board Ive checked Ebay, Amazon, Google. with no luck. Again its a Shooting star claw machine. Fairly new condition "See pics of external machine" Im just having no luck getting my parts. ISO anti shock Board and a manual for this shooting star machine ANY LEADS?
  17. I have a Crane National 765H chilled snack machine. It is accepting money and vending properly, but as of around 3 weeks ago, DEX reading from Nayax remote monitoring have been failing/timing out. I have tried swapping the Nayax box over (which generally fixes this problem for other machines), but to no avail. The Nayax unit I removed successfully reads the dex from an AMS in my shed. I have tried the RAM clear procedure as suggested by Nayax, and the local Crane distributor said I have tried everything he would have tried (e.g. tested the dex lead for continuity/shorting). Short of buying a new control board, for which I have been quoted roughly $500, I don't know what to do. Any ideas?
  18. I have been thinking of hitting up one of the smaller grocery stores in my town. They have recently remodeled the store, and I have noticed a spot near the exit that would be perfect for either a rack or a crane machine.. It's about 4 feet wide,, there are no other games or bulk racks in the store. I just don't know which I should try to pitch to them. It is in a low class / lower middle class area. A lot of walk in traffic. If I go with the crane machine, what kind of commission should I offer? If I go with a rack (probably a 5 or 7 head setup, with candy and 2" toys) what would be a good commission to offer? Thanks in advance -Abram
  19. I purchased a brand new Bevmax Media machine with the credit card reader. Unfortunately the manufacturer forgot to put in the instructions for the credit card reader account set up. I have talked with Crane to figure out what I need to and all I have been given are instructions on how to create an account for the credit card processing. I submitted the application for the credit card processing account. I am going on a week now and am tired of having to keep calling them to ask where in the process they are with the setup. They arent the best communicators and it is driving me nuts. Have any of you been through this process and could help me understand the time frame on how long this takes as well as what I would need to do to get this set up?
  20. Hey guys, just curious... I'm assuming you need a Sales Tax ID to operate cranes in PA. Any other licenses / permits needed? Can I just stick a machine on location, or do I or the site owner need to do anything special? I've called Dept of Revenue, but they weren't as helpful as I would've liked. Thanks in advance. Allen K BeTheClaw.com
  21. Ok, so we need to fund TVF to make it self supporting. There isn't much left that needs to be raised, but it needs to be be on a continuous cycle so that TVF is self supporting not just a month or 2, but self supporting. This thread is started to bring the opportunity to the community to do it. It will remain a free site, so that's out. This is to brain storm and include everyone. Steve has done a great job of keeping it going this far and now needs for it to fund itself. It won't take a lot, and not looking to make extra, just to keep the wheels rolling. I have some ideas to start, but would like input..... 1. offer the suppliers section the opportunity to donate 5.00 a month or 50 a year to offer their services. 2. offer a space in an inconspicuous place for a credit company to place an ad on the site. 3. offer a space for adsence to place a add on the site. 4. charge everyone a small fee to post in the classifieds (not a great one I think. So to this point we have had this info for free for 8 years. My though is that my fellow members know how big this is to everyone and will help with at least the ideas. There is lots of business men out there that are smarter than I am by far. So lets hear it!!!!!!!!
  22. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have a Toy Taxi claw machine by Coast to Coast entertainment. I bought it used for 400 bucks non working. Now I got everything to work except for the trolley moving front and back. Resistor run on the board is roasted and I can't find a schematic. What would cause this to blow and why won't the trolley money front and back. Also, does anyone know what resistor value run is? I would appreciate any help, thanks.
  23. I am looking to get a few prize redemption games set up in various businesses. I am okay with the crane games, since the prizes will mostly be plush. However, if I get a Keymaster (or similar game) I will be capped by the Michigan law that states that: "(d) The wholesale value of a prize, toy, or novelty awarded for the successful single play of a game is not more than $3.75. " http://legislature.mi.gov/doc.aspx?mcl-750-310b Are there any Michigan game operators that are able to offer high value prizes? Thanks
  24. Hey guys, Can anyone identify this board? Looking for a manual to figure out the dip switch configuration and change price per play, but no clue who makes this and where to look for it. Thanks! Full size: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mbnrnht8ytafbs2/2014-05-22%2015.10.42.jpg
  25. I have been looking into purchasing my first redemption machine or a crane. I've been searching craigslist and ebay but with not so much luck being that craigslist will usually have a small selection. And all the machines i fall in love with on ebay always have to be an odd 1,000 to 1,500 miles from me with shipping rates out of the question. So how do you guys find machines in your local area? Forums? Websites? If it helps i live on long island in new york I appreciate any help you can give me or even advice on deciding on a machineto buy/buying/or using the machine itself.
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