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Found 5 results

  1. So I have a Vendo 721 soda machine that I am trying to get a Parlevel Nayax card reader working in but so far no go. The card reader takes the money no problem and the machine gives credit but freezes saying you have $5 credit but will not vend anything and the only way I have been able to clear it is to unplug the system. I called Parlevel and after being on the phone for hours they say it is not their system. The soda machine is communicating with the card reader as it shows how many coins and cash it thinks it has (in the Parlevel system) as well as the Vendo shows you have credit after the transaction clears. It is not just a one off either as the system can vend from cash or coins no problem, but as soon as you run a credit card it just freezes up showing $5 credit. I was told by Parlevel that my Eprom might need to be updated, below is a picture of my board and eprom. I called Vendo and their parts department said they no longer support the Vendo 721 and the Vendo guy laughed at me saying these things are so old just buy a new system... As stated earlier this machine works great, I just need it to work with my credit card system. I sent Parlevel my pictures and they said I had it set up right. If it is the Eprom where do I go to get the download? I have not factory reset the system yet, would that do the trick? I need some help guys, please and thank you!
  2. Hello. I have a mini crane that runs on pulse. It is not yet MDB ready to accept a credit card reader. Question: What would be the easiest method or way to make it so a card reader can be installed onto the mini crane vending machine?
  3. So, I am planning on installing three credit card readers in my busiest drink machines in the high school that I work at. I've contacted the three biggest companies and this is what they are offering me: USA Tech.: eport g10 reader(4g with Verizon) $289.00, Monthly service fee $7.95 per device, 5.59% per swipe transaction fee. Nayax: VPOS reader with swipe and chip reader (4g on verizon or at&t) $249.00, Monthly service fee $7.95 per device, 5.59% per swipe transaction fee. Parlevel: hardware (3g on t-mobile) $295.00, Monthly service fee $7.50 per device, 5.59% transaction fee. This would be my first time using credit card readers, so I have no experience with any of these companies. Which would you recommend me going with?
  4. If anyone has any experience with adding a credit card reader to a USI 3054, please chime in. Having problems here.
  5. I got my first NEW AMS snack placed last week at the local airport. Not doing spectacular, but everyday I check it, it seems there's a little more traffic than the day before. I think more people are finding it (I hope). The second machine that I have the questions about is a refurbished AMS 35 Combo (don't rant, it is what the customer asked for and I hope to talk him into an upgrade). The machine pretty much looks new, and most everything looks new, except I have 4 positions that won't test vend and show up as "MISSING" when I do a Config. I have checked the wire and swapped them temporarily with it's previously working neighbor and got working results. That rules out bad motors. Is it something I am missing to initialize or setup? The machine is fresh out of the clear wrapping and is still sitting in my shop. I hate to place it, without the 4 motors working. I have checked all the connections and don't know any way to check further... Second question is for the Nayax CC reader I put on it. I hooked it all up and everything seems correct, it shows up on the website as working, but it says "TEMPORARILY DENIED" on three different credit cards. Is there something special or magical I need to do to get it 'kickstarted'? I wanted to place this one tonight, but 4 missing motors and CC reader not working, I was going to wait until Monday for tech support, but I hope someone could help me with what I hope is just a simple problem. Thank you for your time.
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